Air fryer Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing an air fryer manufacturer is a challenging task.

More importantly, finding an air fryer equipment is a difficult task.

That’s why this guide will answer all your questions on air fryer machines.

Why Buy Air fryers From Longbank?


Longbank use the latest innovative technology in their manufacturing which sets them apart from the rest. Additionally, they have invested heavily in modern technology and continue to adopt the most up-to-date developments to ensure that they are not left behind. Besides this, China is the leading country when it comes to manufacture of kitchen appliances like air fryers. This makes their cost of production low, which is why you can find air fryer available at affordable rates on our Alibaba platform and website. China is a developing country with well-connected transport systems throughout its cities, making shipping orders a breeze. Furthermore, our dedicated research and development team is able to help turn your air fryer idea into a reality step by step.

Moreover, we are also able to research on latest improvements in our products that can make them even more efficient. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to purchase an air fryer from a reliable Chinese manufacturer, then look no further than Longbank In China!

What Are The Safety Features In Air fryer?


  1. Temperaturecontrol set the temperature with which the food should be  Unlike regular cooking pan, you are able to evenly cook your meal at a precise temperature.
  2. Timer allows you to set cooking time for your food after which is switches off automatically.
  3. Heatresistant handle does not conduct heat thus you can detach the cooking pan without burning your

How Does Longbank Air fryer Manufacturer Control Quality?


Quality control is a major concern if we are to ensure production of good quality air fryer products.

therefore, we control quality in different ways such as:

  • We have clearly defined quality standard checks for the entire process.
  • Carrying out Pre-production inspection of materials and processes.
Product testing during the manufacturing process
Product testing during the manufacturing process
  • Inspecting during the manufacturing process and at the end of manufacturing processes.
  • We also do inspection on individual products before packaging to ensure that compromised air fryer ovens do not reach the clients.
  • Our quality check personnel also undergo training every now and then to ensure that we keep up with internationally recognized standards.

What Warranty Conditions Does Longbank Offer for the Air Fryers that they Manufacture?


Our warranty period is between 1 to 2 years from the date of purchase. However, this only applies to functional defects and not man-made defects.

so some of the conditions of the warranty are:

The warranty will be applicable only when the air fryer oven is accompanied with original receipt and copy of the warranty certificate.

our manufacturing warranty covers against defects and entitles you to repair, replacement or refund.

The type of action taken is dependent on the extent of malfunction on the air fryer oven.

Air fryer ovens with replaced parts from original parts are not eligible even if the malfunction occurs within the warranty period.

Which New Technologies are Present in the Air Fryers manufactured by Longbank?


Air fryer apply convection heat transfer technology to achieve faster food cooking compared to traditional ones. In this case, the hot air is rapidly transferred by fans around the food evenly. In traditional ovens, the hot air depends on natural convection to circulate it and cook the food.




air fryer manufacturer
New WiFi Technology Air Fryer

Additionally, air fryer can add with smartphone applications such as Alexa through WiFi technology to enable scheduled cooking in advance.

Does Longbank Offer Product Samples?


Longbank Employee in an ongoing Air Fryer Production at the Factory
Longbank Employee in an ongoing Air Fryer Production at the Factory

Yes, we do offer product sample for the air fryer at a cost which is refundable upon order placement.

The freight cost for air fryer oven samples are billed to customers’ accounts.


Which New Technologies are Present in the Air Fryers manufactured by Longbank?


We understand the time and resources that go into coming up with designs for air fryers.

And so, we strive to protect our customers’ custom design from theft by unauthorized supplier manufacturers.

 First, sign NDA with customers

A non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding contract that we sign with our clients before they disclose their design ideas.

lt clearly states the boundaries of the lP between you and us and the consequences involved should there be a breach.

 Second, register the design in china

Your custom design is your intellectual property right and can be easily infringed upon if you do not protect it.

So registering your custom design in China, with the relevant authorities will protect your design from theft by unauthorized manufacturers.

additionally, our legal team can assist with this process in case you do not know to go about it.

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