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Longbank is a trusted manufacturer with more than 10 years of service. At Longbank you can find the best coffee machine from Us. Besides, We can customize different types, kinds, sizes of coffee machine that depends on your requirement.

  • Wide selection of coffee machine nationwide
  • Professional workers and engineers
  • At Longbank you can always find the best product
  • Certified manufacturers like CE, Rohs, etc.
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Your Professional Coffee Machine Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for a superior quality coffee machine? Then come at Longbank manufacturer and supplier in China. You can find professional and trusted services at Longbank for more than 10 years. All of our coffee machine and others machine products are fully certified.

So, If you determine to avail of our coffee machine. Longbank is always here to support your coffee machine businesses. Contact Us Today.

Longbank Coffee Machine for Your Business

Automatic Coffee Machine One-Click

Longbank can custom Automatic Coffee Machine One-Click that suits your requirements. This product machine is very easy to use because this is an automatic machine.

Bean Coffee Machine Manufacturer

At Longbank, we manufactured a Bean Coffee Machine Manufacturer that is highly secured for your safety. You can avail our all coffee machines with the best high-quality machine.

Semi - Automatic Coffee Machine

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine Manufacturer is made with high-quality machine materials. At Longbank we have a large selection of these types of coffee machine. Contact us for your orders.

Stainless Steel Boiler High Pressure Coffee Machine

We have a wide range ofStainless Steel Boiler High Pressure Coffee Machine to support your business. Feel free to visit our office or on our website for more orders.

LB-CM-316 Capsule Coffee Machine

We are producing LB-CM-316 Capsule Coffee Machine with outstanding designs to meet your requirements. Be connected with us to get the best quality of LB-CM-316 Capsule Coffee Machine.

Manual Coffee Machine

Longbank has a professional Manual Coffee Machine manufacturer from China. All of our Manual Coffee Machine is safe and secured to use. Besides, we produce a complete selection for your Manual Coffee Machine types.

Longbank used the best materials of OEM 1400W Nespresso Coffee Machine to produce the best and looking good quality. From Us! You can assure the reliability of every machine product.

Multi Use Coffee Machine

Longbank is your number 1 choice for manufacturing Multi Use Coffee Machine. This Multi Use Coffee Machine is very useful for all users. You may contact us directly to get an affordable price.

Stainless Steel Boiler High Pressure Coffee Machine

Longbank can custom different types of machines according to your specifications including Stainless Steel Boiler High Pressure Coffee Machine. We Longbank is your perfect manufacturer for any type of machine product business.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Professional Coffee Machine Manufacturer

Longbank will be your excellent option for your coffee machine orders. We can manufacture your coffee machine based on your deal specifications. We can support your business by providing the best quality coffee machine.

Be connected with us to get the best coffee machine products, plus the superior quality of each product. Our lead time can provide you up to 30 to 45 days. Orders now!  Longbank is always welcoming at you.

Coffee Machine Manufacturer

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Why Longbank Can be Your No.1 Coffee Machine Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Trusted Coffee Machine Supplier in China

Longbank your reliable manufacturer and suppliers from China. Boom your Business, Get a top-coffee machine from Us, to support your business. Longbank has a team of certified professional coffee machine workers and engineers.

We supply different kinds of coffee machines nationwide. We can assure you that all of our coffee machines are made of good quality, and look unique. Longbank can sell a coffee machine to more than hundreds of clients and customers every day.

Our coffee machines are made originally by our Longbank professional engineers. Besides, we developed different styles and designs of our coffee machine depends on our customer’s and client’s satisfaction.

Longbank has 10 years of quality experience. We have a good service and certified manufacturer of a coffee machine and other types of machine. Being a professional manufacturer is a big responsibility for all of our clients and customers.

We can offer you the best selection of coffee machines. Besides, Longbank also offers a lot of types of coffee machines, like Automatic Coffee Machine, Automatic Coffee Machine One-Click, Bean Coffee Machine, LB-CM-S8 3D Touch Screen Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel Boiler High-Pressure Coffee Machine, and many more.

Longbank can be your best coffee machine business partner from China. You can trust Longbank since we are a certified manufacturer of CE, Rohs, etc. So if you want to be your partner. Contact us!

Come at Longbank you will see the best and unique coffee machine product.

Coffee Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know finding coffee machine manufacturer can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know about coffee machine manufacturer.

So keep reading to learn more.

Which Types Of Coffee Machines Do You Manufacture?

