Your Trusted Cotton Candy Machine Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a certified manufacturer and supplier of a cotton candy machine in China. Longbank is your ideal cotton candy machine supplier that can support your needs to complete your project requirements.

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Your Professional Cotton Candy Machine Supplier in China

Longbank is the number 1 manufacturer and supplier of cotton candy machines. As an expert cotton candy machine manufacturer, Longbank is capable of offering cotton candy machine products nationwide. We are committed to manufacturing reliable cotton candy machines for many years.

If you are in need of cotton candy machines for your projects, you can always count on Longbank. You may send us your inquiry!

Longbank Cotton Candy Machine for Your Business

Electric Commercial Sugar Floss Sweet Cotton Candy Maker Machine

Longbank electric commercial sugar floss sweet cotton candy maker machine is a safe kind of machines.

Gas Electric Mini Cotton Candy Machine

The gas-electric mini cotton candy machine from Longbank is at a competitive price and best condition.

Stainless steel digital cotton candy floss machine

If you are looking for a reliable cotton candy machine the Stainless steel digital cotton candy floss machine is the recommended one.

Cotton candy machine spares parts heater with motor

The Longbank cotton candy machine spares parts heater with motor is very convenient to use that will never make you the hassle.

450w Cotton Candy Machine

The Longbank 450w cotton candy machine is a durable and strong one that will never break easily compare to others.

Flower Vending automatic cotton candy making machine

The Longbank flower vending automatic cotton candy making machine is available in different features, designs, and styles.

High-capacity Cotton Candy Machine

Longbank high capacity cotton candy machine can be used not only at home but also in business application.

Home Cotton Candy Machine

Longbank can manufacture different types of cotton candy machine like home use cotton candy machine with perfect surface design.

Plastic Portable Cotton Candy Machine

The Longbank plastic portable cotton candy machines are high-durable and have a long lifespan. This can serve a long term of service.

Commercial automatic cotton candy machine

Longbank is engaged in supplying the commercial automatic cotton candy machine. We are the expert manufacturer in terms of cotton candy machine.

Outdoor Cotton Candy Machine

The Longbank outdoor cotton candy machine is perfect for any outdoor activities like picnic, bonding at the beach and more.

Classic Family Children New Homeuse Mini Cotton Candy Machine

This type of cotton candy machine comes in variety colors and design. You can get your ideal cotton candy machine at Longbank.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Cotton Candy Machine Manufacturer

Longbank gained a great reputation due to our quality products and excellent services. We can manufacture a perfect and high superior cotton candy machine. Longbank’s cotton candy machines absolutely meet a national standard.

Longbank company works with a thousand manufacturing employees which allow us to supply your cotton candy machines on time. Longbank applies a quality inspection to make sure that your cotton candy machines are in the best performance.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Cotton Candy Machine Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Reliable Cotton Candy Machine Provider in China

If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer for any machines like cotton candy machines, Longbanks is the best choice for you. Longbank is the best partner that will provide your business needs.

Choosing a good kind of cotton candy machine is an important decision. Longbank cotton candy machines are one of the recommended machines due to their great characteristics. The Longbank cotton candy machines can make the candy fresher without hassle.

A neat and clean machine is one of the best important features in selecting cotton candy machines. With Longbank cotton candy machines you can clean it easily. The Longbank cotton candy machines can be used for sugar-free and with sugar candies.

At Longbank we have a variety of cotton candy machines like stainless steel digital cotton candy floss machine, cotton candy machine spares parts heater with motor, flower vending automatic cotton candy making machine, gas-electric mini cotton candy machine, and many more.

Longbank is engaged in providing reliable cotton candy machines. We are the number 1 exporter of cotton candy machines that are located in China. So if you want to have safe, durable, and quality cotton candy machines, you can always count on us.

We can meet your cotton candy machines standard. Our cotton candy machines are made by superior and high-grade materials.

Feel free to email us and send us your ideal cotton candy machines!


Cotton Candy Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A cotton candy machine was considered a groundbreaking invention,

Entering a business related to this is always a good idea.

So, choosing the right manufacturer is crucial to the success of your business.

