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Longbank is one of the leading electric noodle machine manufacturers in China. With more than 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to producing various electric noodle machines. Send us your drawings; we will produce the best electric noodle machine for you.

  • One-stop solution for electric noodle machine
  • Full certifications such as RoHS, CE, and more
  • Competitive price electric noodle machine
  • Custom electric noodle machine to own brand
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Your Expert Electric Noodle Machine Supplier in China

If you are looking for a reliable electric noodle machine manufacturer, Longbank is your #1 choice. The series of machines is suitable for hotels, restaurants, retail, home use, commercial, household, and more. We manufacture high-quality electric noodle machine for your business need.

As an experienced electric noodle machine factory, Longbank can help you make custom electric noodle machines for your brand. We can custom your own machine design based on your own drawing. Send us an inquiry now.

Longbank Electric Noodle Machine to Support Your Project

Home pasta maker

LongBack home pasta maker is made of plastic, ABS. CE and RoHS-compliant. Available in white and black. This noodle maker comes with a 1-year warranty.

Electric noodle pasta maker machine

This electric noodle pasta maker machine prefers for knead dough, mixing, with LOW NOISE. It comes with a dough blade and a food pusher. Plastic, ABS+AS Plastic made.

Small home pasta maker

Small home pasta makers widely use in restaurants, hotels, home use, and even the retail industry. With 12 months warranty with video technical support and spare parts. 40-60RPM speed.

Automatic Dough Roller pasta maker machine

This noodle pasta maker machine is made of plastic, ABS. It comes with many accessories including a full-size feed tube, locking lid, slicing disc, and more. Full certification.

MultiFunction Pasta maker and tortilla maker Machine

LongBack spaghetti and fettuccini pasta maker machine are ideal for restaurant and home use. This is CE ROHS LFGB-certified. Can be OEM according to own design.

Smart noodle maker home use

This smart noodle maker home use has 220W power. Manufactured using ABS+AS Plastic. CE ROHS LFGB passed. 1-year service support is provided for this product.

LongBank 2020 Auto Weighing Noodle Pasta Maker Machine

Longbank 2020 auto weighing noodle pasta maker machine comes with the dough blade. It has 600ML capacity and 180 power. Available in Gold. 3 years warranty for every machine.

6 Interchangea shape electric home use pasta machine maker

This type of pasta machine maker passed the CE. ROHS, LFGB standards. Frequency: 50/60Hz, Speed: 40-60RPM. Welcome OEM. Free sample of your design.

220W Electric Home Noodle Pasta Maker Making Machine

Longbank 220W electric home noodle pasta maker machine available at a competitive price. 390*210*330mm is the product size. After-sale service is provided.

Home pasta maker

This home noodles maker is certified by the CE, RoHS, 3C standards. 200-600g capacity, 375*200*275mm is the size of the maker, weighing 4.5KG.

Dough roller electric pasta maker machine 220W

Multi-function automatic noodle pasta maker is applicable for home use. The machine has 220W power. 10kg/h capacity; 200g-600g flour capacity; 40-60RPM speed. Free spare parts.

Longbank automatic instant cup vending rice noodle maker

This new product 2020 comes with 1-year support. CE, RoHS, 3C certified 180W household pasta maker. Longbank provide online support for your orders.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Electric Noodle Machine Manufacturer

Longbank can manufacture electric noodle machines with optimum performance. We have more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing kitchen appliances. Superior quality, competitive price, and timely delivery are our core competitiveness. We can deliver your orders within 30-45 days’ lead time.

With more than 50 engineers and an advanced quality system, we can make custom electric noodle machines. We offer a free sample so you could check the quality before final production. Every machine got the CE, RoHS, UL, … and other certifications. For your next electric noodle machine, inquire us now.

Electric Noodle Machine Manufacturer

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Longbank- Your Professional Electric Noodle Machine Manufacturer in China

Specializing in electric noodle machines for over 10 years, Longbank is a manufacturer and partner you could trust for. They are engaged in providing quality kitchen appliances in the food machinery industry.

Longbank offers electric noodle machine suitable use for hotels, restaurant, home use, retail, commercial, food shop, and more.

Longbank has a team of professional R&D personnel to supervise your product development. Our team has rich know-how in the production of unique machines. Any technical difficulties will resolve efficiently and in a timely manner.