We manufacture a range of coffee machines for different purposes for your kitchen appliance.

Some of the coffee machines we manufacture include:

Nespresso coffee machine

Nespresso coffee machine

Espresso coffee machine

Espresso coffee machine

Coffee vending machine

Coffee vending machine

Coffee maker machines

Coffee maker machines

Coffe grinder machine

Coffee grinder machine

These coffee machines can be manual, semi-automated, fully-automated or super-automated in their operations.

You can choose what is convenient for you and we will manufacture to your needs.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Coffee Machine Manufacturer?

We can offer you a discount of 5-10 % when you order in large quantities.

This applies when you order above our minimum. But it is still depends on the product you want us to manufacture for you.

Secondly, our long term clients can negotiate for subsidized prices after signing a pre-sale contract of at least two years.

The special price will only be valid when you commit to consistently buy from us over the entire contract period.

We are also flexible and can allow you to negotiate further upon receipt of quotation from us. We give our customers competitive prices for the different types of coffee machines that we manufacture.

Which Quality Standards Should Coffee Machine Manufacturer Adhere To?

We adhere to various quality standards to ensure our coffee machines are safe, of good quality and are fit for purpose.

One of the importance of quality standards is to achieve uniformity in our coffee machines, reduce manufacturing defects and many more.

As a result, we have been tested and certified by GS, CB, CE, RoHS, LFGB, etc.

We can provide copies of the quality standard certificate to you upon request.

Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Offer After Sales Services?

Yes, we do.

We offer a couple of after sales services to our customers once they purchase our coffee machines.

Such services include; free spare parts, field maintenance and repair services, return and replacement as well as onsite installation.

Do You Manufacture Coffee Machine Replacement Parts?

Yes, we do.

We not only manufacture coffee machines and leave it that, we also manufacture spare parts for them. Having replacement parts makes it easier for us to carry out repair of coffee machine parts during after sales services.

How Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

We allow them to customize the coffee machines from our existing catalogue.

This allows them to be compete with the large businesses for customized products.

We also give them the privilege of ordering below our minimum order quantity.

They are not restricted to purchasing in bulk that might exhaust their capital.

We give special discounts to the small businesses to encourage them to do business with us.

The discount frees some capital that enables them to purchase more products from us.

We allow the small businesses to pay in two different installments.

This enables them longer time to make arrangements for paying for the coffee machines.

Will Coffee Machine Manufacturer In China Sell My Design To Competitors?


We cannot disclose or sell your design of coffee machine to anyone because that would be infringement on your intellectual property.

As a matter of fact, we find ways to help protect your design from theft or misuse by unauthorized manufacturers.

Some of the measures we take to help protect your design from competitors include:

Registration Of IP Rights In China

China is known as ‘World’s Factory’ because nearly everything is manufactured from here.

As a result, there is the likelihood of design theft from competitors.

The system for registration is ‘first-to-file’ therefore, whoever registers first owns the design.

It is important to carry out due diligence before you register your design with the assistance of a local lawyer.

This will save you from blind registration that may lead to a lawsuit .

Registering your design in China will protect you from design theft from competitors.

You can also consider invention patent if you are the first to register the design in China.

Manufacturing Agreement

Having a well-drawn contract that clearly states terms of engagement and legal procedure in case of design violation will come in handy.

We advise you to engage legal entity when drafting the agreement and state all the relevant details before disclosing your design.

The manufacturing agreement should include; timelines of production, IP ownership, mold and tooling ownership, non-competitiveness and non-disclosure, termination.

In case of disputes, we then refer to manufacturing agreement that was signed and use it to solve the breaches.

Register With China Customs

Registering your coffee machine design with Chinese customs will protect your design from import or export across China borders.

This is because customs authority is able to determine infringed designs and seize them at the border.

Additionally, you can inform them of the authorized manufacturer and ports used for a successful operation.

Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Help In Shipping Process?


We can assist you with the shipping process of coffee machine orders.

We offer options such air freight, ocean freight, express mail by DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc.

Shipping charges are however borne by you and you can pay directly to our accounts or to the shipping company.

The mode of shipment is dictated by the size of the order and your preference.

We can ship coffee machine sample via express mail or air freight whichever is convenient for you.

Air freight and express mail take the shortest period to arrive usually, 3-7 days.

Ocean freight take the longest time of up to 90 days and is convenient and affordable for bulky orders.

Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Offer Product Samples?

We offer coffee machine samples on request from customers.

The samples are charged a fee which is refunded when you place bulky order.

