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Longbank is over 20 years of manufacturing coffee vending machines in China. We offer a wide range of coffee vending machines in numerous designs. Longbank also offers custom coffee vending machines according to your designs.

  • Fully customize coffee vending machines based on your concept
  • Free samples
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Certified by CE, RoHS, etc.
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Your Professional Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for the best coffee vending machine manufacturer and supplier to support your business? Longbank is the answer! We are an experienced coffee vending machine manufacturer in China for two decades. In fact, we are trusted by many clients worldwide.

If you want a customized coffee vending machine, we will work on it. We are an expert coffee vending machine manufacturer in China who can produce coffee vending machines according to your layout. Send us your requirements now!

Longbank Coffee Vending Machine for Your Business

Brand New Coffee Vending Machine

You can find a brand-new coffee vending machine only in Longbank, accessible in competitive rates.

Automatic Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine

The automatic coin-operated coffee vending machines can be found in Longbank at affordable prices.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Vending Machine

Avail now our freshly brewed coffee vending machine, available in many different designs for your choices.

Commercial Coffee Vending Machine

Our commercial coffee vending machine is great for your coffee shop business. It has a capacity of 35 cups.

Control Module Press Coffee Vending Machine

Longbank offers different designs of control module press coffee vending machines to meet your requirements.

3-Kinds Coffee Vending Machine

This coffee vending machine features 3 hot flavors and easy to operate. It also features an automatic cup dispenser and counting cup selling.

OEM/ODM Coffee Vending Machine

Longbank offers OEM and ODM services for coffee vending machine to fully support your brand market.

Premixes Tea Coffee Vending Machine

We offer many colors and designs for Premixes Tea Coffee Vending Machine. Send us your inquiries about this product.

User-friendly Coffee Vending Machine

Our coffee vending machine is very user-friendly. It is very popular in the marketplace for its reliability and excellent performance.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer

If you need a reliable coffee vending machine for your business, Longbank is a professional manufacturer. We offer a hundred designs of coffee vending machines for your small appliance brand choices. All of our coffee vending machines are accessible at very competitive prices.

Longbank is capable of manufacturing numerous coffee vending machine designs to fulfill your business needs. We have over 50 engineers and 100+ employees for the fast manufacturing of the coffee vending machine you ordered. You can choose a coffee vending machine with our designs or we can custom it according to your design.

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Longbank- Your Expert Coffee Vending Machine Supplier in China

Longbank coffee vending machine is a sort of vending machine, which dispenses hot coffee. Longbank only manufactures brand-new coffee vending machines for your business.

The Longbank coffee vending machine provides hot drinks like espresso, tea, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates, and mochas. We have also a coffee vending machine that dispenses hot coffee, iced coffee, and canned coffee.

As a leading coffee vending manufacturer in China, we offer all kinds of coffee vending for your satisfaction. In our company, you can find a fully automatic coffee vending machines, customized coffee vending machine, small and large coffee vending machine, and more.

Longbank coffee vending machines all come with different designs. Aside from having outstanding design, it also has outstanding features. Our coffee vending machine is easy to operate, install, and maintain.

Our coffee vending machine is perfect for the coffee shop business. As a world-class coffee vending machine manufacturer and supplier, Longbank can be your reliable business partner.

Longbank, operating in China is a fast-growing company establish in 1972. In fact, we have gained an excellent reputation to both foreign and domestic market. Through the years, Longbank manufacturing company in China builds hundreds of distributors nationwide.

Partner with us now! We can help you boom your business! Contact us for more information.

Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Globally, coffee vending machines are in high demand.

That is why it is a smart idea to invest in this equipment.

Finding a manufacturer, however, is not easy.

The purpose of this article is to help you decide which manufacturer to choose when starting a  business.



Do Chinese manufacturers make the best Coffee vending machine manufacturers?


Manufacturing in China is usually favored due to its lower manufacturing costs. 

