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With over 10+ years of kitchen appliances manufacturing experience, Longbank comes to be one of the leading manufacturers in the field. We develop high-quality blenders at competitive prices.  Also, we could customize a unique machine according to your requirements.

  • ISO 9001 certified blender manufacturer
  • Strict quality control on your blender
  • Full Certifications like UL, CE, 3C, and more
  • Low minimum order requirement from 10 pieces
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Your Best Blender Supplier in China

Whether you are planning to open a juice shop or need a blender for commercial use, Longbank is your perfect choice. Being one of the top blender manufacturers, we had ship a variety of blenders to more than 100 countries. We manufacture blenders following the highest quality standards and your specific requirement.

Longbank focuses on 100% customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver the best product and service. For a custom solution, you can choose from our design and custom to your brand or send your own design. Send us your inquiry so you could get an instant quote.

Longbank Blender to Support Your Business

Stainless Steel Blender

Longbank fruit juicer mixer blender has 12 months warranty. Complete with CB, CE, GS, LFGB, RoHS certifications. Has 500ml capacity; perfect for commercial and household application.

Longbank electric silver crest blender has a total crushing function. The container is made of glass while housing is created from stainless steel. Cup is TRITAN, BPA free.

Hot selling 600ml Soy Milk Nut Milk Machine

portable blender is made of BPA-Free container. Available in 600ml/400ml capacity. If any issues might come, not a problem at all. It has 12 months warranty return and replacement.

Mini heating blender

Electric smoothie portable silver crest blender dimension is 15.2 x 17.2 x 37.9cm. Low speed 14000±15% RPM; Come with sealable Lid. CE, RoHS compliant.

Juicer smoothie soy milk maker

1200W Electric Kitchen Blender – LBMB660 perfect for commercial and household application. The container is made of glass; aluminum for housing. Touchpad control. 100-240V

Modern blenders with sound cover

Professional new style blender blade is made from stainless steel. Frequency: 50/60Hz; Power Consumption: 400W and Capacity: 600ml/400ml. Leak-proof.

Mixers blenders for kitchen

Mixers blenders for kitchen is a type of home blender widely used in hotel, commercial, and household applications. Control with push-button, electric power source.

Electric Fruit&Vegetable Blender

electric fruit & vegetable blender has 1.5L capacity. Frequency: 50/60Hz, Voltage: 100-240V. Blenders are CB, CE, ETL, LFGB, and RoHS-approved. Guaranteed quality.

600W electric mixer blender

This 600W electric mixer blender has a 1-year warranty; free spare parts. Mainly made of stainless steel, push-button control type, electric power source. Max. Speed up to 18000RPM.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Blender Manufacturer

Longbank started manufacturing blenders and other kitchen appliances over 10 years ago. If you are a small appliance brand or about to start your own shop, then you are in a place you can depend on. Longbank has the capabilities you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier. LongBack can custom blender for your brand.

Together with 50+ engineers and an advanced system, we can produce blender suits your design. 100% Guaranteed-quality and cost competitiveness assured of. All products have passed and certified by standards driven by CE, Rohs Ul, etc. Longbank offers free sample for you. For your upcoming project, Longbank is right here for you.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Reliable Blender Supplier in China

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kitchen appliance clients of longbank

Longbank- Your Premier Blender Manufacturer in China

Longbank is one of the best China-based blender manufacturers, offering a wide variety of blenders. Perfect for hotel, commercial, household, outdoor, and more.

Our range of blenders comes in an assortment of sizes, capacity, power, material, voltage, etc.

You can find different models of blenders to suit your specific requirement. Longbank product quality and price is competitive.

All our blenders have obtained RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, LFGB, SAA, 3C approvals. We manufacture the blender following the highest quality standards.

You can check the certifications on it. At Longbank, we provide every customer with the best service.

LongBack has the experience and knowledge to deliver unique blenders according to exact requirements. It is easy to scale up We can design blenders based on your layout. Or else, you could choose from our design and customize it with your brand.

Specializing in manufacturing and exporting blender for more than 10 years, we are greatly appreciated in different markets throughout the world. After years of efforts, we cooperate with a variety of kitchen appliances brands.