As one of the premier electric noodle machines in China, we can customize electric noodle machines based on your layout. Welcome to show your own design.

We ensure your requirements are met. Together with high-tech machinery and expertise, we offer customers high-quality electric noodle machines.

Longbank is a professional kitchen appliance manufacturer. Aside from the electric noodle machine, we also offer a blender, orange mixer grinder, ice maker, juice extractor, etc.

We help start-up kitchen appliances brands, noodle shop businesses, and other categories of customers to meet their demand.

If you have are looking for a reliable manufacturer in China, LongBank is your optimum choice.

For over years, we recognize and appreciated in domestic and overseas market. We can provide the type of electric noodle machine you need.

All our electric noodle machines CE, ROHS, LFGB, EMC, CB, and more. Products are manufactured in adherence to the leading industry standards.

Longbank will be your strong and reliable partner for your business need.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Welcome to check the quotation with us!


Electric Noodle Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In my opinion, this machine is well worth the money you spend on it.

Due to its popularity, it is not surprising that demand for this machine has increased.

It is, however, time-consuming to find a company to manufacture this machine for you.

The good news is that this section will give you more information about finding manufacturers.


Is China the right place to manufacture your Electric noodle machine?

The Chinese economy has grown to become a major power. 

Since the government allowed international trade and embraced the global market, the country has undergone many changes.

In terms of manufacturing as well as purchasing power, China has become a giant in recent years.

China is the world’s leading manufacturing destination, and it is not hard to see why.

One of the many reasons is the expertise in this industry, professionalism, reliability and easy to deal with.

Our team at Ningbo Longbank Resources embodies all these attributes.

How do Electric Noodle manufacturers in China deal with Intellectual property?

IP rights are protected in China by a comprehensive legal system. 

Those who violate China’s intellectual property law are subject to judicial, legally binding, and disciplinary measures for infringing upon the law.

Global Times: China’s first family education law instructs parents to be responsible guardians. 

The first law on family education in China was passed on January 1, 2022 requiring parents to become responsible guardians

and specifying the boundaries between school education and family education, according to experts.

So you do not have to worry, as being a Manufacturer of Leading brands for Kitchen Appliances, we are fully aware about these legalities.

Is there an average lead time for orders of Electric Noodle machines?

Yes! All of the products we manufacture have lead times that are average.

But it still depends on the quantities of the items you want us to produce for you.

The good thing is, regardless of the season, whether it is Off season or Peak season, we can have the packages delivered to your preferred shipping address within our normal turn around time which is within 30  to 45 days.

And you do not have to worry as our Delivery is always 100% On-Time guaranteed.

What are the accreditation that the Electric Noodle machine needs to comply with before releasing to market?

We are committed to ensuring that all our appliances, including Electric Noodle Machines, are certified before they are imported or exported.

In the event that a customs official questions the safety of the product, it can be seized until the proper China product certification is presented.

In addition to product safety, certifications are introduced to ensure that the items are of high quality.

And with that being said, we are pleased to inform you that almost all certification needed for kitchen appliances such as: 3C, CE RoHS, UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS, etc. have been met.

A Noodle Maker operates according to what principle?

The machine flattens or stretches the pasta, depending on the thickness setting, producing a thin or thick strip of dough that can be formed into pasta.

Making fresh noodles to enhance pasta dishes is easy with an electric noodle maker.

Using too much moisture will cause the noodle to stick together as it comes out of the machine. 

A sprinkle of flour should be sprinkled over too moist dough before it is sent through the machine again.

You can watch this short video to see how our Electric Noodle machine works:


Is there a difference between a manufacturer and a distributor?

Manufacturers assemble components and materials into finished products.

It is the distributor who places large orders with the manufacturer and then sells smaller quantities to retailers or end users.

There are different types of relationships between manufacturers and distributors.

Before choosing a partner, you should decide whether you are seeking a strategic or tactical partnership.

However, if you are looking for a business partner who will support you in all aspects, such as product requests, logo requests, and shipping. 

The best option for you is to buy from manufacturers.


What is the best machine for making noodles: manual or electric?

Electric Noodle Maker machines are easier to use than manual ones, but you have to work at the speed of the machine, cutting the pasta as it is extruded. 

It is possible to make dough with some electric models even if they mix it for you, but they are more difficult to clean.

