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Longbank is a professional air fryer manufacturer in china, we have over 10 years of air fryer manufacturing experience. You can choose designs from our own design or custom your own air fryer for your own brand.

  • Over 10 years of air fryer manufacturing experience
  • Low MOQ from 10 pcs to rocket your startup business
  • Custom Designs based on your requirement
  • Full Certification like CE, Rohs, and more
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Your Professional Air Fryer Supplier in China

If you are looking for a professional air fryer manufacturer in china, LongBank will be your premier choice.  As an experienced air fryer factory since 1972, Longbank has exported different air fryers to over 100 countries and has many unique air fryer designs for your business.

You can also custom your own air fryers base on LongBank stock designs or just based on your drawing. You can request a sample to check our air fryer quality before custom your air fryer mold. Just send us your inquiry and get an instant quote now.

Longbank Air Fryers for Your Business

Stainless steel Automatic Nonstick Air Fryer

If you need a 12L manual control oil-free air fryer oven, Longbank is the ultimate choice for you. We manufacture this type of air fryer for many years.

Digital Steamer Air Fryer

Longbank home use 2L mini air fryer is perfect for those who don’t have a large area. This will not require a big space since it is a mini air fryer.

Longbank can offer this type of air fryer. It comes in different types of designs, styles, and features. We can offer this at a reasonable price.

4L customized color Air Fryer

This type of air fryer only needs simple and manual operations. This is helpful in frying a portion of food in a hassle-free ways.

Longbank can produce this type of air fryer. This air fryer is perfect for those who don’t want to encounter any smoke.

Electric Multi Functional Cooker Industrial Digital Healthy Deep Electric Air Fryer

If you need a mechanical control air fryer for your business, Longbank has the full capability to support your air fryer needs.

Electric Multi Functional Cooker Industrial Digital Healthy Deep Electric Air Fryer

The Longbank stainless steel electric air fryer is the most durable air fryer. You can choose Longbank as your prominent supplier.

Wholesale 1700w 12L Multi Air Oven Healthy Digital Air Fryer Oil Free Stainless Steel Convection Hot Air Oven

Longbank can offer an electric healthy air fryer that will allow you to produce healthy fried foods. This is great to cuts any calories.

2023 New Design Digital Screen Air Fryer

The Longbank multifunctional air fryer is made of superior materials. It is durable and can serve with a long lifespan.

High Quality Overheat Protection Dual Air Fryer

If you want to fry food in the easiest way, you can use the Longbank deep electric air fryer. It also easy to clean compare with the others.

Air fryer smart liners custom with Dual Basket

The Longbank compact air fryers can eliminate the fats. It is a healthier way to avoid any side effect that causes by any calories.

If you seek a flexible air fryer, the Longbank adjustable air fryer is the perfect one for you. We can manufacture this with a desirable appearance.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Air Fryer Manufacturer

Longbank can manufacture multi designs of air fryers if you are a small appliance brand and need to find a professional air fryer supplier in china, then Longbank will be your first choice. For normal air fryer orders, we can provide you 30 to 45 days lead time, but if you are urgent, we can also speed up for you.

Longbank has over over 50 engineers to make custom air fryers for your brand, We can custom a sample for you to check the quality before real order, all Longbank air fryers have passed the certifications like CE, Rohs etc, just send us your inquiry for your next air fryer order.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Air Fryer Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Expert Air Fryers Supplier in China

Longbank is one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of an air fryer in China. We have plenty of designs and styles of an air fryer which allow you to choose the best one. If you need a superior and durable air fryer, Longbank is the perfect choice that can provide a great solution for your air fryer needs.

Some of the air fryers are not good, that’s why choosing the right kind of air fryer is very important. The air fryer from Longbank is one of the recommended air fryers. It is perfect for frying foods due to its great characteristics and features.

Longbank air fryer will allow the foods to stay healthy. Using the Longbank air fryer will not affect the taste of the foods, it will make them tastier. You can allow frying foods at Longbank air fryer without using the oils which means this kind of appliance will cut the calories and the possible side effects that cause by oils.

With the Longbank air fryer, you can allow to clean it easily without so much hassle. Using a Long bank air fryer is the most practical and recommended to use to illiminates the fats and another undesirable result of using oils. It comes in different styles and designs.

At Longbank, we have different types of air fryer like stainless steel air fryer, electric deep air fryer, digital air fryer, manual control air fryer, mini air fryer, mechanical control air fryer, air fryer with large capacity, household air fryer, adjustable air fryer, and so on.

