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At Longbank, you will find a high-quality espresso machine. Longbank is China`s leading manufacturer and supplier that offered hundreds of types of espresso machine designs for your easy selection.

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Your Professional Espresso Machine Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for an expert espresso machine manufacturer from China? Longbank is the right one! Since started in 1972, Longbank has obtained rich experiences and has exported different espresso machines to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Longbank, along with its professional team can custom your ideal design of espresso machines. However, free samples for our products are also provided to check the quality before the delivery. Send us your inquiries and expect an instant response.

Longbank Espresso Machines for Your Business

Longbank offered an Manual Pump Espresso Machine that is guaranteed high-quality. It complies with many standard certifications.

Compact Espresso Machine

Our range of compact espresso machines is available in different colors, designs, and sizes to meet your exact needs.

Longbank Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine is manufactured using class A materials such as stainless steel. Long-lasting and good for your business.

Portable Espresso Machine

To have easy to handle, portable espresso machines, Longbank can help you! We have professional team to assist you.

Pump-driven Espresso Machine

Our pump-driven espresso machines is obtainable in several colors and styles. It is guaranteed high-quality and offered at reasonable price.

Steam-driven Espresso Machine

Longbank is expert when it comes to producing steam-driven espresso machine with your ideal designs. Our goal is to meet your satisfaction through our products and services.

Italian Espresso Machine

All sizes are available for Longbank Italian espresso machine. Longbank can be your best partner in manufacturing different coffee-making machines.

Commercial Espresso Machine

If you are searching for espresso machine to use for commercial applications, Longbank have them all! Don`t hesitate on dealing with us today.

Premium-quality Espresso Machine

We have wide range selections of premium-quality espresso machines you can avail at affordable rates. We ensure you to have unique and superior quality products.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Espresso Machine Manufacturer

Longbank is very capable to manufacture multiple designs of espresso machines. If you have business and wanting reliable espresso machines from China, Longbank is your premier choice! All of our espresso machines are certified by RoHS, CE and UL certifications.

In the company, we have more than 50 professional engineers to produce custom espresso machines for your business.We can even offer you a free sample for you to strictly check the quality before placing your real order. Send us your inquiries today!

Espresso Machine Manufacturer

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Why Longbnk Can be Your Expert Espresso Machine Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Skilled Espresso Machine Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer to provide your required designs of espresso machines? Longbank is your first option! We have a professional engineering team in the company that will help custom your espresso machines with your required styles and sizes.

Longbank Espresso Machine brews thick concentrated coffee that is called espresso. We have all the improved designs of the espresso machine you required for your upcoming projects and applications. Multiple espresso machines also offered quality properties makes them popular products in the market.

Our espresso machines are available in types of piston-driven, steam-driven, air-pump-driven, pump-driven, and many others. It is also categorized between automatic or manual.

This produces authentic espresso and good quality coffee. Offering the best brewing flexibility to achieve your wished results. And surely, when you have a business that requires our espresso machines, your customers will surely love it! This will allow your customers to choose the different types of coffee according to desired strength, taste, or mood. Plus, it offers a richer, creamier, and authentic coffee experience.

As your reliable supplier and manufacturer from China, Longbank will help you boom your business with our products and services. We supply different kinds of espresso machines including Single Espresso Machine, Group Espresso Machine, Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, Italian Espresso Machine, etc. These are available in different sizes and styles.

Contact us today if you want our high-quality Espresso Machines for your business!

Espresso Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for espresso machine manufacturer.

Or, you like to find high quality espresso machine.

Whichever the case you will find all information you need right here.

What Makes You The Go-to Espresso Machine Manufacturer From China?

We are the leading manufacturing factory of espresso machines in China.

This is because we have fully automated manufacturing facility with a high hourly turnover.

We are able to manufacture a range of espresso machines from high-end, medium to low-quality depending on your preference and budget.

Secondly, we have experienced team of engineers who are able to turn your design idea into an actual espresso machine.

This has enabled us partner with so many businesses for their private label designs across the globe.

We offer you affordable prices for espresso machines because we are able to source our raw materials locally and affordably.

You will also enjoy discounted rates for large orders and flexible MOQs when you become our regular customer.

We also support small businesses that are not in a position to create their own design from scratch.

We allow them to modify our existing designs to suit their needs.

Additionally, our operations are inspected and guided by the required quality management systems.

As a result, we assure our consumers of the safety and quality of our espresso machines.

Furthermore, we nurture business relations beyond the purchase of our products.

Our after sales team keep in touch with you to ensure that you are satisfied and any complaints handled in time.

You should consider us for your espresso machine orders do to the shipping logistics convenience that we are able to offer.

We are interconnected to various transport networks such as air, ocean, road and rail.