How do Electric Noodle Machines Benefit Users?

The Electric noodle maker simplifies the process of making pasta without the need to be hands-on. 

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the pasta by putting all the ingredients in the machine. 

It is also possible to prepare pasta in a wide variety of shapes with electric pasta makers.

How do Electric Noodle maker manufacturers respond to warranty claims?

Electric noodles makers have a warranty period between one and three  years.

A warranty policy is only valid for factory defects/failures. 

We will be able to process warranty claims with the Proof of Purchase.

Warranty coverage covers replacements or repairs.

Clients are eligible to their own Professional Repair team for supplementary help.
Even so, we are confident in the quality of our products and pack them very carefully.

But nothing to worry about, rest assured that the majority of orders are delivered in good condition.

Are there any variations of Electric Noodle Makers you can make?

Yes!  We will be happy to provide you with any type of Electric noodle maker machine you need.

The possibilities are almost endless, but you might want to check out some of our best sellers:


Home Pasta Maker: 

Home pasta maker

Electric Weighing Noodle pasta maker :

Smart noodle maker home use

Spaghetti and Fettuccine pasta Maker machine:

Spaghetti and fettuccini pasta maker machine

Small home pasta maker: 

Small home pasta maker

Multi-Function Automatic noodle pasta maker: 

LongBank 2020 Auto Weighing Noodle Pasta Maker Machine

These are just a few! If you would like to discuss the details further, please contact us.



Does the manufacturer guarantee the quality of Electric Noodle machines?

Our top priority at Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. is security and performance, which we urge our clients to take into account when purchasing appliances.

As part of our exclusive control process, every machine we produce is inspected, materials are inspected before they are produced, and the final product is inspected after completion.

We will also thoroughly inspect the packaging during the packaging process.

As a result of keeping our staff up-to-date and knowledgeable, we are able to maintain the high quality standards that our clients around the world demand.

Were there any aspects of our business that made us distinguish ourselves from the opposition?

In Ningbo Zhejiang, LongBank has more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing various water treatment products, including booster pumps and water purifiers.

The company supplies more than 50,000 pump and motor sets every day to factories all over the world. Now we are one of China’s largest suppliers of pumps, motors, and appliances. 

Due to our core parts and competitive cost, we began producing kitchen appliances ten years ago.

As a result of ten years of exploration and growth, we are capable of designing, R&D, and manufacturing

For our customers, we can provide any small appliances they need. 

We also guarantee quality and cost-competitiveness due to our strong strength and determination.

Can Electric Noodle machines be rated by the Environmental Protection Agency?

Without a doubt! Energy Ratings are included with all of the kitchen appliances we manufacture.

Without indicating the maximum power that can pass through the resistor, components can melt and short circuits can occur.

As a result, you can be confident that a machine’s components are safe once it is operational. 

There is no need for you to worry about electricity consumption, since the machine does not use a lot of it.

Our company places a great deal of emphasis on using clean energy.


When it comes to the production of Electric Noodle maker machines, how does the process work?

The assembly line is typically used to produce large quantities of larger-sized products at one time.

As well as lowering costs, mass production is more efficient as fewer workers are needed on assembly lines. 

Additionally, automation allows mass-produced items to be assembled faster, resulting in higher efficiency.

A well-planned production function will result in high-quality products, higher production rates, and lower cost per unit. 

In addition to getting good quality products, consumers will benefit from low prices.

Achieving economies of scale led to the most affordable price for the consumer without sacrificing profit for the manufacturer.


What are the payment terms for manufacturers of Electric Noodle Maker machines?


Choose from a variety of options depending on the type of purchase you desire.
PayPal, Western Union, and other payment methods are available for purchasing samples.

High transaction fees should be avoided for mass production.

L/C, T/T, and D/P are all acceptable payment methods.
Exporters of goods in international trade benefit from good credit ratings when their banks make these payments.

What is the likelihood of counterfeit products being offered by manufacturers of Electric Noodle Maker machines in China?

We manufacture our products using only high-quality raw materials.

Please make your purchases through our official website and email address in order to protect yourself from online fraudsters.
You can verify the authenticity of our products by requesting our quality certificates. 

Additionally, the Chinese government has passed a law that imposes fines of up to 2 million on online retailers who sell counterfeit goods.

Our company operates with honesty and integrity because we believe in the law of reciprocity.

