28L Car Fridge With Compressor AC For Camping Travel

The compression system in this 12 volt refrigerator makes it possible to maintain a temperature as low as -7.6°F. The temperature can be adjusted (15.7°F) to make a refrigerator or freezer. There are two cooling modes on the portable refrigerator for cars, namely MAX (fast cooling) and ECO (energy-saving). Keeping ice cream frozen and storing fresh food such as cheese, drinks, vegetables, muffins, and snacks is possible without buying ice.

The magnetic door on the F40C4TMP 12 volt portable freezer offers better sealing performance and durability over the lid that needs to be pressed. It is not necessary to worry about the door leaking cold air if you close it tightly, which helps you conserve energy.

In MAX mode, the 12V truck refrigerator has a rated power of 45W, which consumes less than 1kWh per day. This 3-level battery protection function keeps the starter battery from dying while cooling for long periods of time. It provides valuable peace of mind while cooling for long periods of time. If the environment is dimly lit, the LCD display panel can make it easier to set the temperature. In addition to charging your phone, you can also use the USB port to charge your laptop.

A capacity of 30 quarts (28L)  You can easily store this refrigerator freezer in your trunk, behind a car seat, or even in your truck’s bed. Any outdoor activity can be undertaken with the 12V compressor freezer without concern for bumpy roads or inclines. Whether you use it in your car, RV, campsite, boat, camping, road trip, or at home, the car refrigerator is perfect.


Dimensions: 49*27*38cm

Usage voltage:  12V

Power: 48W

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern


Packaging Details:

1pc/PE bag + foam protect + outer carton

Single package size: 52X29X40 cm

Single gross weight:7.000 kg

Package includes:

1 mini fridge

1 Charging Cable

1 Manual

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28L Car Fridge With Compressor AC For Camping Travel

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