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In China, Longbank is one of the premier electric kettle manufacturers. With 10+ years of field experience, we are fully committed to making different kinds of electric kettles. Send us your inquiries.

  • One-stop electric kettle solution
  • CE  and RoHS Certified
  • Available at competitive costs
  • Custom-made electric kettles
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Your Expert Electric Kettle Manufacturer in China

If you find difficulties looking for a trusted electric kettle manufacturer, Longbank is the right place! We offer different custom-made electric kettles commonly used for restaurants, hotels, commercial, household, and so on.

As a reliable electric kettle factory, Longbank only manufactured high-quality products for your brand. We can even custom your electric kettle for your business need. Send us your inquiries today!

Longbank Electric Kettle Manufacturer to Support Your Project

These ceramic electric kettles are manufactured with the highest quality materials. You can select the best option from our factory.

Longbank 1.8 liters electric kettle can be manufactured of plastic, stainless steel, and copper. Longbank will be your ideal partner.

All series of copper electric kettles are widely applied in hotel use, home use, restaurants, and retail industries. We can help you boom your business.

2.3L Blue Electric Kettles

Longbank cordless electric kettle is better used in heating water. It is fully certified by CE and ROHS quality standards.

Cordless Plastic Electric Kettle

We manufactured electric glass that is perfect for home and restaurant use. Our professional team can even OEM be based on your designs.

Longbank provides a free sample of electric tea kettles to check the quality before the delivery process. We can support your business through our products.

Longbank modern electric kettle usually comes with a glass structure. Available with your required sizes and styles.

These plastic electric kettles passed the LFGB, ROHS, and CE quality standards. Longbank also welcomes OEM for your satisfaction.

Cordless Retro Electric Kettle

Longbank is well-experienced in making retro electric kettle with your preferred designs. We can deliver your small-large orders timely.

You can discover stainless steel electric kettles with RoHS and CE certifications. Available in different sizes and styles.

Longbank has elegant looks so it is ideal for restaurant and hotel use. It is available at a competitive price at Longbank.

Longbank supports your business needs regarding travel electric kettles. These types of electric kettles are long-lasting and safe to use.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Electric Kettle Manufacturer

Longbank can custom electric kettles with your ideal designs and with super excellent performance. Throughout the 10 years in the service, Longbank has become a well-known kitchen appliance manufacturer. Competitive price, highest quality, and on-time delivery make us the most reliable manufacturer in China.

In the company, we employed over 50 professional engineers and complete advanced production equipment that helps custom electric kettles faster. Every electric kettle we offer got approval from RoHS, UL, and CE. For your electric kettle orders, inquire today!

Electric Kettle Manufacturer

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Why Longbank Can be Your Reliable Electric Kettle Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Professional Electric Kettle Manufacturer in China

Longbank specializing in the electric kettle for more than 10 years. So we can be the best partner and manufacturer you could depend on. Longbank committed to supplying small appliances including an electric kettle for your business to expand faster.

An electric kettle manufactured by Longbank is an essential electric appliance. This has a self-carried heating unit for heating water faster. Plus, automatically switches off if the water boils already.

Longbank electric kettle is perfect to use for restaurants, hotels, retail, commercial use, coffee shop, home use, and so on.

Unlike stovetop kettle, our electric kettle is energy efficient and takes faster to boil. Heats water only and not soup.

Longbank has a team of expert R&D staff to accommodate your product orders. Our team has wide knowledge in manufacturing unique and energy-saving appliances.

Since an electric kettle is one essential kitchen appliance, Longbank has wide selections to offer for you. This also has primary advantages such as being more efficient and heats water faster than any other kettle in the market.

As a leading electric kettle manufacturer in China, Longbank will custom your orders with your own layouts. So feel free to show your own design.

Every month, there are new kitchen appliances are distributed worldwide. We are a certified manufacturer you can rely upon. We ensure to exceed your expectations with our products and services.