A low production cost means that you have enough supply to remain competitive, 

particularly with mass-market products.

Aside from its low labor costs, China is known as ” World’s factories ” for its thriving business environment, lack of regulatory compliance, and low tax and duty rates. 

Choosing the right manufacturer requires careful consideration, 

but Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. has got you covered.

Do manufacturers offer warranties for coffee vending machines?


Sure, of course! There is definitely a warranty on the coffee vending machines we manufacture.

From the date of order, our Hardware Warranty lasts between 1 and 2 years.

The only thing you need to do is submit your Proof of Purchase.

It is important to note, however, that warranty only covers factory defects.  

We need to investigate further if the damage was caused by the customer.

There are different types of warranty service: repair, replacement, return, and refund.

Does the manufacturer of coffee vending machines require a minimum order?


In fact, yes. Minimum orders are always required by all coffee vending machine manufacturers.

We usually require a minimum count of pieces per set when working with us.

In setting this MOQ, we can ensure you will commit to buying enough so that production is cost-effective and we can make a profit.



Would it be possible to customize coffee vending machines?


Yes, absolutely! Should this be a consideration in your decision to partner with us, 

We are cordially encouraging you as this is our one of expertise. 

It is our pleasure to accommodate such requests.

In order to dispense coffee, vending machines can be set up for free dispense as well as for payment. 

We offer numerous variations and also complete customization, and as always, 

The machines are truly smart. 

Depending on your preferences, we can also customize the packing, preferred Logo, 

and even Graphic Customization.

Due to the fact that customization is a special request, its pricing may vary slightly.

Once you have decided which time works best for you, please contact us so that we may discuss further details. 

Can you accept a particular payment method?


Due to the fact that our service is available worldwide, it is imperative to offer appropriate payment methods that are both safe and have favorable terms for both buyers and manufacturers. 

Before making payment, importers want to receive their goods, and Manufacturers want to be paid before releasing their goods.
It is our privilege to accept almost all forms of payment, such as Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Delta, Western Union, LC, MoneyGram and Aliexpress.



Are there any samples offered by manufacturers of Coffee vending machines?


Sure, no problem. Please contact us if you would like samples.

You are welcome to witness how Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. applies quality to our coffee vending machines upon your request.


What makes coffee vending machines different from other coffee machines?


In this machine, a paper cup would be dropped through a chute onto a platform, 

which would then be filled with hot coffee prepared using instant coffee and hot water. 

The machines mixed liquid coffee concentrate with boiling water, 

and one dispensed a wooden spoon to mix cream and sugar to a cup of coffee for a nickel.

Coffee is technically a beverage, but you can decide for yourself if it’s good or not. 

It is noticeable that there are no coffee grounds in one of these machines when it is opened for its nightly cleaning (yes, these machines are well maintained). 

In this method, instant coffee powder is dispensed into a funnel where hot water is added. 

The powder is then dissolved in a dry container called a hopper.

The fact that you can see it almost everywhere makes it very convenient.

Additionally, it is faster than other coffee machines at preparing coffee.

Because of this, it is a popular investment for small businesses.


Can manufacturers produce various types of Coffee vending machines?


Yes! We can manufacture different kinds of Coffee vending machines, 

you name it and we are beyond excited to produce it for you!

You are very welcome to Choose between : 


Fully automatic Coffee vending Machine – coming from the word itself, 

It takes just one touch to serve amazing coffee.


Tabletop Office Juice Tea Coffee Drinks Vending Machine – It has 3 kinds of hot drinks. 

Has a dimension of 300*480*630mm with a water tank of  2.7L. 


OEM / ODM Instant Coffee Drinks Tabletop Coffee Machine Vending – 

It normally has a Bucket on top pumping water city tap water

With a Canister capacity of 2800g+1600g. Power Voltage is 220V/50Hz.