So if ever you want to have an air fryer at your business or at home, don’t forget to come with us. We are capable to manufacture a high-end air fryer with unique designs and styles. Longbank air fryer is made by professional manufacturing workers and you can guarantee that all of the air fryers from Longbank has the best quality.

Aside from air fryer, we also manufacturer different kinds of kitchen appliances. So if ever you need any appliance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Air Fryer Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing an air fryer manufacturer can be a challenging task.

More importantly, finding an air fryer equipment can be a difficult task.

That’s why this guide will answer all your questions on air fryer machines.

Why Buy Air Fryers From Air Fryer Manufacturer In China?

You should consider buying air fryers from China manufacturers due to several reasons.

China manufacturers use the latest innovative technology in the manufacturing of air fryers. This is what sets our products apart from the rest.

We have invested heavily in modern technology and continue to adopt the latest development to ensure we are not left behind.

Besides, we are the leading country when it comes to manufacture of kitchen appliances like air fryers. This is attributed to that fact that we have several years of experience and the high number of production turnover.

We source our raw materials locally and cheaply and also have access to cheap human labor.

This makes our cost of production low hence we are able to offer you affordable rates.

China is a developed country with a well-connected transport system throughout its cities.

Our factories have easy access to rail, road, water and air transportation making shipping of your orders very easy and fast.

This has made it possible for our global clients to order from wherever they are and have their orders delivered hassle-free.

Furthermore, we have dedicated research and development team that is dedicated to customized order manufacturing.

They are able to assist you transform your air fryer idea to reality step by step.

They also research on latest improvement features that we can add to make our kitchen appliances more efficient.


Longbank New Model 1800W 12L Digital Control Industrial Hot Air Fryer Oven

Electrical air fryer

What Types Of Air Fryers Do You Offer?

We manufacture different types of air fryers such as paddle and basket type air fryers.

There are also digital and manual air fryers depending on how they are operated.

Digital air fryers are operated by push buttons while manual air fryers require you to adjust the temperature and time.

Paddle Type Air Fryer

This type of air fryer has a paddle that moves around to allow hot air to move through the food.

The paddle is removable therefore allowing other types of foods to be cooked hassle free.

Paddle air fryers are expensive compared to basket air fryers.

Peddle air fryer

Paddle type air fryer

Basket Type Air Fryer

Basket have a holes all around to allow air to move through it easily.

It is however not ideal for cooking saucy or soupy food, besides, it also require more time to clean it.

This type of air fryer is therefore ideal for cooking meat and vegetable dishes.

Air fryer

Basket air fryer

Which Materials Do You Use To Make Air Fryer?

We use different materials for different air fryer parts; the air fryer base, the basket and the basket base.

The materials used are safe and free from toxic substances, they include;

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): Is a synthetic non-polymer that is resistant to high temperature, non-hydrophobic and non-stick material.

This is used for making non-stick cooking surface.

Stainless steel: This material can also be used to manufacture cooking surface of the air fryer.

Aluminum: is used in the manufacture of the rest of the air fryer besides cooking surface.

Ceramics and glass are also used in the manufacture of air fryer parts.

How Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Control Quality?

Quality control is a major concern if we are to ensure production of good quality air fryer products.

We control quality in different ways such as:

  • We have clearly defined quality standard checks for the entire process.
  • Carrying out pre-production inspection of materials and processes.
  • Inspecting during the manufacturing process and at the end of manufacturing processes.
  • We also do inspection on individual products before packaging to ensure that compromised air fryers do not reach the clients.
  • Our quality check personnel also undergo training every now and then to ensure that we keep up with internationally recognized standards.

What Warranty Conditions Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Offer?

Our warranty period is between 1 to 2 years from the date of purchase. However, this only applies to functional defects and not man made defects.

Some of the conditions of the warranty are:

  • The warranty will be applicable only when the air fryer is accompanied with original receipt and copy of the warranty certificate.
  • Our manufacturing warranty covers against defects and entitles you to repair, replacement or refund.
    The type of action taken is dependent on the extent of malfunction on the air fryer.
  • Air fryers with replaced parts from original parts are not eligible even if the malfunction occurs within the warranty period.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers use hot air at high speed and with little oil to cook the food.

The hot air technology at high speed is able to brown the food by Maillard reaction.

Air fryer does not require oil submerging to achieve the same results as traditional fryers or cooking pans.

It uses convection method by use fans that help distribute the heat evenly around the food.