Longbank will be your optimum choice when you`re looking for a trusted supplier and producer in China. We promise to meet your satisfaction.

Electric Kettle Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Electric Kettle was thought of as a world changing breakthrough,

Choosing the right manufacturer is essential for the development of your venture.

The goal of our service is to point you in the right direction.

All the questions you may have about Electric Kettle Manufacturer are answered in this article.


Why should you purchase an electric kettle machine from a Chinese manufacturer?

In accordance with United Nations Statistics Division data, 

A total of 28.7% of the global manufacturing output was attributed to China in 2019. 

Compared to the United States, the country is more than 10 percentage points ahead. 

The country once held the top spot in the manufacturing sector of the world until China overtook it in 2010

The reason behind this is due to the fact that workers are relatively inexpensive, the workforce is technically skilled,

and the support system provides a good level of assistance.

In fact, these are the characters that make up the Ningbo Longbank Resources team.

Here is a short video that will help you better understand why you should consider getting a Chinese manufacturer.


In what time frame will my Electric Kettle order be delivered?

It is important to remember that delivery time depends on the size of your order.

In general, sample orders take 1-7 days to complete, while Minimum Order Quantity orders take 30 to 45 days to complete.

According to the production season and the quantity of the order, the lead time will vary.

There are several types of Delivery terms that we offer. Among them are ocean freight, land freight, and air freight.

In light of the high cost of air freight, we only recommend it for sample orders.

Express Delivery is also available, however it comes at an additional cost.

Would you mind telling me the price of an Electric Kettle?

There is usually a manufacturer’s price as well as a retail price in our pricing system.

In order to determine the price, the quantity ordered must be known. 

As you purchase more or if your purchase is above the minimum,

If you would like a discount between 5 and 10%, we can do that for you.

It may be possible for the price to be negotiated.

Our Best Quote can be obtained by following the links below:


Would you mind explaining what the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is? How does it benefit manufacturers?

MOQ stands for minimum order quantity and represents the minimum quantity of products a customer (business or consumer)

must purchase for a supplier or manufacturer to fulfill their order. 

In order to achieve the target gross profit margin, MOQ can be determined either by unit price or by price value.

Manufacturing and clients who have minimum order quantities can benefit from several factors. 

By setting a minimum order quantity, buyers and suppliers can control costs and maximize profits.

In regards to MOQ, it is actually quite reachable for our clients.

For our High Quality Electric Kettle, we only set up 1000 pieces or 2000 pieces, depending on which type you prefer. 

Hence, it is very important for us to know the type of electric kettle you want so we can provide an accurate MOQ.

Would it be possible to obtain samples of your product in order to assess its quality?

Providing clients with samples allows them to get an idea of what your products are like and to test their quality.

Our goal is to help clients better understand our items, and product samples are the best way to do that.

This is also our way of  introducing our product or Electric kettle to new Clients unfamiliar with our brand.

Develop relationships with existing customers and inspire loyalty with current clients.

Learn more about the products we offer.

If you would like samples, we are happy to provide them. 

The buyer will, however, be responsible for sample charges and shipping charges.

Your account can be credited back if you decide to place an order.

In order to reach your preferred address, samples can only be delivered within 1 to 7 business days.


Copper Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle machines are available in different models from manufacturers, right?


You got it right! We do have different types of Electric kettle models to choose from.

But you can take a look of our best sellers including: 


Led Light Electric Kettles: 

It simply illuminates when the heating element is energized, and goes out when boiling occurs and the heating element is de-energized.

Transparent Electric Kettle

700ML Travel Kettles: 

At any time, you can prepare coffee, tea, broth, or an instant snack with the Travel Kettle stainless steel. In addition to being switchable between 120 and 230 volts, the TRAVEL KETTLE stainless steel can be used virtually anywhere due to its dual voltage.

Health Pot Electric Kettle: 

Like other types of Electric kettle, this specific type is also made with non toxic materials. 

The body is also half glass to check the boiling level of the liquid inside.