Shipping cost for product sample is borne by customers.

What Is Your MOQ For Coffee Machines?

Our minimum order quantity is 200 pieces. We also accept small orders if you are a first time customers and would like to survey the market.

Smaller orders cost differently from orders above minimum order quantity price, therefore encourage you to place bulk order and enjoy discounted rates.

Do You Provide Quality Test Certificates For Coffee Machines?


We provide copies of quality test certificates to you for our coffee machines upon request.

Our coffee machines have been tested and proved to be of quality before being issued with quality certificates.

How Do Coffee Machine Manufacturer Support ODM And OEM Clients?

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) are clients who do not design coffee machine on their own, but rather use existing designs.

Coffee machine

Coffee machine

We support such clients by providing them with existing catalogues from where they choose coffee machines designs and modify a bit.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clients invest resources and time and come up with their own designs for coffee machines.

They thereafter contract us to manufacture the coffee machines on their behalf.

We assist such clients with IP right protection of their invention to avoid misuse of their designs.

What Labelling Options Do You Provide For Custom Coffee Machines?

We provide several branding and labeling options for coffee machines that you can choose from.

We use advanced printing technology that can combine four to six colors at a go.

Our range of labelling technologies can produce sophisticated designs on different materials such as stainless steel, plastic and even aluminum.

Some of the labeling option that we offer include:

Laser Inscription

Also known as laser engraving is a technology used with stainless steel or aluminum materials to achieve sophisticated labelling.

It achieves this by removing materials in the shape, contour or symbol being inscribed using laser beam lights.

Laser labeling is ideal for visual displays for operating functions on the coffee machine.

Etching Technology

Etching technology involves removal of surface layers while transferring the patterns into the underlying layer.

It is mostly used for 3D labelling and the outcome can be colored with a glossy or matte finish.

Back Injection

This technique enables us to label a combination of metal and plastic materials through special bonding on the material surface.

Sub-Eloxal Printing

This printing technique is applied on open pore surface of the material like aluminum surface and the ink left to incorporate.

This leaves a permanently sealed label that is free from scratches and also protected from grease and solvent.

Screen and Pad Printing

This method uses stencil as the screen and ink is applied through it unto the surface of the material.

The open pores represent the desired label and a pad is used to press the ink leaving behind the desired label.

This process is limiting in terms of colors and number of coffee machines that can be labelled.

Can I Order Assemblies Such As Coffee Machine Housings And Fronts From A Coffee Machine Manufacturer?

Of course.

We manufacture coffee machine assemblies such as coffee machine housing and fronts to a customer’s specifications.

The specifications for these assemblies must be precise in order to fit perfectly well during installation.

Extreme care is taken for such manufactures due to the bonding complexity involved with different materials such as glass, synthetic and metal.

We purpose to have a coffee machine housing that saves on energy consumption by using reflection coated triple glass.

This minimizes on heat lost during operation.

Additionally, we use electromagnetic hinges to achieve maximum functionality besides having a smart LED lighting system.

We produce different coffee machine fronts to suit your needs such as glass, aluminum and also incorporate ultra-modern operating system.

We rely on your specification to ensure that we manufacture what you want.

We are also able to manufacture high-end exclusive coffee machine fronts with your programming of choice.

Such assemblies are complex and require high technology to produce thus do not come cheap.

Do China Coffee Machine Manufacturers Offer Warranties On Parts And Accessories?

We do offer warranty on parts and accessories of coffee machines that we manufacturer.

How this works is that we allow you to source for a qualified engineer to diagnose the problem at your cost.

Alternatively, you can request for our engineer for a site visit who charge on an hourly rate basis.

Once the engineer populates a report of the problem, you will forward to us for approval where applicable.

We will then send you the required part/s upon upfront payment of the part and shipping cost billed to your account.

The replacement part cost is refunded upon receipt of the faulty part.

How Do China Coffee Machine Manufacturer Ensure Products Are Eco-friendly And Socially Responsible?

As manufacturers we understand the efforts being made worldwide towards global sustainability of our natural resources and environment.

We have therefore adopted practices that will ensure that we produce eco-friendly coffee machines and remain socially responsible.

We manufacture coffee machines with low energy consumption in their operation thus conserving electrical energy.

Besides, our coffee makers with insulated jugs which are able to keep coffee warm for long after brewing.

This way, the coffee machine will not shut off and save on energy consumption for warming.

Our smart range of coffee machines which connect to wireless network and can be operated remotely automatically disconnect when on standby.

