Electric Healthy Air Deep Fryer Oven Digital Display

As a result of its 1800 watts to 2460 of power, an air fryer uses 20 to 40% less energy than a traditional oven. Furthermore, it cooks faster and heats up almost instantly since it occupies less oven space due to the smaller bucket. Additionally, the oil has benefits for you. Therefore, every time you use it, you are saving money!

The meeting place of technology and cooking!

The advanced touch screen on the air fryer lets you control it with a single button press. It has become a lot easier to cook! Using the digitally preset programs, you can set the temperature and choose the program. You will be able to give your kitchen a contemporary and elegant touch with its modern and elegant design. Besides the digital temperature control, there is an additional control from 80°C to 200°C. With its 60-minute timer, it is convenient to cook for long periods of time. With 4.6L capacity and a non-stick coating, each pan is large enough to accommodate the whole family. The 9.6 liter capacity means you can prepare enough chicken nuggets and fries to feed an entire children’s party!


Power: 2400


Temperature : Adjustable Temperature 80~200





Package Details: Air fryer with PE bag ,then with Polyfoam then put into color box ,Then put into Master Carton box

Package Includes

Electric Healthy Air Deep Fryer Oven Digital Display
Power Cord

Instruction manual

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