Glass Kettles:

Among all the materials we studied, glass proved to be the safest. Among the types of glass known for their long safety records and high quality is borosilicate glass.The glass we use for this type  does not release metals or toxins and does not contain a glaze. 

Modern Electric Kettle

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle:  This type is the most durable kind of kettle. You can most likely expect your stainless steel kettle to survive rough handling and drops without much damage. In addition to being easy to clean, stainless steel is also rust- and tarnish-resistant.

Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Electric kettles work on what principle?

During the heating process, a large amount of electricity flows through the coil, or ‘heating element’ of the kettle. 

The coil has an electrical resistance (a measure of how difficult it is to pass an electric current through it). The coil converts electrical energy into heat by acting as a resistance.

It is  because the electric kettle uses a relatively large amount of electricity that it works so quickly. 

Heat production is proportional to current squared, so bigger currents produce more and heat things more quickly.

You can watch this short clip to see the science behind Electric kettles:


Is the International Organization of Standardization followed by Electric Kettle manufacturers in China?

That’s a given! Our responsibility is to follow these types of organizations since we manufacture all over the world. 

Taking this agreement for granted is not an option for us.

China’s ISO member body is the Standardization Administration of China or SAC.

An ISO 9001 certificate indicates that an organization’s quality management system has been inspected and certified, and is a common document to see when dealing with Chinese companies.

Moreover, we adhered to other Standard Certifications that were necessary for us to continue operating.

In addition to our accreditations, including RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, LFGB, SAA and 3C, we are always open to providing what we are accredited with.

How do Electric Kettle manufacturers maintain their product’s competitive edge?

Streamlining production and ensuring quality ensures that final products meet the company’s standards.

Consequently, it ensures that the design, testing, and production processes will proceed as planned.

In manufacturing businesses, quality assurance is essential for providing high-quality goods to customers.

Both the company and its customers benefit from following quality standards. 

To ensure accuracy, a high-tech solution has been developed to handle important tasks.

In all quality assurance processes, a specific quality standard must be followed.

In order to ensure all products are being checked properly, we are using Test Equipment during the process.

We have a Three Dimensional Measuring Instrument, a Secondary Element Measuring Instrument, a Bearing Noise Detector, and an X-ray Spectrometer.

Electric Pressure Cooker Manufacturer Manufacturing

Does the manufacturer of Electric Kettles make the machine environmentally friendly?

Yes, of course! All of the products we manufacture are ecologically friendly and sustainable.

That includes Electric Kettle appliances.

Heating the air around the stove wastes most of the energy. 

There is a wide range of efficiency for electric tea kettles, ranging from 80 to 90 percent. 

Most of our electric kettles are well insulated, and the heating coils sit directly in the water, so little heat is lost.

Why is an electric kettle better than a stovetop kettle?

Electric stoves use more energy and time to heat up, so the water inside the kettle takes longer to heat. 

While kettles use less energy overall, the hob was cheaper due to the difference in electricity and gas prices. 

According to the self-described academic, “If you want to save on energy, go for the electric kettle.

If you want to save on costs, go for the hob.”

You can take a look on this short video for comparison:


What are the gains of purchasing directly from Electric Kettle manufacturers?

Due to the lack of intermediaries, direct purchases eliminate third-party costs.

The manufacturer and customer both save money as a result.

Clients also benefit from convenience and personalization provided by manufacturers.

Our after-sales service is also available for every transaction.

Moreover, we offer authentication services and shipping assistance as part of our services.

Also, aside from these you can rest assured of the best quality we can provide, order accuracy,

reduced turn times, excellent customer service, and pricing advantage.

Can you tell me what the billing terms are for electric kettle manufacturers?

Order types vary depending on what you want.
American Express, Western Union, and other payment methods can be used for a sample purchase.

For mass production, high transaction fees should be avoided.

Payment methods available to you include L/C, T/T, and D/P.
Larger quantities shipped by sea require a letter of credit. 

When small quantity shipments are transported by air, T/T payment is usually used in advance. 