You will be able to find the right information with the help of our service.

Fortunately, this article answers all your questions about the Cotton Candy machine manufacturer.


Can you tell me why you should buy a Cotton Candy machine from a Chinese manufacturer?

According to data provided by the United Nations Statistics Division, 

Chinese manufacturing exports accounted for 28.7% of global manufacturing output in 2019. 

The country’s GDP is more than 10 percentage points higher than the United States.

Prior to 2010, China held the top spot in the world’s manufacturing sector

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that workers are relatively inexpensive, the workforce is technically skilled, and the support system is excellent.

As a matter of fact, this is the team that makes up Ningbo Longbank Resources.

The following video will help you better understand why you should consider Chinese manufacturers.


How long will it take for my Cotton Candy machine order to arrive?

Your order’s size determines delivery time.

Generally, sample orders take 1-7 days to complete, while minimum order quantity orders take 30 to 45 days.

There will be variations in the lead time depending on the production season and the quantity of the order.

It is possible to choose from several different delivery terms. 

There are three types of freight: ocean freight, land freight, and air freight.

Due to the high cost of air freight, we only recommend it for sample orders.

There is also the option of Express Delivery, but it comes at an additional cost.

Can you tell me how much a Cotton Candy machine costs?

Our pricing system usually includes a manufacturer’s price and a retail price.

It is necessary to know the quantity ordered in order to determine the price. 

If you purchase more than the minimum or if you purchase more than the minimum, you will receive a discount.

You can get a discount between 5 and 10% if you wish.

Negotiations may be possible regarding the price.

Please follow the links below to obtain our Best Quote:


Can I request samples of your product to evaluate its performance?

Our clients are provided with samples so they can see what our products look like and test their quality.

Providing product samples is the best way for us to help clients better understand our items.

This is also how we introduce our Cotton Candy machines to new clients who may not be familiar with our brand.

Inspire loyalty among existing clients by developing relationships with them.

Our products are available for you to learn more about.

You are welcome to request samples if you wish. 

Charges for samples and shipping will, however, be the responsibility of the buyer.

If you decide to place an order, your account can be credited back.

We must wait between one and seven business days for samples to reach your preferred address.

Do cotton candy machines come in different models from different manufacturers?

Yes! There are different types of Cotton Candy machine models available.

Here are some of our best sellers:


Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Maker:

Portable and easy to relocate. Advisable for small businesses that have stands in a mall or commercial spaces.

Electric Commercial Sugar Floss Sweet Cotton Candy Maker Machine

Flower Vending Automatic Cotton Candy machine: 

Available in different features, design and style.

Flower Vending automatic cotton candy making machine

High Capacity Cotton Candy machine:

A cotton candy machine can be used with most hard candies, such as Jolly Ranchers, peppermints, and Lifesavers.

High-capacity Cotton Candy Machine

Plastic portable Cotton Candy machine:

Though it is a portable or compact design.

It can last a couple of years as it is manufactured with high durability features.

Available in different colors.

Plastic Portable Cotton Candy Machine

Outdoor Cotton Candy machine:

Comes in a cart with 2 wheels. Materials used are food grade and very safe.

Can be operated via buttons.

Outdoor Cotton Candy Machine

450W Cotton Candy machine:

Vintage style Cotton Candy machine.

Very energy intensive. Convenient to use and easy to relocate.

450w Cotton Candy Machine

Stainless Steel Digital Cotton Candy machine:

Automatically design. Friendly user. Safe to use and extremely durable.

Stainless steel digital cotton candy floss machine

How does a cotton candy machine work?

A cotton candy machine is a centrifuge filled with sugar. 

Sugar is melting and squeezing through tiny holes in the centrifuge, which is heated from the bottom. 

In a few hours, billions of sugar threads will cool down, creating a big cotton candy cloud.

Cotton candy is also called spun sugar because sugar is spun into light and airy strands. 

Regular granulated sugar could be poured into the machine and it would spin into cotton candy fluff.

Nevertheless, most people like their treats flavored and colored.

You can watch this short clip to understand better:


How closely do Cotton Candy manufacturers in China follow the International Organization for Standardization?

