4L/6can Mini Fridge For Room Office and Car

COMPACT & PORTABLE: Cans are perfect for personal use and are completely portable. This mini fridge’s sleek design, small size, and convenient handle make it easy to take anywhere you go!

By using the Thermoelectric System, you can easily switch from a beverage cooler to a food warmer in the mini fridge! You can easily choose between cooling up to 45° and heating up to 140°F just by flicking a switch. A well-insulated interior maintains a constant temperature even after being unplugged.

Don’t be afraid to go green! 

The unique semiconductor operation is both energy efficient and ultra-quiet. It is also 100% environmentally friendly. In addition to being 100% Freon-Free and ETL approved, it comes with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability. The charger includes plugs for 110V (AC) standard home outlets as well as a 12V car charger. Your home or office will be a wonderful place to be when you have it!

THE PORTABLE PROFILE IS MULTIFUNCTIONAL: it is equipped with a generous 4-liter capacity. Whether you’re going on a road trip, camping, or just need a little extra space, this is a great product! This shelf is removable and can be used to store small items such as snacks, drinks, and food. The efficient cooling temperature of this product makes it ideal for skincare and beauty essentials.


268x190x290 mm

Usage voltage: 12V

Power: 42

Material: Plastic 

Style: DC AC Fridge Refrigerator


Packaging Details:

1pc/PE bag + foam protect + outer carton

Package includes:

1 mini fridge

1 Charging Cable

1 Manual


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4L6can Mini Fridge For Room Office and Car

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