  1. Place your food in the basket and brush a teaspoon of oil on the food for a crispy cooking.
  2. Set the timer and the temperature that you desire to cook your food at.
    The temperature can go up to 350 degrees Celsius for 5-25 minutes depending on your cooking method.
  3. Let the food cook for sometimes then manually turn it or it will automatically be turned by an agitator.
    This is to ensure even cooking on both sides.

Which New Technologies Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Offer?

Air fryers apply convection heat transfer technology to achieve faster food cooking compared to traditional oven.

In this case, the hot air is rapidly transferred by fans around the food evenly.

In traditional ovens, the hot air depends on natural convection to circulate it and cook the food.

Additionally, air fryers can be integrated with smartphone applications such as Alexa through WIFI technology to enable scheduled cooking in advance.

Do Air Fryer Manufacturers In China Offer Product Samples?

Yes, we do offer product sample for the air fryer at a cost which is refundable upon order placement. The freight cost for air fryer samples are billed to customers’ accounts.

How Do Air Fryer Manufacturer In China Protect My Custom Design?

We understand the time and resources that go into coming up with designs for air fryers.

And so, we strive to protect our customers’ custom design from theft by unauthorized suppliers or manufacturers.

Sign NDA With Customers

A non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding contract that we sign with our clients before they disclose their design ideas.

It clearly states the boundaries of the IP between you and us and the consequences involved should there be a breach.

Register The Design In China

Your custom design is your intellectual property right and can be easily infringed upon if you do not protect it.

Registering your custom design in China with the relevant authorities will protect your design from theft by unauthorized manufacturers.

Our legal team can assist with this process in case you do not know to go about it.

Will Air Fryer Manufacturer In China Help In Shipping Air Fryers?


There are several ways of shipping your air fryer order from China to your destination.

We have access to ocean, rail, air and road transport methods of shipping depending on your location and preference.

Bulk orders from outside China are mostly shipped via ocean freight due to their size and rate.

This method takes longer and is cheaper in the long run.

Air freight can be done for very few order within or without China borders as per your instructions.

Rail and truck shipping can be done for bulk size air fryer orders within China in different cities.

All the freight cost is borne by customers and can be paid to us directly or to the shipping company accounts.

4.5L Double Drawers Large capacity multi-function Super-heated Air Heats Air Fryer

Air fryer

What Are The Safety Features In Air Fryers?

  1. Temperature control is used to set the temperature with which the food should be cooked. Unlike regular cooking pan, you are able to evenly cook your meal at a precise temperature.
  2. Timer allows you to set cooking time for your food after which is switches off automatically.
  3. Heat resistant handle does not conduct heat thus you can detach the cooking pan without burning your hand.
  4. Gloves to protect your hands from cuts or scrapes due to their cut resistance technology.
  5. Tongs can be used to turn or flip the food and are made from safe material with heat resistance.

Do Air Fryer Manufacturers In China Have MOQ?

We do.

Our minimum order quantities are 200 pieces of air fryers, however, we are flexible with first time customers.

This is because, they are testing the market and would like to see consumer uptake before ordering in large quantities.

How Can You Customize Air Fryers?


Our design team is able to listen to your ideas, interpret into a mold and create a sample out of it.

We then share the sample with you for your approval before we can produce in large quantities.

Customization of air fryer can be on the size, color, material, finishing, technology such as WIFI enabled, etc.

Custom digital air fryer

Custom digital air fryer

For customization orders, please reach out through our emails on official website and we will guide you through.

What Finishing Options Do You Provide For Air Fryers?

We have a number of finishing designs available for air fryers both for in-stock and customized orders.

  • Finger print resistant
  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Stainless
  • Slate (rich, stone-inspired finish)
  • Black Slate (distinctive charcoal, matte finish)

Do Air Fryer Manufacturers Supply Air Fryer Models With The Energy Star Rating?

Different air fryers consume different electricity energy depending on their capacity.

We supply air fryer with energy rating to inform you about energy consumption and the cost of running it.

The energy levels rating can be mandatory of compulsory depending on their destination.

This label is also a symbol of energy efficiency to customers confirming our quality standard compliance.

Do Air Fryer Manufacturers In China Offer Replacement Parts And Accessories For Air Fryers?

Parts of air fryer

Parts of air fryer

Yes, we do.

We offer replacement part and accessories for our air fryers as part of our after sale services.

For replacement parts, we’ll give you the following items:

  1. Baking pans
  2. Cake pans
  3. Ramekins

We offer a universal accessory kit which contains 5 pieces of accessories and others such as oil sprayer, thermometer, etc.

They are available in two different sizes to suit either small or large air fryer size.