Due to the fact that we manufacture all over the world, it is our responsibility to follow these types of organizations. 

This agreement cannot be taken for granted.

The Standardization Administration of China or SAC is China’s ISO member body.

When dealing with Chinese companies, it is common to see an ISO 9001 certificate indicating an organization’s quality management system has been inspected and certified.

Furthermore, we adhered to other Standard Certifications that were necessary for our operations.

We are always open to offering what we are accredited with, including RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, LFGB, SAA and 3C.

What strategies do Cotton Candy manufacturers use to keep their product competitive?

Streamlining production and ensuring quality ensures that final products meet the company’s requirements. 

As a result, it ensures that the production, testing, and design processes will run smoothly.

Providing high-quality goods to customers requires quality assurance in manufacturing businesses. 

In order for a company to succeed, quality standards need to be followed by both its employees and customers. 

High-tech solutions have been developed for important tasks to ensure accuracy.

A specific quality standard must be followed in all quality assurance processes.

During the process, we use Test Equipment to ensure all products are being checked properly.

A Three Dimensional Measuring Instrument, a Secondary Element Measuring Instrument, a Bearing Noise Detector, and an X-ray Spectrometer are available to us.

Does Cotton Candy’s manufacturer make the machine environmentally friendly?

Energy-efficient appliances help you save money and energy, protect the environment, and improve each and one of our lifestyles. 

Thus, using energy-efficient appliances will lower utility bills while protecting the environment from harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide.

An average cotton candy machine draws approximately 10 amps and 1200 watts at 120 volts.

Still, it depends on the type or model of the machine. 

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that we are always designing and manufacturing energy-efficient appliances.

What are the advantages of Cotton Candy machines?

Cotton candy is produced quickly, about 30 seconds per cone, making it a good choice for school fundraisers , birthday parties or other events.

With Vortex, sugar floss can be poured into the machine while it is spinning, which is one of our favorite features.

If you just sell cotton candy on the weekends, it can be a great way to earn more money. 

As soon as the machine is owned, the supplies to make the candy are very inexpensive, allowing the small businesses to keep up to 90% of income.

With that being said, Cotton Candy has a lot of potential to make a huge profit.
So it is the right time to invest in supplying this type of machine.

Why should you buy directly from Cotton Candy machine  manufacturers?

A direct purchase eliminates third-party costs because there are no intermediaries.

As a result, both the manufacturer and the customer save money.

Manufacturers also provide convenience and personalization to their clients.

Every transaction is also supported by our after-sales service.

As part of our services, we also provide authentication and shipping assistance.

Apart from these, you can also expect the best quality, order accuracy, reduced turn times, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

Can you tell me what the billing terms are for Cotton Candy manufacturers?

There are different types of orders depending on what you want.
Sample purchases can be made through Aliexpress, Western Union, and other payment methods.

High transaction fees should be avoided for mass production.

A variety of payment methods are available to you, including L/C, T/T, and D/P.
A letter of credit is required for larger quantities shipped by sea. 

In the case of small quantity shipments transported by air, T/T payments are usually made in advance. 

As a result, documents such as air waybills, commercial invoices, and packing lists will be sent to you along with the shipment.

How do Cotton Candy manufacturers handle after-sales service?

We understand that it assures you that the products you purchase are of good quality and free of manufacturing defects. 

In accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty policy, consumers can request the manufacturer to resolve any issues they may have.

We aim to provide efficient after-sales services as a manufacturer.

If you have a warranty claim, we will be happy to resolve it.

All we require from our clients is a copy of the proof of purchase and a copy of the warranty certificate.

Factory defects are covered, but customer-caused malfunctions are not.

Professional maintenance services should be provided to clients.

Furthermore, we can accommodate on-site installations.

In addition to these, spare parts replacement is free of charge.

What makes us different from other manufacturers of Cotton Candy Machines?

By competing for customers, costs go down, products are higher quality, choices are greater, and innovation grows. 

There is a crucial role for market competition not only in product markets, but also in labor markets.

If you have a competitive advantage over our competitors, you can increase profit margins. 

As a result, we attract more customers more often. 