Automatic Coin operated Coffee vending Machine–    

It is the most common coffee vending machine. When you insert a coin, it uses light sensors to determine its size and electromagnetic sensors to detect its type of metal. Three quarters and three nickels can be differentiated by the coin sensor when it is working properly.


We also have Office commercial automatic touch :


User-Friendly Coffee vending Machine And many more! 

What controls do coffee vending machine manufacturers use to ensure quality?


For the production of excellent coffee vending machines, we place a great deal of importance on quality control. 

As part of our exclusive control process, we check each and every machine we produce,

 inspect materials before they are actually produced, and, of course, inspect the final product at the end.

The packaging process will also be meticulously checked.

So we can meet the high quality standards that International Customers expect, 

We make sure that our staff are always updated and well informed in order to maintain this kind of process.

For more assurance that we are complying with the standard,

It is important that you know about our Certifications which are: RoHS , EMC, LFGB and LVD.

What is the expected delivery time for the Coffee Vending Machines from the Manufacturer?


It depends on the pieces that you have requested of us. 

In general, the more you ask, the longer it takes to produce and deliver.

The process can take up to 25 days if you need 1-100 pieces, for example.

The production process takes 35 days for 101 – 200 pieces. 

It may take up to 45 days to produce 201-500 pieces. 

Following that, 500 and above will be negotiated.

However, if you are just interested in a sample, since it’s already available, 

you can expect to receive the package within 7 days.

When it comes to delivery terms we do have :  Free On Board, Cost and Freight and/or  Express Delivery which has an extra shipping cost  as the shipment will be transported faster than the previous options.

We can guarantee that our Delivery is always on time! 


What is the exact function of a Coffee Vending Machine?


Most people are familiar with this method of collecting payments, 

and it is certainly the most long-established. 

A coin is inserted by the customer for payment of the beverage. 

A coin-operated system may require the correct amount of money to be inserted, 

while another may provide change.

It was available with instant coffee or concentrated liquid coffee, hot or boiling water, along with condiments like cream and sugar.

You can watch this clip for further instructions:

Is there a benefit to investing in Coffee vending machines?


Yes, of course! The following are some health benefits you may enjoy from coffee vending machines: Automatic coffee makers have very small amounts of caffeine, which raises cholesterol levels. 

A vending machine coffee often has a lower sugar content than filtered coffee, 

which may be better for people with high cholesterol or a family history of heart disease.

Among the other benefits are: Low overhead costs. Feeding a large staff with vending machines is a convenient way to reduce overhead costs.
Simple to maintain and manage, keeps employees happy, and improves team productivity.

A quick and easy way to access health and wellness benefits. 

Employees stay on-site.

These are the reasons why it is considered a smart move to invest in Coffee Vending machines.

Vending machine theft-proofing: How do you do it?


Since Coffee vending Machines are coin operated we are fully aware of this kind of circumstances. 

Also since It is common for them to go for long periods of time without being tended to.

We made sure that our Clients will not receive any complaints about the Coffee vending machine we manufacture. 

Rest assured that each and every Coffee vending machine we produce are theft-proof

and designed to be hard to be hacked. 

For more assurance, we can also suggest putting padlocks on the machine and locate it as much as possible near security cameras.


In what ways do the manufacturers of Coffee Vending machines support small businesses?


In today’s technologically advanced world, small businesses are becoming more important than ever before.

Our company manufactures appliances for many of the world’s leading brands.

If you are a small business owner, we would be more than happy to help you.

The owners of small businesses are passionate about what they do, 

and they play an important role in supporting local communities. 

They give a hometown feel and get to know their neighbors in many different ways. 

The importance of showing our support for small businesses goes beyond helping them gain revenue and stay afloat. 

Small businesses also offer plenty of wonderful benefits to customers.

Having said that, we are glad to work with you and coordinate.


How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?


Home appliances are the specialty of Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an internationally acclaimed Coffee Maker machine manufacturer.

Say no more! You have come to the right place. 