Longbank provides a pre-production sample before mass production of your product. After that, we do a final inspection before shipment.

We provide a one-stop solution for your blender. As one of the leading blender manufacturers in china, we can help you select the right blender you want.

Longbank launch top-quality blender china. If you have any questions regarding the blender, please feel free to send us a message. Save Longbank as your next blender supplier in China.

Blender Manufacturer : The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Blender is one of the kitchen appliances that is a must-have and favorite of all time.

This is why it is exciting to engage in business about supplying these specific appliances.

However, finding the right manufacturer may be a little bit of a challenge.

In this section, we will address some of the questions you may have before starting your journey.

Can you tell me why China is the best manufacturer of Blender?

In terms of manufacturing, China leads the world. 

The United Nations Statistics Division reports that China generated 28.7% of global manufacturing production in 2019.

China now has a manufacturing sector that is bigger by more than 10 proportion points than the United States,

which had the most substantial manufacturing economy until China overtook it.

Over the past three generations, China has flourished consistently because of economic, cultural, and monetary stability.

In order to ensure a healthy business environment, it is essential to consider these three factors. 

By making the market predictable, businesses can plan for the future and strategize accordingly.

This is also one of the reasons why Ningbo Longbank Resources has reached the top of the industry.

Can you tell me about the different types of Blender you offer?

When it comes to different versions of Blender, we have a lot to provide. 

Our products have many features we are proud to share with you.

You can choose either any of these ; 


Portable hand personal blender: 

It is an Ergonomic design and has a rounded square shaped lid.

To start you need to double click it. It’s power is 60W and has Safe Indicator Light.

fruit juicer mixer blender


Electric Smoothie portable Crest Blender: 

You can enjoy a creamy, high-nutrition smoothie that is easy to consume and take in by using this version.

It has 2 types of Blades. Using a pure copper motor.

1200W Electric Kitchen Blender

1.75L electric modern cook blenders with sound cover: 

It has an IMD Control Panel. Can directly blend dry beans. Has a non-sticky plate.

You can also blend using this without any loud noise.

1.5L electric kitchen low noise Blender: 

It is one of the blenders we have that has the most high speed with 1000 W.

With 5 stages of noise reduction. 

electric glass portable rechargeable Blender: 

Coming from the word itself, this version is compact and power-efficient.

We do have more than these versions to offer, you can contact us for further information.

What makes us better than other suppliers?

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience makes this one of the biggest factories in the world.

A complete quality control system is in place.

Each year, we supply 10 million products.

Developing new products is a capability we have.

Cost-competitive production line with one-stop shopping.

What types of payment methods do you accept as a manufacturer of Blender?

We do have two Categories for Payment methods.

For the order with large quantities, we highly implement to use: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A

The electronic nature of the method makes it a safe and secure method of sending money. 

Money can be tracked easily, eliminating the need to figure out how much and when it was sent.

Whenever and wherever you want, you can initiate a transfer of funds.

While ordering a sample product, you can choose between: MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,Western Union, or Cash.

What are the Languages Spoken by Manufacturer Blender in China?

Chinese language and English.

English plays a very dominant role in our Industry as given the fact that we manufacture products all over the world. We always interact with foreign investors.

Nothing to worry as wherever you are in the world, we can assist you when it comes to your inquiries efficiently. Do not hesitate to message us on all of the platforms we have as we are more than happy to communicate with you in regards to your Blender business matter.

Can you tell me about the delivery time for blenders from a blender manufacturer?

Based on the order quantities and the design you want for your Blenders, the delivery period varies from 15 to 50 days.

In the case of quantities above 1000, it may take up to 50 days or we may be able to negotiate, depending on what we agree to. 

Whenever you place an order, especially if you need a large quantity, be sure to:

Consider contacting us a couple of days before your event to avoid product shortage problems.

Orders for emergency situations are also accommodated, but are slightly more expensive.

Since the items are already available, sample orders can be placed. 

The items can be delivered within seven business days.

What is the working principle of blenders?

Activating the blender motor requires the consumer to press a button. 