It makes it easier to maintain brand loyalty.

This is one reason why we are different from other manufacturers.

In addition to professionalism, we have more than 30 years of experience in this field. 

Many of the products we manufacture are used by leading brands all over the world, including Panasonic, Black & Decker, Toshiba, Target, Walmart, and many others!

How safe is it to use a cotton candy machine made by a manufacturer?

Equipment of this type is designed for high demand use and is of commercial grade. As a food service provider for public events, family gatherings, etc.

Make sure that “all bystanders” are kept away from the work area where this equipment is located. 

To safely use it, kindly follow these instructions:

Make sure you are familiar with the controls and their functions.

Provides current to the heat switch and turns the motor on or off. The panel is positioned from left to right, in the first position.

To turn on or off the heating element (ribbon), turn the power switch on or off. The panel is located in the second position, from left to right.

*Adjust the heating element (ribbon) power level. Location of the panel, left to right, 4th position.

Displays the level of power to the heating element (ribbon). Location of the panel, left to right, third position

*We recommend using our Gold Medal “Flavored Floss Sugar”. As well as offering rich colors and great flavors, it also ensures optimum performance.


Could you please explain what the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is?

In order for a supplier or manufacturer to fulfill an order, a customer (business or consumer) must purchase a minimum quantity of products. 

MOQ can be determined either by unit price or by price value in order to achieve the target gross profit margin.

The manufacturing industry and clients who have minimum order quantities can benefit from several factors. 

Buyers and suppliers can control costs and maximize profits by setting a minimum order quantity.

It is actually quite reachable for our clients when it comes to MOQ.

The High Quality Cotton Candy machine  is available in more or less 1000 pieces, depending on your preference. 

We need to know what type of Cotton Candy machine  you want in order to provide an accurate MOQ.

Can we brand the Cotton Candy Machine you manufacture with our own logo?

It is undeniable! There are many services we offer at our company, including that one.

If a product needs to be reworked, the Chinese factory can produce it quickly and at a low cost.

It is definitely possible to have a logo customized by us.

Cotton Candy Machine logo customization requires a minimum number of pieces depending on the machine type.

Price fluctuations are also possible. 

If you would like to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Do Chinese Cotton Candy manufacturers worry about brand protection?

Protecting a brand online leads to improved sales because counterfeits cannot steal business. 

Genuine products will be viewed as more reliable and higher quality when counterfeit products are eliminated from the marketplace. 

Your creative work will not be stolen by others.

Patents and trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.
It is important to protect your trademarks when manufacturing in China. 

While most Chinese business owners have agreed to protect their trademarks if they sell their products in China,

many overseas businesses overlook the need to protect their trademarks if they manufacture their products there.


Using Design for Testability, cotton candy machines are manufactured. What is the significance of that?

The goal of Testable Design (also known as Design for Test, or DFT) is to make products easier to test for testers. 

Examples include testing points, parametric measurement devices, self-test diagnostics, test modes, and scan designs.
A testability feature can be added to hardware designs by using IC design techniques. 

Manufacturing tests for designed hardware can now be developed and applied more easily.

During quality control and inspection, the DFT is taken into account. 

A coating system’s durability depends on the thickness of each layer and the total DFT reported for the entire system.

Does customs duty apply when we order from an international package?

Whether the seller or buyer pays customs duties, fees, and taxes depends on the circumstances. 

Shipper-receiver terms of sale usually specify who is responsible for payment. 

Payment is usually the buyer’s responsibility. 

If you are unsure if you are responsible for the terms of sale, you can contact us by email.


What is 3C certification and why is it important to Rice Cooker Manufacturers in China?

China Compulsory Certification is known as 3C.

China’s 3C home appliance B2C market continued to grow throughout the years.

May 1, 2002, was the effective date of the law. 

Exporting to or selling in the Chinese market requires the following: 

The CCC Mark is required by manufacturers of over 132 different product categories.

Before becoming certified, there are many things to consider.

A professional is a licensed professional, and a certified professional has passed a certification exam.

It is a great pleasure for us at Ningbo Longbank Resources  to be able to say that we comply with this certification.


Contact us now for more information.


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