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A high-quality coffee grinder can be found in Longbank, a world-class manufacturer in China. We have hundreds of coffee grinder designs for you to choose from. We have all types of coffee grinders you want for your business!

  • Customizable according to your specifications
  • 10+ years of reliable products and services
  • Fully inspection before shipment
  • 10,000-ton annual product capability
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Your Professional Coffee Grinder Supplier in China

If you have an appliance business and want to save your money while keeping the same quality measures of coffee grinder products, Longbank manufacturing company in China distributes standard and custom coffee grinder to customers worldwide.

Longbank has been distributing coffee grinders for more than 10 years. Below are some of our high-quality coffee grinders we offer that gained satisfactory to our customers worldwide.

Longbank Coffee Grinder for Your Business

USB Coffee Grinder

Our offered electric coffee grinder is high-quality guaranteed since it’s compliant with many certifications.

Automatic Coffee Grinder

Our automatic coffee grinder is offered into many designs and colors to meet your needs.

Hand Mill Coffee Grinder

Our high-quality hand mill coffee grinder is made from high-grade materials like stainless steel.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Our Manual Coffee Grinder is made from 304 stainless steel. Avail now!

Mini Coffee Grinder

Our mini coffee grinder is available in many styles and colors. You can avail at budget-friendly prices.

Espresso Coffee Grinder

Longbank is a professional Espresso Coffee Grinder manufacturer that you can count on.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Bean Grinder

Longbank is a leading coffee grinder manufacturer in China. We provide an eco-friendly coffee bean grinder available in many colors.

Industrial Coffee Grinder

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, Longbank offers industrial coffee grinder with full certifications.

Portable Coffee Grinder

Our Portable Coffee Grinder is made from high-grade stainless steel. Suitable for use household, hotel, restaurant, and home.

Electric Coffee Grinder

We assure that all of our electric coffee grinder we offer is in good condition and reliable performance.

Stainless Steel Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

We offer a high-quality coffee grinder made from high-grade stainless steel materials. It guarantees high-quality and reliable performance.

Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

All of our Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs we deal with is guaranteed high-quality. It is manufactured with full certifications.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Coffee Grinder Manufacturer

A wide range of reliable coffee grinders is available in Longbank in multiple designs. With the help of our latest manufacturing equipment, we can precisely manufacture high-quality coffee grinders for your business. All of our coffee grinders are in line with many certifications including UL, CE, RoHS, and many more.

We maintain strict quality control regarding coffee grinder productions. Our company has over 50 engineers and 100+ employees to help your entire coffee grinder fabrications. Inquire us now!

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Coffee Grinder Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Expert Coffee Grinder Supplier in China

Find the best coffee brewer or coffee grinder only in Longbank. We have been manufacturing all kinds of kitchen appliances for more than 10 years. One of the best kitchen appliances we offer is a high-quality coffee grinder.

Longbank, a leading coffee grinder manufacturer in China, carefully chooses the best materials for coffee grinder production. In fact, all of our coffee grinders are certified to many standard certifications.

Here in Longbank, we offer both manual and automatic coffee grinders. Both are sturdy and simple to operate. You can avail of our coffee grinder in different styles and sizes.

And also, Longbank can customize your coffee grinder according to your specifications. Just let us know your requirements and we will work along with you.

Longbank coffee grinder has an excellent balance of usefulness, features, and relatively competitive price among others. Longbank manufacturing company really your one-stop coffee grinder provider, offering satisfying quality products and excellent services.

For more than 10 years in coffee grinding manufacturing, we have obtained good partnerships with many companies around the world. Our Longbank coffee grinder is offered from different countries like Mexico, Poland, the USA, Africa, and many more.

You can really trust Longbank! We have been helping many companies to skyrocket their business, you can boom your business too, by relying on Longbank, a world-class coffee grinder manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Coffee Grinder Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for coffee grinder manufacturer in China, then this guide is for you.

Or, if you want to learn more about coffee grinder, then you will also benefit from this guide.

Let’s get started.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturers Supply Coffee Grinder Parts?


Burr set and kits comprise of burr carriers and covers, fixing bolts and cleaner.

All these parts make up the burr mill core when bolted together for good performance.

Blade plates for those that use blades, to crash coffee bean, we unsure grinding continues.

Motor fun to cool down the motor when it overheats.

 coffee grinder

 coffee grinder

How Does Coffee Grinder Work?

Coffee grinder crash coffee beans using either a blade or burr method. All you need to do is;

  1. Put coffee beans in a hopper, close the lid, input the size, then secure the hopper by turning till it clicks.
  2. Press the start button for automatic grinders, grind for 1 minute then turn the grinder off, for 3 minutes cooling.
  3. Continue for some time then switch off, and clean the grinder.
  4. For manual grinders, you will turn the hand crank till the grind is the texture you need.