This reduces wastage of electric power when not in use.

Secondly, we collaborate with suppliers and customers to ensure we reduce on amount of waste related to coffee consumption.

This include, working with suppliers who produce biodegradable coffee consumables such as pods and packaging containers.

Also as for Social Responsibility, Our products have passed ROSH, LFGB and FDA.

And our Company itself has passed BSCI.

How Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Control Quality During Production Process?

We have clear quality standard policy that we strictly follow during production process right from material sourcing to dispatch.

Strict adherence to the policy leads to coffee machines that meet the required market standards and are defects free.

Our quality inspection personnel carry out product inspections in three stages; pre-production, during production and post production.

Individual coffee machines are also inspected before they can be packaged and released for shipment.

Additionally, we monitor and review our quality control policy from time to time as guided by QA and QC systems.

That way we only apply what is acceptable by the quality control regulations.

Further to having a quality control in place, our products have been tested and certified by CCC, CE, CB, GS, EMC, etc.

How Long Will Coffee Machine Manufacturers In China Take To Deliver My Orders?

Our order processing period vary with order quantity, design complexity and product availability.

In stock coffee machines will take us between 5 to 7 days to process and ship after we receive payment.

Small and simple order take between 15-25 days after deposit confirmation while large and complex orders take 30-45 days.

We accept emergency orders as well, though at an extra cost than normal order.

You should also consider time taken to ship your orders when making the order for coffee machines.

How Long Is The Warranty On Coffee Machines From China?

Our warranty on coffee machine lasts for 1 year or 2 years from the date of purchase.

During this period, you can request for repair, replacement or exchange or refund when you receive a faulty coffee machine.

Before contacting us to report a faulty coffee machine, we advise that you try troubleshooting the coffee machine using manual provided.

If this procedure fails, you can reach us via telephone call on our website during working hours and we will assist.

Our service engineer will try troubleshooting over the phone before they can take the next step depending on warranty type.

It is important to read and understand our warranty terms and coverage during purchase to avoid inconvenience in future.

Manufacturer’s warranty on faulty coffee machines will be applicable if you report the fault within warranty period.

Once you report, you will then ship the coffee machine to us at your cost for diagnosis and repair or exchange.

Coffee machine sent to us must be accompanied by original proof of purchase and a warranty certificate.

If upon our diagnosis we discover that the fault was caused by human error, then warranty cease to apply.

Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?


This type of case falls under After Sales policy.
Clients are entitled to have their own professional home appliance repair team.

As much as possible, what we can do is to  re-issue accessories for the relevant product instead of returning them.

How Do Coffee Machine Manufacturers Ensure Voltage Rating Compatibility?

Electrical systems differ from one region to the next in voltage, frequency and physical interface, thus incompatible.

We therefore cannot manufacture a 220 volts (V) coffee machine for use in a 340V power supply. This can result in explosion, appliance damage or even fire.

To achieve voltage compatibility across the globe, we manufacture our coffee machines within the two electric systems used globally with physical compatibility.

  • 100-127 V at 60 hertz (Hz) used in North and Central America and Japan and
  • 220V-240V at 50Hz rest of the world with a few exceptions.

By ensuring the coffee machine have voltage and frequency that falls within the region’s range, we eliminate chances of incompatibility.

The same applies to plugs; the physical interface between coffee machine and power supply, which also differ per region.

For instance; type A & B (America and Japan) have two vertical pins,

Type C&F (European) have two round pins

Type G (British) with three rectangular pins and many more types.

Additionally, we also provide adapters to help solve plug issues that may arise.

Which Material Do You Use To Manufacture Coffee Machines?

Coffee maker machine

Coffee maker machine

We use the following materials to manufacture coffee machines:

  1. Plastics – most part of the machine also known as housing is made of plastic.
    This includes the body, filter and the basket holder and the plastic used is Polypropylene plastic.
  2. Assorted metals – the commonly used metals are stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
    They are used in making the heating unit, warmer plate and base plate.
  3. Heat proof glass or Pyrex – this glass is used in making the carafe part.
  4. Timers – this is the computerized part that that enables the user to set in the heating time.
  5. Switches – the switch enables the user to turn the coffee machine on and off.
  6. Copper wires – the wires are the connections that transfers electric current to power the coffee machine.
  7. Nickel chromium (Ni-Cr) alloy- is used to manufacture heating coil due to its electricity resistance properties.

For all your coffee machines, you can contact us now.

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