Our clients come from around the world and trust us with their creations.

The importance of that cannot be overstated.

Would you be able to provide us with a sample so that we can test the effectiveness of the product?

If you would like samples, please feel free to contact us.

It will, however, be the buyer’s responsibility to pay for sample costs and shipping charges.

The money can be credited back to your account once you place an order.

It usually takes 1-7 business days for samples to reach your preferred delivery address.

What components are utilized in Electric Noodle Maker machines?

As part of our safety procedures, we are required to share information of this type with our clients.

All of our products, including the Electric Noodle Maker machine, are made of stainless steel or plastic that is safe for use.

The raw-material traceability information is also included on our products

Its purpose is to make it more convenient for clients to identify raw materials’ sourcing.


Approximately how much electricity does a manufacturer’s Electric Noodle machine use?


The concept of sustainable energy consumption includes energy use reduction and energy efficiency as well as energy conservation measures.
When making appliances, we always consider their energy efficiency features.

As we are fully aware that eco-friendly appliances take a big part of our society’s well being.

Electric Noodle machines typically use more or less 220W of power when running.

Although it consumes less electricity than other types of noodle makers, ours is very energy-efficient.

Isn’t that awesome?

What are the methods in which electric noodles machines can be personalized?

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this factor with you if it affects your decision to partner with us. 

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

It is our pleasure to invite you to discuss this further.

It will be our privilege to accommodate such a request if it is made.

Depending on your preferences, packaging can be customized. Your preferred logo, 

It is even possible to personalize the graphics.

Personalized products may have a different price since they are special requests.

To get in touch with us, please email, fax, phone or Whatsapp.


Can we request our own logo on Electric Noodle machines from manufacturers?

I would say yes to this question! You can have the logo made by us. 

Our Clients can take advantage of this service among many others.

Please let us know if you would like us to calculate the cost for you.

Do you dream of creating your own brand?

You can achieve success with your eCommerce business by owning a label, a brand of products. 

Putting your own original products on the market can be very profitable if you take the right steps.

Don’t hesitate to ask us this question as we are more than happy to make this for you.


Is it safe to use electric noodle machines?

Electric Noodle machines are completely safe to use due to many safety features, including features that protect you if another safety feature malfunctions.

Providing Electric Noodle machines are used properly, there should be no danger associated with them.

The electric noodle machine has been around since the 17th Century, but it continues to develop as technology advances and users’ needs change.

The products that we manufacture will not cause you any difficulties.

What is the most effective way to determine the trustworthiness of a Manufacturer?

Alibaba and Made-in-China are China’s largest and most prominent platforms for supplier discovery.

Their listings are mostly made by manufacturers directly,

You can discuss any requirements or standard expectations directly with them.

The fact that there are many schemes out there is one of the reasons why Clients tend to investigate extensively before making a decision.

There is no need to worry as Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. is one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the world.

Our website is not the only thing we have. We have a Facebook account that you can check out:


The following YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdSidMstbvFL2cgMoaxePFA/featured 

Our LinkedIn profile is as follows: https://www.linkedin.com/company/longbank/ 

In the manufacture of Electric Noodle machines, are OEMs the same as the original?

Aftermarket equipment is made by another company and can be used by a consumer as a replacement for an OEM product.

We manufacture our Electric Noodle Machine in-house.

There are no copies of it. Each piece is original. Any part that has been replaced is no longer an original part. As far as their manufacturing, materials, and specifications are concerned, OEM parts are the same as original parts.


What is the minimum order threshold for Electric Noodle Machines?

There is always a minimum order requirement for Electric Noodle machines.

When working with us, we usually require a minimum of 2000 per set.

The MOQ ensures that you will commit to buying enough so that production can be cost-effective and profitable.

By calculating how much inventory is needed and how much to sell, operations can save money and space.

In what ways do the manufacturers of Electric Noodle machines provide assistance to the smaller companies?

The importance of small businesses is increasing in today’s technologically advanced world.

A number of the world’s leading brands rely on our company to manufacture their appliances.

We would be happy to assist small business owners.

In addition to contributing to local communities, small business owners are passionate about what they do.

We must show our support for small businesses beyond helping them grow and stay afloat.

Customers can also benefit from small businesses in a number of ways.

With that being said, we are glad to work with you and coordinate.



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