It is for this reason that documents such as air waybills, commercial invoices, and packing lists will be sent to you by the same as the shipment.

What is the after-sales service like for Electric Kettle manufacturers?

We are aware that It assures you that the things you buy are of good quality and do not contain manufacturing defects.

Consumers have the right to ask the manufacturer to handle any issues according to their warranty terms.

As a manufacturer, we want to make sure that all of the services are provided by us efficiently even after sales.

We are happy to resolve any warranty claims.

Proof of Purchase and Warranty Certificate are the only documents we require from our clients.

A factory defect is covered, but a customer-caused malfunction is not.

Clients should receive maintenance services from a professional team.

In addition, we can accommodate on-site installations.

Apart from these, spare parts replacement is free of charge.


What are the favorable effects of the Electric Kettle you manufacture?

We produce electric kettles that help save time, purify water, make your tea and coffee taste better, and shut off automatically.

Also since we mostly use glass and stainless, it is actually an advantage as it has less impact on the environment.

Besides that, their “innovation” is that most have a separate reservoir of water above the heating element so the user can control how much water is boiled.

How do Chinese manufacturers deal with the various types of plugs used for electric kettles?

Plugs are available in three types in China, type A, type C, and type I.

Plug type A has two flat pins equally spaced, plug type C has two round pins, and plug type I has three flat pins triangularly arranged.
Our company manufactures worldwide, so we are also willing to make plugs for other countries of Type D, M, or F.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether you prefer either of them.

Why should you choose us over other Electric Kettle manufacturers?

As a result of firms competing for customers, costs go down, products are of higher quality, choices are greater, and innovation increases. 

Market competition is crucial not only in product markets, but also in labor markets.

It can contribute to higher profit margins if you have a competitive advantage over our competition. 

By doing so, we attract more customers more frequently. 

Maintaining brand loyalty is made easier by it.

One of the many reasons why we stand out from other manufacturers is because of this.

Apart from professionalism, we have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. 

And most of the products we manufacture are being used by one of the leading brands all over the world including Panasonic, Black & Decker, Toshiba, Target, Walmart and many more! 


Is it possible for Chinese Electric Kettle manufacturers to sell copies?

To create the best products, we use the finest raw materials and manufacture them according to the highest standards.

If you would like to protect yourself from online fraudsters, please make your purchase through our official website and email address.
We can share our quality certificates with you upon request so that you can verify that our products are genuine.

A law passed by the Chinese government holds online retailers responsible for selling counterfeit goods and liable for fines up to RMB 2 million.

As we believe what goes around comes around, we operate with honesty and integrity.

Different Clients around the world have trusted us with their creations.

This is something we cannot afford to lose.

How can we ensure the legitimacy of Electric kettle manufacturers in China?

You gain instant authenticity by being verified on different well-known platforms. 

You will be viewed as authentic by other users if a platform deems you authentic. 

As a result, social proof is also accumulated. 

The idea of social proof is that something must be right if others approve of it or take part in it.

And due to a lot of schemes going on all over the world, we want to make sure that Clients do not see us that way.

Even though we have proven a lot in this industry, we do not want to be outdated on marketing strategies.

And that is actually one of the reasons why we are still operating due to our creative efforts.

And if in case our website is still not enough, you can search our Flagship store in Alibaba, Made-In-China. 

Also we cordially invite you to subscribe or follow our page in

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdSidMstbvFL2cgMoaxePFA/videos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Longbank.Small.Appliances

And Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/longbank/


Do electric kettle manufacturers produce items with safe features?

Certainly! We manufacture electric kettles with temperature settings. 

Water in the kettle is turned off once it reaches the temperature you have set. 

There is no risk of leaving the kettle on for hours due to this safety feature. 

Furthermore, its design prevents accidental water spills from causing burns.

They are actually safer than stovetop like kettles.

It is also safe to leave water in the Electric kettles we made.

As we made sure that all of the components we used are BPA Free.

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