Certain Factors to Consider when Choosing Ideal High-Performance Blenders for your Appliance Brand from a Chinese Manufacturer

One of the High-Performance Blender manufactured by Longbank

To help you navigate the wide world of blenders available in the market, we purely focus on the high- performance blenders on this article. Our guide will show you how to identify what your clients need and figure out how to identify the best blender for their professional use.

High-performance blenders are designed to take on heavier duty tasks like blending produce regardless of the size. They tend to provide smoother results. Many people vastly prefer the texture of soups and smoothies that they get from a professional blender.

Designed for kitchen enthusiasts, this blender type costs a lot more compared to the conventional or single-serve blenders. However, with this higher costs, it is important to let your clients know that it comes a with performance that is a cut above what other blenders offer.

Factors to consider when purchasing High-Performance Blenders


Does the manufacturer offer warranty for their blenders? This is an important factor to consider. Professional blenders normally work at a higher voltage, providing more power than other types. In as much as manufacturers assure you of quality and durability(which might probably be the case if you have a reliable manufacturer like Longbank that centers on quality control), it is vital that such blenders come with a warranty that gives you an assurance that you can count on them.

Longbank offers a sustainable warranty for their products and that gives absolute assurance for quality not only for the end-customer, but also creates a sense of belief to your brand and services, which is vital when you are a kitchen appliance brand out there.

Speed& Functionality

Like earlier mentioned, a customer planning to use the blender almost specifically for smoothies won’t need the same functionality as someone aiming to put it to hardier tasks, like making crushed ice. Speed also matters.

Longbank Blender has various functional features including cooking options.

Functional features of one of High-Performance Blenders manufactured by Longbank


In the recent years the technology in the appliances have had slight improvements if any. It is important to note that, technology most commonly is the same. What manufacturers tend to major on is creating different appearances of the product. You will agree with me that a change in appearance in an appliance product creates a different ‘feeling’ to your customer. As if that’s not enough, it sometimes tends to dictate the market price.

Appearance is improvised by improvement in product textures, use of different materials, color, and sometimes product labeling.

At Longbank, we understand that your clients really put this under consideration when choosing an ideal blender and that is why we came up with a stainless-steel series of blender that is eye-catching, soft, improvised in texture and touch as shown above.

Not only does it create a different feel but it’s soft look indicates good finish work from our technicians.


Touch pads of the product should match the name High-Performance blenders. The buttons should not be hard. I would recommend going for touch buttons that actively respond from the sense of touch. However, that doesn’t make  the  blender  less  functional  if  it  doesn’t possess this quality.


There is a saying, ‘You get what you pay for’. That is not any different in the production sector. Good quality will always come at a cost. While several manufacturers might rush to give you a price that you might consider favorable for your interest, there is a question you should ask yourself:

‘Will the quality match the brand status that i have struggled to build for the longest time?’ Let me give you a hint. Many manufacturers will always try to solve your financial price target worries by maybe compromising on the quality of the product. For example, if a product requires a raw material that has standard A to meet utmost brilliance in quality, they might choose to go for standard B just to match your financial needs.

This means that the quality cannot be compared to that of the first one. It’s not a bad thing to meet your importer’s interest if both parties agree on this move but it’s important to note that durability of the product will vary.


Majority of counter-top blenders have different settings. They can be simple or provide a range of settings for different applications like pureeing soup,crushing ice, or juicing. A blender which offers preset functions matching the primary uses you intend for use will be more user friendly than one that makes you figure it out as you go. Regardless, having a wide range of settings adds convenience for your customer.


Size of the product determines the packaging size which in long run is a major determinant for shipping charges involved.

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