2LB Automatic Bread Maker

You can now create gluten-free cakes and breads using the nutrition-exclusive custom mode which provides 19 preset menu settings as well as three loaf sizes and three crust colors.

Besides the LCD display, there is also a delay baking timer set for 15 hours and an automatic keep warm feature (maximum 1 hour). It can save reservations for up to 15 hours in advance and stay warm for 60 minutes, so you can get fresh bread the next morning.

Depending on the size of your loaf , select light, medium or dark crust options on your bread maker/machine recipe.

A convenient ingredient reminder is built into this application so that you can keep track of your recipe ingredients. In the middle of the baking cycle, the bread maker will “beep” to remind you to add the final ingredients, such as nuts and fruit. Adding the ingredients is as simple as opening the lid. During the baking process, you can observe the process through the handy viewing window.
Non-stick bread pans can be washed in the dishwasher, unlike non-stick pans

A fault code will appear on the LCD display if the appliance malfunctions due to electrical disconnection or diagnostic error codes. After 15 minutes of power outage, the countdown will resume as soon as the power is restored.


Voltage (V): 220

Power (W): 550

Model Number: LB8621

Capacity: 2LB(1000g)

Feature: Non-stick bread pan

warm-keeping: 60 minutes


Single package size:  31X23.3X32.2 cm

Single gross weight: 5.500 kg

Package Type: 2pcs / carton

Selling Units: Single item

Package Includes

2LB Automatic Bread Maker

Bread Pan

Measuring Cup

Power Cord

Instruction manual


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2LB Automatic Bread Maker

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