The purpose of turning the grinder off is to avoid overheating use which may affect coffee flavor.

Which Types Of Coffee Grinders Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China Supply?

As coffee grinder manufacturers, we produce and supply several types of grinders that achieve different functions.

Some of the types that we supply includes:

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are also known as propeller grinder because of how they operate.

Just like the name suggest, they consist of sharp blades which rotate and cut coffee beans at random.

Blade grinders oscillate in circular motion when the button is pressed thus chopping coffee beans into smaller chunks.

blade grinder

blade grinder

They do not produce uniform coffee grind and may affect the coffee flavor due to heating from the oscillations.

The size of the grind will depend on the length of blade rotations, the longer the period the finer the grind.

This type of coffee grinders is inexpensive and are good for beginners or when you can’t afford burr grinders.

Burr Grinders

This type of grinder consists of two serrated plates that revolve and crush the coffee beans into different sizes.

Burr grinders are either made of stainless steel or ceramic materials with stainless steel being cheaper than ceramic material.

Ceramic is the preferred material because it lasts longer though very costly, stainless steel has short lifespan and is affordable.

 burr grinder

burr grinder

Burr grinders allow you to decide the size of your grind, by adjusting the distance between the burrs.

There are two types of burr plates; conical burr and flat burr, each achieves particular function.

Conical Burrs

Conical burrs have two cone shaped burr with one at the center and an outer serrated one.

They grind coffee beans into large and small particles and produce less heat, with minimal noise.

They are energy efficient, do not clog but very expensive.

conical burr

conical burr

Flat Burrs

Flat burrs have two parallel donut shaped plates which grind coffee beans between them to fine and even consistency.

Unlike conical burrs, they produce heat because they move faster, consume a lot of energy and are louder.

Flat burrs are good for grinding coffee beans meant for brewing espresso coffee.

flat burrs

flat burr

Manual Grinders

These are grinders that are hand operated by turning the hand crank attached to it.

Manual grinders use burrs and not blades hence are excellent in performance.

The size of the ground is dependent on the number of turns made on the hand crank.

Since they do not have a motor, you do not power to operate them, last longer than blade grinders.

They are attractive due to their vintage look and more expensive than other grinders.

Manual grinders are hard to clean and time consuming to operate.

 manual grinders

 manual grinder

Automatic Grinders

Unlike manual grinders, automatic grinders operate on electric power.

You just need to plug in, add your beans select size and press a button!

They come in burr or blade options, are easier to operate and produce uniform coffee sizes.

manual grinder

automatic grinder

High Speed Grinders

Such coffee grinders operate at higher revolution per minute ‘RPM’ thus are high performing type of grinders.

They are fitted with flat burrs and better motors which are able to grind evenly thus producing uniform coffee size.

They operate at very high speed producing fine ground texture faster hence not affected by grinding friction.

Low Speed Grinders

Low speed grinders move at low RPM, producing less heat and noise.

They are fitted with either small flat burrs or conical burrs hence the slow speed.

Low speed grinders are durable, require less maintenance and are less noisy compared to high speed grinders.

There are two types of low speed grinders; geared reduction and direct drive grinders.

Gear Reduction

Consists of a high speed motor hooked to the burr with multiple gears that reduce burr speed and uses DC power.

They are better than high speed grinders because they consume less energy, are faster due to speedy motor and more durable.

Direct Drive

Direct drive grinders have low speed motor connected to the burr and move at the same speed.

They are the most expensive grinder type, move slowly and produce less heat and static charge.

This grinder is more durable, does not produce audible sound and produce high quality coffee grind.

Other types of coffee grinders that we manufacture and supply include; dosing and non-dosing grinder and stepped and stepless adjustment grinders.

Which Features Should You Look For In Coffee Grinder?

When sourcing for a coffee grinder you need to check particular qualities that will determine its overall output.


Power is determined in terms of wattage or voltage of the coffee grinder engine or motor.

We manufacture our coffee grinders within the acceptable global electricity range to cater for all our clients.

Ensure you pick coffee grinder with wattage and voltage with a range within your home region.


The capacity of coffee grinders varies depending on the appliance. Whereas some can produce 2 cups others can produce 12 cups.

This number can also be customized to fit your capacity needs.


These are simply quality standard marks or certificates that coffee grinders should pass and possess. Standardization marks are normally marked on their bodies and they include; CE, GS, etc.