This makes it easier for us to organize for your order shipment through your preferred means.

Finally, we consider ourselves global manufacturers because our espresso machines can be used anywhere around the world without hindrances.

We ensure fully compatibility in terms of voltage and power outlets.

espresso machine

espresso machine

How Does Espresso Machine Work?

An espresso is produced by forcing water under high pressure and near boiling point through compressed ground coffee.

Water goes through four stages in the espresso machine before it is dispensed into your cup as espresso coffee.

Water Source

Espresso machines rely water source for it to fully function.

The water sources can be a reservoir in the machine or a pumped in connection to water supply.

This is determined by the volumes of espresso that you’d like to prepare at home.

It is import to use water with less minerals, however the espresso machine is fitted with a filter for this purpose.


Water from the reservoir or the tap does not have the force required to go through coffee puck to produce espresso.

This is the essence of having a pump in an espresso machine.

Initially, espresso machines had pistons attached to lever that barrister had to manually pull to force water through the puck.

In modern espresso machine, the pumps are electrical and do not need force to operate.

Espresso machine applies 9 bars of atmospheric pressure which is equivalent to 130 PSI through vibratory or rotary pump.

Vibratory or vibe pump uses electromagnetic force to create pressure when pulled.

The electric current passes through the magnet forcing the piston to move in and out pushing water through the machine.


Boiler compartment is responsible for heating the pressurized water to the required temperatures. Boilers come in single or doubles and with varying sizes depending on the volume of drinks you wish to produce.

Bigger boilers produce more drinks at a time, however, they also consumer more energy and time to heat the water.

An espresso machine with double boiler brews water at one side at 93 ℃ and steam on the other at 100℃.

Single boilers have two thermostats that are heated to brewing and steaming temperature differently.

Ancient boilers used wood fire to heat the pressurized water.

Modern espresso machines use electric heating elements and have an on/off switch.

Advanced espresso machines are fitted with digital temperature control or a proportional-integral-derivatives controller (PID).

These controls help maintain temperature at the set level without fluctuations that may cause inconsistency in drink taste.

A steam wand’s function is to texturized milk with high pressure steam that is used in making cappuccino and latte.

This is a thin metal nozzle connected to one side of the espresso machine and to the heating element that boils water.

Group Head And Portafilter

This is the last phase that the water goes through before it is dispensed into your cup as coffee.

At this level, the heated and pressurized water is forced through the compressed grounded coffee puck and comes out as coffee.

Even though group heads come in different types, they are composed of;

  • A portfilter which is a metal filter basket that holds ground coffee.
    The coffee is compressed using a tamp and the portafiler returned then secured by portafilter lock.
  • A portfilter lock, locks in the portafilter basket in place.
  • A pressure switch to regulate boiler pressure.
  • Water channel that allows water to move from the boiler to the portafilter.

Group heads can either be saturated or semi-saturated.

Saturated group heads are exposed to the boiler while semi-saturated exist separately from boilers.

As a result, saturated group heads have stable temperature and can quickly attain brewing temperature. Semi-saturated group heads take longer to achieve brewing temperature, are less stable in temperature but easy to repair.

Espresso machines have made it easier for you to prepare great coffee at home with less hustle.

What Qualities Should You Consider When Choosing An Espresso Machine?

Before you select an espresso machine, you need to look out for certain qualities in the espresso machine.

Installation Requirement And Space

The space in your kitchen is important it will determine the dimensions of your espresso machine.

Additionally, you should also consider the possibility of water source connectivity now or in future.

Some machines have top filling reservoirs which you need to check in case your space has cabinets on top.

The best way to solve this is by taking measurements of your kitchen space before selecting your espresso machine.

Type Of Drinks

Different espresso machines produce different drinks depending on the type of boilers they have.

There are single boilers, double boilers and heat exchangers and each produces different drinks differently.

For instance, heat exchangers and dual boilers are great with latte and cappuccinos which involve milk.

Single boilers produce drinks one at a time and are therefore great for espresso and Americanos coffee drinks.


How much you spend on the espresso machine and grinder will affect the overall performance of the machine.

While you may want an aesthetical espresso machine, being able to achieve a great tasting coffee is paramount.

We therefore recommend that you invest 40-50% of your budget into a great grinder.

Consumption Quantity And Frequency

How much cup of coffee do you consume in a day? This question will help you determine the type of espresso machine to buy.

If you are looking to make you a cup of coffee every morning, a single boiler would be ideal.

You can also opt for small dual boiler machine for the same purpose.

On the contrary, you can choose a large dual boiler machine for large volumes of coffee throughout the day.

Preparation Time And Maintenance

This is important as you will know how long it takes to prepare a cup or cups of coffee.

