Air-Pump-driven Espresso Machine

It has a single button with an indicator light for simple operation along with a coffee/steam selection and an on/off function. A temperature display indicates the current coffee temperature, and the precise temperature control ensures optimum taste.

Make rich, dense milk froth as well as 1-4 cups (240 ml) of espresso with this powerful 3.5 bar pressure espresso machine. A well-made, easy-to-hold stainless steel cup is clearly marked to help you add the right amount of water to create a delicious espresso every time.

Make creamy, silky froth with the rotating frothing arm for your cappuccino and latte needs… You can make the froth yourself to enhance your mornings!

Compact, temperature-visible design: The space-saving compact design facilitates operation. Designed for home kitchen and office use, each component is functionally distinct, visually hierarchical, and neat.

Package Includes

1 x steam espresso machine,

1 x funnel and filter,

1 x spoon,

1 x stainless steel coffee pot,

1 x instruction manual,

1 x cleaning ping (for cleaning the steam tube)

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Air-Pump-driven Espresso Machine

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