Domestic RO Booster Pump

Domestic RO Booster Pumps, also known as reverse osmosis booster pumps, are used to increase the pressure of the water going into a reverse osmosis (RO) unit so that it can perform better. We need to take a closer look at reverse osmosis as a pressure-driven process to understand why reverse osmosis units require RO booster pumps, since this process is driven by pressure.

Typically, reverse osmosis systems operating at small residential levels operate at a very low pressure, which can be as low as 35 psi in some cases, according to the manufacturers of the membranes. It is important to note that if there is too little water pressure, you will not receive enough water and the quality of the water will suffer if it falls below 45 pounds per square inch.

Having a low inlet pressure will result in the production of more eject water, resulting in less drinking water being able to be produced, as well as making the storage tank fill more slowly and resulting in water that is of a lower quality. The RO booster pump is used to maintain the pressure in a reverse osmosis unit by providing the required boost to the water pressure within the unit.

In general, reverse osmosis units work very well with water pressures of 60 pounds per square inch. However, by using a reverse osmosis booster pump, the pressure of the water can be boosted up to 80 psi or even higher, which allows reverse osmosis units to work even more efficiently.



Voltage:  24v

Certification: CB, ce, EMC, ETL, LFGB, RoHS

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Package Includes

Domestic RO Booster Pump

Power Cord

Instruction manual

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Domestic RO Booster Pump

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