The Kit Contains;

  1. Cake pan with a handle
  2. Deep pizza pan
  3. Metal holder with handle for more space within the air fryer
  4. Multipurpose cooking rack with or without skewers
  5. Silicon mat to protect counter tops.

Oil Sprayers

These aid in application of little oil to help in browning of the food content in the air fryer.

They come in different bottle sizes and funnel and label bands for different oils.

They dispense very little oil of about 1.35 ml per spray.

Oil sprayers have a funnel to enable easy refilling on the sprayer.

 Oil sprayer

oil sprayers


Instant thermometers are used when cooking of meat dishes, certain liquids, cakes, etc.

The thermometer will assist you know internal temperature of the food to avoid over or under cooking.

This digital thermometer will display temperature instantly and accurately and has meat temperature at the back for reference.

Parchment Paper Liners

These are white or brown natural, non-toxic heat resistant papers placed inside non-stick pans during baking.

They prevent the cooking surface from the food mess making cleaning easier.

We provide up to 100 pieces of parchment papers of your color choice and the right size.

Air Fryer Slider

We provide slider for two reasons; to protect countertops and easy access of heavy air fryers.

The sliders are placed underneath the fryer and allow you to be slide out for use and back in when done.

For air fryer that sit on countertops, sliders provide a barrier between them from the high heat preventing damages.

5.5l 7l Nonstick Stainless Steel & Cool-touch Air Fryer

Air fryer

How Long Will Air Fryer Manufacturers Take To Deliver Air Fryer Orders?

Our delivery period varies from 15 to 50 days depending on the quantity ordered and the design you wish for your air fryer.

Quantities above 1000 can take up to 50 days to be processed and delivered. Less quantities take less day to process and deliver.

When making your order, you should also consider shipping time to avoid out of stock situations.

We also accept emergency orders which are processed within negotiated timelines, however they cost a bit more than normal order.

Orders for available stocks are processed immediately we received deposit and delivered within 7 days.

What Is The Difference Between In-stock And Custom Air Fryer In China Manufacturing?

In-stock air fryer orders are those that are available with us ready for sale whenever we receive order from customers.

Custom air fryer order are special designs which are not readily available thus we manufacture when you place your order.

What Are The Recommended Quality Standard Marks On Air Fryers?

Air fryers are manufactured for human use in our households and even in some eateries.

They therefore have quality standard marks to signify their safety and compliance.

Some of the quality marks they should have include:

  • FDA
  • CE
  • SGS
  • FCC
  • LFGB
  • GS

How Do You Support OEM Air Fryer Design?

Yes, we do.

Original equipment manufacturing businesses do not build designs from scratch but instead, they partner with us for design modification and manufacturing.

We accept customer design modification on features of the air fryer but retain logo and manufacturing brand.

This is cheaper for our OEM business who do not have enough resources to design air fryer from idea.

What Are Some Of The AIR Fryer Benefits?

Little Oil

Preparing your meal with air fryer reduces use of oil by 80-90% unlike non-convectional cooking.

It achieves the same fried and crispy cooking but with less oil and grease hence it is healthier way of cooking.

Controlled Cooking

Air fryers come with control buttons to enable you set cooking time and temperature depending on the cooking method.

The timers automatically switch off when done.

Besides the set up buttons, some have shakers or agitators that ensure the food receives heat evenly all round.

Smart air fryers are integrated to smart applications which can be remote controlled from anywhere by voice.

The app lets you command the air fryer on what to do and when such as pre-heating before cooking.


Cooking with air fryer is faster because you are able to set the temperature and timer for your food.

The rapid air flow technology together with set temperature can cook frozen food to crispy in a matter of minutes.


We manufacture multifunctional air fryers that are able to grill, fry, bake, roast and re-heat using therapy hot air technology.

This technology does not need submerged oil or thermometer for you to prepare your food.

It also comes with recipe book with multiple recipes that you can try on the air fryer.

Occupies Small Space

Its small and smart design makes it occupy small counter space in the kitchen thus is a convenient appliance.

Easy to Clean

The basket is made of non-stick material and is removable with a heat resistant handle.

You remove it after cooking and clean by washing with warm soapy water and rinse or put in a dish washer.

What Are The Limitations Of Using Air Fryer?

Limited size

Air fryers sizes range between 3-5 liters in capacity hence can only cook food for a small number of people.

This will force you to prepare meals in bits to be enough for a big number of people.


Good quality, durable air fryer cost more than normal regular cooking pan due to the material used and technology of use.

They also consume electric energy during whenever they are in use.

For all your air fryers from China, you can contact us now.

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