2LB Stainless Steel Housing Glass Bread Maker Machine

Stainless Steel Housing Glass Bread Maker Machine offers 19 customized programs, including Quick Bread, Gluten Free, Whole-Wheat, Natural Sourdough, Dough, Jam, Yogurt and Cake. There are three different crust settings in a premium bread maker: light crust, medium crust, and dark crust. A total of three loaf sizes are offered: a 1 pound loaf, a 1.5 pound loaf, and a 2 pound loaf. There are multiple recipes you can use to make different types of bread and meet your family’s needs.

A ceramic non-stick pan with five layers of protection that is easy to remove and clean. Baking bread in 360 degrees surrounds it in a healthy and fresher way, so that it is baked evenly. When the work cycle begins, a “beep” alert reminds you to add nuts and fruit ingredients. They are more convenient with separate kneads and gluten-free buttons. Stronger mixing power & more efficiency are achieved by the magic kneading paddle.

By using the 15-hour delay time start feature, you can say goodbye to getting up early in the morning. Make an appointment for 8 hours after selecting the program and enjoy fresh and delicious bread in the morning after putting the ingredients into the bread pan before going to bed. It is possible to keep the bread hot and tasty for 60 minutes by keeping it warm. A 15-minute power-off protection function is also included in the bread machine.

With 650 powerful motors, this stainless steel stylish bread maker mixes ingredients fast and evenly without disturbing sleep, saving you time. It features a unique heating tube that ensures even bread color, crust color, and texture. One-touch programs are designed to be more precise and easy to use. A smooth blue light LCD screen clearly displays your homemade bread’s status and makes it more convenient to use.


Voltage (V): 220

Power (W): 550

warm-keeping: 60 minutes

Adjustable crust control: Light, medium and dark

Function: Gluten-Free Setting, Timer Function


Single package size: 35.5X24X30.2 cm

Single gross weight: 5.000 kg

Package Type: 2pcs / carton

Package Includes

2LB Stainless Steel Housing Glass Bread Maker Machine

Bread Pan

Measuring Cup

Power Cord

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2LB Stainless Steel Housing Glass Bread Maker Machine

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