The following are some of our well-respected Clients: 

There are Panasonic, Toshiba, Target, Black Decker, Walmart, Watshome, Tower, Petra, Emerio and many more! 

Our global service means almost everywhere in the world when we say we offer it.

The regions include Southeast, Eastern, and South Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, as well as domestic markets.

What is the manufacturer’s approach when it comes to Coffee Vending machine outlet compatibility?


Due to the fact that different countries adopted these innovations at different times, 

the plugs they used changed over time. 

It would be more convenient to adopt one global standard for plugs now that establishments have access to electricity.

Our products must be compatible with each other in order to prevent damages and other problems.

A coffee vending machine is manufactured so that it can be used all over the world because it is universally compatible.

Therefore, we must check the Region/Country in order to ensure that we are using the correct socket type.

A converter can be used in place of the adapter, however. 

It is generally true, however, that plugin adapters don’t support grounding. 

In contrast to grounded circuits, ground plugs operate differently. 


Why is it important for Coffee Vending machine Manufacturers to be verified in Digital Marketing Channels?


Due to the status of our technology,  almost all of the Clients are verifying manufacturers via Digital Marketing Channels. 

The importance of going with the flow cannot be overstated.

Clients trusted manufacturers that are well experienced in their service and well known.

So it is a must that we comply and have our Clients know that we are capable of providing their Manufacturing needs.

It is from there that you will be able to find products and suppliers that have signed up for trade assurance. 

For manufacturers to be verified in a well known E-commerce site, they must also be ISO Certified.

Achieving ISO certification signifies quality, consistency, and safety in the products, services, and goods your business provides.


Coffee vending machines are made from what materials?


Vending machines are made from steel, aluminum alloy, ABS, ABS plastic.

Materials like these are also used to construct a vending machine’s interior. 

Machine parts are mostly made of steel. 

In food applications, steel performs very well because it is sheltered from normal atmospheric exposure and located inside. 

As a result of these sheltered conditions, stainless steel has a long service life. 

As a result, stainless steel provides corrosion protection in food-handling environments that is highly effective and safe.

The ABS is also the go-to plastic for goods. Thus, ABS is safer in a physical environment than other plastics such as Plexiglass and polycarbonate. 

When the plastic is burned, the toxic fumes will be produced more readily than with other plastics due to the components in it. 

The plastic is inert to chemicals, like most other plastics in common use, and does not contain BPA. I would not hesitate to eat small pieces of it.

Is it possible to protect my design from a Chinese manufacturer?


The Chinese government has recognized and protected intellectual property rights (IPRs) since the 1980s. Protecting the design falls under IPR.

A number of major international conventions on intellectual property protection have been ratified by China.

Generally, trademarks in China are protected in a similar way to trademarks in other countries. 

Anyone who registers a trademark in China cannot register it internationally. 

In the industry, trademark squatting is quite common, 

which is when someone registers an in-market brand they do not own. 

Our ability to protect confidential details efficiently makes Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. one of the most trusted manufacturers in China.


Can you tell me about the safety features in coffee vending machines?


All manufacturers of coffee vending machines must comply with laws and regulations.

Therefore, it is completely safe. 

There is no doubt that  these machines contain hot water. 

It is also important to consider the temperature and type of filtration.

Labs have conducted this case very seriously and have demonstrated that coffee vending machines are safe. 

It is safe for everyone to continue to enjoy the convenience of having access to a wide range of hot beverages provided by these coffee vending machines today.

For more assurance, you can double check this link for further details:

Are coffee vending machines supplied with Energy Star ratings by the manufacturers?


Clean energy is paving the way for a better future. 

Clean, renewable energy sources are increasingly being used to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels that pollute the environment and cause climate change.

The energy consumption of different coffee vending machines depends on their power output. 

An energy rating is provided for each Coffee Vending Machine to let you know how much energy it consumes and how much it costs to run.

In some cases, energy level ratings are mandatory, as determined by the destination.



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