In turn, the motor drives the sharp blades connected to it to rotate. 

Against the components, the blade rotates in the plastic or glass jar. 

It is this rotation that causes the blades to chop up the ingredients.

Compressive shearing forces and cavitation cause the blender to crush food into tiny fragments, resulting in a smooth puree or rich emulsion.

You can watch this video clip to see how our Blenders work: 

How are manufacturers making blenders? What are the materials they use?

As a respectable manufacturer here in China, we always want the best for our products.

Having said that, we also make sure that materials we use are safe and non-toxic.

Before we decide what components we can apply, we ensure to investigate and test all of the material first.

For Blenders, we have decided to use the most high quality and most safest raw materials like : 

ABS, PP,  AS, ,  PCTG and Stainless Steel

PCT-G: PolyCyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate glycol-modified, otherwise known as PCT-G plastic, is a clear co-polyester.

Suitable for applications that require very low extractables, high clarity, 

and very high gamma stability, PCT-G polymer is ideal. 

High impact properties are also characteristic of the material.

For the PP : Most people consider polypropylene (PP) to be safe.

Among all plastics, it is the safest; it is heat-resistant and durable.

In spite of its high heat tolerance, it will not dissolve from warm or hot water.

The product is approved for use with food and beverages.

As for the ABS and AS: These are plastics made from corn starch resin, and they are also BPA-free.

And lastly for the Stainless Steel : We all know that it is one of the main materials for appliances and the safest option for use at home. 

In addition to emitting no toxins, stainless steel does not react with ingredients.


Is it environmentally friendly to use blenders made by Chinese manufacturers?

Yes! Definitely! All of the products we made including blenders are environmentally friendly and energy-intensive. We are fully aware of this. 

The amount of carbon pollution added to the atmosphere each year can be reduced by using eco-friendly appliances. 

Your carbon footprint and contribution to climate change can be reduced by upgrading your appliances.

In short, we do not want to cause major problems that will affect climate change as we are also human and we care about our nature.

Is there a safety feature on the Blenders designed by the manufacturer?

Yes! Just always follow the precautions indicated on the manual of each blender we make.
Utensils should never be placed in the blender while the motor is running. 

Using a scraper or spatula on a blender should be done after it has been turned off and unplugged. 

You should never put your hand in a blender unless it is unplugged.

In addition to protecting against dangerous electric shock,  reduce the possibility of electrical fires.

Consider installing an RCD socket or plug to protect you and your property if your fuse box does not have RCD protection for your sockets.


When it comes to quality monitoring, how do Blender manufacturers approach it?

As part of manufacturing, quality control ensures that customers receive products that are free of defects and meet their needs. 

Clients we supply our products can be at a disadvantage when it is executed incorrectly and we do not want that to happen.

As part of this process, we define the quality standards for each product.

The method of quality control should be selected.

Determining the quantity of products/batches to be tested.

The creation of a quality control department and training employees.

Communicating defects and potential problems through a coordinating  system.

You can watch this clip to see for yourself on what’s happening inside production:



How dependable are Chinese blender manufacturers?

For us, reliability is so important that we should be able to obtain almost all of the certifications we require to show that we are very capable in this field.

In order to meet the high standards of our international clients, it is our Company’s responsibility to ensure our products and services meet their expectations.

Having all Certifications ensures that we are heading in the right direction.

Among the certifications we have earned are: EMC, CE, CB, ToHS, GS, as well as UL and 3C.

We cordially invite you to watch this clip as our Company overview:


Why do Manufacturers of Blender execute affordable products?

In essence, Chinese manufacturers benefit from seven factors: economies of scale in manufacturing, greater tariff benefits,

less expensive capital investments, greater labor productivity, and lower transaction and electricity costs.

There are some goods made in China that cost more than those made abroad. 

China has made a fortune producing inexpensive products that sell for low prices worldwide. 

It is true that China manufactures a number of high-end goods.

Do you have the option to request a custom item from the manufacturer of Blender?

Without a doubt! Customization is one of the many services we can provide to our Clients.

However, please be advised that this type of request has a set of guidelines which we require minimum order quantity since it is rather unique.