These approvals confirm that coffee grinders conform to the required safety, health, voltage and environmental protection standards.

It is important to note that some regions may restrict coffee grinder imports if they do not have certain quality approvals.

Safety Lock System

This feature ensure that your coffee beans are secured before you begin operating the grinder.

It protects against coffee spillage that will result to wastage.

Other safety feature that you may consider is overheating protection chip. This enables coffee grinder to stop whenever it starts to heat.

Type of Grinding (Burr Or Blade)

We all know that the size and consistency of ground coffee affects the flavor of the coffee that we eventually brew.

Blade and burr grinder operate differently and produce different coffee particles.

Burr grinders are considered better than blade grinders due to their consistency in grinding.

Adjusting Knob/Switch

This feature allows you to decide the type of coffee you want to enjoy.

It enables you choose between coarse, medium and fine ground coffee.

Very coarse grind can be used for French coffee while very fine produces espresso coffee.

Size/Dimensions (Case Size And Weight)

We have various coffee grinders sizes to choose from ranging from small, medium to large.

The size and weight are directly proportional, whereas small and medium grinders are portable, large grinders are heavy.

If you are looking for a counter top or coffee bar appliance, you can select the size that best suits your space.

Which Materials Do Coffer Grinder Manufacturer Use To Make Appliances?

When manufacturing coffee grinders, we use different materials for different parts of the grinder.

  • Stainless steel material: We use this for coffee grinder housing case, handle, blades or burrs.

The stainless steel grade that we use is food safe and does not corrode.

  • Black plastic is mostly used for the lids, grinder body, handle and tray, other colors can also be used.

ABS plastic is one of the popular plastics with coffee grinders.

  • Ceramic materials is more often used in the manufacture of burrs due to their durability.

They tend to last longer than stainless steel blades or burrs.

  • Rubber and silicone are used in the lids to secure them tightly.
  • Glass material is for making coffee bean hopper and ground coffee container.
  • Copper and aluminum for the motor part for automatic coffee grinders.

These materials are tested to the required quality standard before we can use them for manufacturing. They are toxins free and contain acceptable level of metal compounds where applicable and are eco-friendly.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturers Offer After Sales Services?

After you have purchased your coffee grinder/s, our business engagement does not end there.

We do phone call follow ups to ensure your coffee grinders are working well.

We also have overseas call center contacts that you can use to reach us in case of any inquiries.

Our staff and technicians are always ready to offer assistance where necessary. Further to that, we offer free spare parts during warranty period.

Our technicians can help troubleshoot the grinder over the phone, if it persists, recommend part change and service maintenance.

Additionally, we offer installation services to customers who are near to us and request for the service.

Finally, when you receive an order and you are unsatisfied, you can reach out for return, replace or refund where applicable.

How Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer Control Quality?

Quality control is an important aspect for us in the manufacture of coffee grinders.

We strive to maintain and improve the quality of our coffee grinders every step of the manufacturing process.

To achieve this, we use statistical process control (SPC) monitors and control trackers to help identify quality issue before product shipment.

  • We carry out pre-production quality checks on all our raw materials and equipment to ascertain they meet quality requirements.

Any raw material that fails this test is removed from production immediately.

Equipment are fixed before production can start.

  • Production inspection is done during manufacturing at random.

Our QA officer, will pick grinder at random stages of production and check if it is within specifications.

Those that fail are either rectified or withdrawn completely.

  • Post production tests happens after production ends and it tests on a couple of things.

At this stage, we carry our physical inspection of grinders against final product specifications, functionality, etc.

Those that pass this stage are packaged properly ready for shipment.

Coffee grinders that fail are inspected to determine the issue and its cause, then rectified in the next batch.

Since quality control is a continuous process, we also ensure that our QA team are adequately trained on control issues.

Besides, our factories are audited by quality assurance bodies before we are issued with certificates of compliance.

Which Quality Standard Marks Are ON Coffee Grinders?

As discussed above, you can clearly see that we strive to maintain and improve the quality standards of our products.

After going through quality test and audits, our products are award quality standard marks that show compliance.

These marks can be seen on the bottom part or body of the coffee grinders.

Some of the quality standard marks include; CE, RoHS, GS, LFGB, CCC, etc.

These marks of quality represent compliance to certain requirement within a particular region, for instance, health and safety within European Union.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer Offer Warranty?

Yes, we do.

Our warranty can be on parts or labor or both depending on the coffee grinder and your needs.

We offer between one year to two years’ warranty effective from the date of purchase.

During warranty period, we can replace parts, repair the grinder, exchange the grinder and service it. This is guided by the terms and conditions offered against the warranty during purchasing.