There will also be a slight difference in pricing from non-customized released products.

Customization can be done for Packing, Logo and Graphic Design.

Also these customizing orders must be 100 pieces and above orders.

In order to provide you with our best quotation, please let us know what kind of customization you would like us to perform.

Send us an email, call, fax, or shoot us a whatsapp message if you would like more information.

We also cordially invite you at your most convenient time to make a visit here in Ningbo, China to witness the quality of the products we manufacture.

You are entitled to also check our production line while they are creating the items you have  purchased.


Are there any price promotions offered by the blender manufacturer?

If you want us to manufacture a particular product for you, 

Orders above the minimum amount are subject to this. 

It is possible for us to give you a discount of 5 to 10 percent if you order large quantities.

Additionally, we provide our Clients with the opportunity to negotiate prices with us.

It is our goal to make sure that we can assist each other throughout the transaction so that we both benefit from it.


How does the manufacturer of the blender comply with the International Energy Consumption Standard?

It is estimated that Blenders consume between 250 to 1000 watts of electricity. 

There is a 600-watt power requirement for a typical blender.

The wattage, hours of usage, and cost per kWh should be entered. 

We at Longbank have ensured not only that we keep up with the trends, 

but also that we manufacture products with a touch of ecological responsibility.

How does 3C accreditation influence Chinese blender manufacturers?

The term 3C refers to the China Compulsory Certification program.

A growing B2C market for 3C home appliances was seen in China throughout the years.

A new law was passed on May 1, 2002.

Exporting or selling products to China requires certain preparations.

It is mandatory for manufacturers to obtain the CCC Mark in over 132 product categories.

Prior to becoming certified, many things need to be taken into consideration.

The requirements include being Professional, Licensed, and passing the Certification Exam.

The Longbank team is proud to say that we met the requirements for this certification.


Are there any minimum order quantities for blender manufacturing?

The purpose of MOQs is to protect businesses against losing money on their sales,

Particularly for items with relatively low profit percentages.

For manufacturers, labor and other costs are associated with selecting, processing, dispensing, packaging, and distributing products.

We have various MOQs depending on the type of Blender we are designing and developing.

While we do impose a minimum order quantity, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients can meet it.

If you would like more information, please send us an email, contact us, fax us, or message us.


What are the advantages of sourcing proactively from manufacturers of Blender?

As there is no intermediary involved in a direct purchase, third-party costs are eliminated.

The manufacturer and customer share the cost savings, resulting in a win-win situation.

In addition to convenience, manufacturers provide their clients with personalized attention.

As well, clients can rest assured that after sales support is available for every transaction.

As part of our processes, we also provide security of authenticity and shipping assistance.

When it comes to service after the sale, how do Manufacturers of Blender handle the matter?

As with all of our other products, this warranty applies as well.

Blenders  warranty can be accessed within 1 to 2 years if you purchase it directly from us and not via other Platforms.

The only documents we require from our clients are the Proof of Purchase and Warranty Certificate.

It is covered for factory defects, but not for customer-caused malfunctions.

Clients deserve the services of a Professional Maintenance Team.

Furthermore, we are able to provide on-site installation services.

Besides these services, spare parts replacement is available for free.

What does batch production mean in the context of manufacturing Blenders?

Rather than manufacturing one product at a time, batch production involves producing several identical products at the same time. 

Large and frequent batches are determined by the manufacturer. 

It is necessary for each batch to go through the different stages together during the manufacturing process.


How long does a blender typically last?

Most blenders with a less powerful motor will last three to five years, 

while more expensive models with a powerful motor will last about ten years.

It is important to note, however, that how often and carefully use the blender will affect its lifespan.


What are the advantages of investing in blenders?

Choosing a blender is more complicated than simply looking at the price.

It is no secret that kitchen appliances have advanced to extraordinary levels of sophistication, which also applies to blenders.

A high-quality, superior model will cater to your every need with specially designed blending functions.

Blenders are undoubtedly handy appliances for every kitchen.

Blenders aren’t all created equal, however. 

Be sure to invest in a quality blender when you’re ready to make the purchase.

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