Our warranty is mostly against manufacturing defects and not misuse or human caused errors.

The latter may render the warranty null and void.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer Offer Product Samples?

We offer one sample for free for small coffee grinders at your freight cost.

For medium and large coffee grinder, we charge for samples and ship at your cost.

We refund the sample cost when you place a large order for coffee grinders.

How Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturers Support ODM And OEM Businesses?

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

This model of business is capable of designing and developing a coffee grinder product from scratch.

We come in to assist with mold and sample creation and finally mass production.

ODM business have the necessary resources to handle such kind of engagements.

We however do advise on having legal contract before we begin manufacturing to avoid IP infringement in future.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Unlike ODM, this type of business does not have the capabilities of designing and developing coffee grinder from scratch.

Instead, they tweak existing designs to fit their brand then request for manufacturing contract.

We offer our support by sharing our product catalogue for them to select designs and modify a little.

Will Coffee Grinder Manufacturer Ensure Voltage Compatibility?

Electrical voltage differs across the globe as well as frequency and physical connections such as plugs and sockets.

This therefore means that a coffee grinder of certain voltage in China may not be compatible with a voltage in USA.

Having this information in mind, we ensure that our voltage specifications match with the ordering regions to avoid incompatibility.

According to the world electrical system, voltage and frequency are paired within a certain range.

We also match the plugs and sockets designs to ensure the physical interface is also compatible.

For example; orders from Western Japan and North and Central America.

The voltage range will be 100-127 V at 60 hertz frequency. The rest of the world will have; 220-240 volt at 50 hertz frequency.

How Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China Protect My Designs?

Your coffee grinder design is your intellectual property right and should be protected from violation.

We collaborate with our legal team and you the customers in your design protection in the following ways:

Signing Manufacturing Contract

Our legal officer inconjuction with yours will draft a manufacturing contract spelling out terms of engagement.

It is important that you do not disclose your design before we sign the contracts.

Such contracts prohibit against disclosing, circumventing or use of your design without your consent. Failure to adhere to that will lead to legal consequences.

Registering Your IP In China

We advise that you register your design with China IP authority to protect you from design violation. China authority will carry out due diligence on first come first served before registering your design.

If there is no similar registered design, then your design will be registered.

Additionally, we encourage you to register with General Administration of Customs in China (GACC) to monitor design theft at the borders.

GACC will ensure that all coffee grinders bearing your design illegally are impounded at the China border.

Does Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China Help In Design Process?


Our team of engineers are experienced in the design process and are always ready to assist.

They will guide you through the format of sharing your design, create mold and samples for your approval.

How Long Will It Take Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China To Process My Orders?

Our lead time period is between 30-45 days for goods not stocked after confirmed deposit payment and approved sample work.

Coffee grinders that are readily available can take up to 7 days after upfront payment to package and ship.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Coffee Grinder Manufacturer?

You can get best prices from us by negotiating further once you receive our coffee grinder quotation.

Secondly, when you order in large quantities, we’ll give you a discounted rate per piece.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China Have Flexible MOQ?


We allow less than minimum order quantities from small business and new customers.

Frequent customers who have contracts with us for a longer period, enjoy very flexible MOQ as per our agreement.

We also offer discounted rates for large orders and encourage you to place big orders for great discounts!

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturer In China Sell Counterfeit Products?

We only deal with genuine original products right from raw material sourcing and our manufacturing standards.

We advise that you use our official website and email for your order placement to avoid online scammers.

You can request to verify our product authenticity from our quality certificates and we will share copies with you.

What Payment Terms Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturers Accept?

We offer various payment terms to our customers depending on the terms of business engagement.

For small and sample orders, we require that you make 100% telegraphic transfer (T/T) payment before we can ship.

For large orders, we can accept one of the three options as listed below.

  • 30% T/T deposit before mass production and 70%T/T balance payment after products pass QC inspection.
  • 20% T/T deposit pre-production, 50% T/T post production and passed QC inspection and 30% T/T balance after delivery in your country.
  • Letter of Credit (LC) at our premises.

Can You Use Coffee Grinder Machine With Espresso Machine?

Coffee grinder can be paired with espresso machine to function side by side. An example is dosing and non-dosing coffee grinders.

Do Coffee Grinder Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, we do.

You can return your coffee grinder within 30 days of receipt for replacement, repair or refund where necessary.

Before you ship as a return, we request that you email us with a photo of the issue and we’ll advise on the next steps.

If the issue is manufacturing related, then we exchange with a new product, we refund when there is no solution.

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As your leading coffee grinder manufacturer, you can always count on us – contact us now.

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