If you need your cup ready at the shortest time, you should consider an espresso machine that will save your time.

Besides, cleaning and maintenance of the machine is also important.

Detachable espresso machine components make cleaning and repair in case of damage faster as opposed to fully attached components.

Quality Of Espresso

Quality is the most import bit if the espresso machines as they determine the flavor of the coffee produced.

Quality is determined by the type of grinder that you buy for your espresso machine.

This is because they ensure size uniformity of the coffee and reduce excess heat and static electricity.

You should check three things on the grinder; burr size, burr shape and the motor power.

Each of this components affect the overall coffee flavor.

Larger burr sizes are faster and better thus reduce the chances of baking and clumping that lead to uneven coffee distribution.

Burr shape can either be conical or flat.

Conical burrs make fine coffee particles which have more flavors.

Flat burrs achieve uniform coffee particles size that allow water through them consistently.

This attribute makes flat burr better than conical burr shapes.

Lastly, motor power is directly proportional to the espresso outcome.

The bigger the motor, the higher the power and the better the espresso flavor.

Is Espresso Machine Same As Nespresso Machine?

No, it is not.

Espresso machine brews coffee by forcing heated pressurized water through ground coffee puck.

Nepresso machine brews coffee by forcing pressurized hot water through punctured capsules of ground coffee.

espresso machine

espresso machine

While espresso machine is operated by coffee experts, nepresso can be operated by anyone and achieve similar outcome.

They both achieve an atmospheric pressure of 9 bars of pressure when pumping the water to be used.

An espresso machine was designed to achieve the best coffee flavor while enjoying the art of brewing.

On the other hand, nepresso machine was purposely for convenience and consistency and does not need expertise to operate.

nespresso machine

nespresso machine

Which Types Of Espresso Machines Do You Manufacture?

We manufacture a wide selection of espresso coffee machines such as:

Lever Or Manual-Driven Machines

Lever driven espresso machines require physical strength to operate them.

They have manual or spring levers which control flow rate, pre-infusion rate and pressure by just pulling down a lever.

Manual levers rest horizontally and are operated by raising and pulling down for a shot.

Spring driven machines lever point up in a relaxed position and the piston is pulled down and up.

manual espresso machine

manual espresso machine

Steam-Driven Machines

These type of espresso machines use steam to move pressurized hot water through the compacted ground coffee.

The same water used to create steam is used for coffee brewing.

This type of espresso machine has low pressure below 9 bars (1-1.5 bars) and also overheats water used for coffee extraction.

steam driven espresso machine

steam driven espresso machine


These are the modern espresso machines which use electric current to move pre-heated water through coffee puck in portable filter.

Pump-driven espresso machines are subdivided into automated, semi-automated and super-automated types.

Each of these types differ from one another by the number of boilers, pump type and computer programming.

pump driven espresso machine

pump driven espresso machine

Which Quality Standards Marks Should Espresso Machine Manufacturers Have On The Machine?

We understand that quality is life for consumers when it comes to espresso machine manufacturing.

We therefore ensure our machines go through the recommended quality assurance processes before releasing them into the market.

Some of the standard quality marks that appear in our espresso machines include; CE, CCC, RoHS, EMC, GS, SA, CQC, etc.

This does not stop at that, we ensure constant monitoring and adherence to the quality standard procedure to maintain quality compliance.

Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Have Product Return Policy?


We allow product returns in case you feel unsatisfied with your espresso machine orders.

We can effect replacement, repair or refund on returned products as per the policy terms.

Please ensure that you understand our return policy and inform us before sending the machine back to us.

This is to ensure that you package the machine well and the reason for return is inevitable and cannot be solved remotely.

Which Materials Do Espresso Machine Manufacturer Use?

We use stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and mesh in the manufacture of the different parts of the espresso machines.

Since the designs differ, one espresso machine may be different from the other in terms of material.

We ensure we use only materials that are safe for human use and environment and free from toxins.

How Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Carry Out Quality Control During Production?

We carry our quality control throughout our processes beginning from material sourcing to packaging of the espresso machine orders.

We have experienced team of quality assurance personnel who create and maintain our production process flows according to required standards.

They also ensure strict adherence to the processes and carry our inspections at every production stage.

Besides, we provide you with samples for pre-production sampling before we can mass produce.

Finally, our team carries out final individual inspections on the espresso machines before shipment.

What After Sales Services Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Offer?

We offer after sales support to you even when the warranty period has passed.

Our technicians can offer troubleshooting support for potential faults via calls or emails.

We also stock spare parts and accessories which we can ship to facilitate faster repairs of espresso machines.

We also assist with espresso machine installation and user manual training onsite.

Our support center staff are knowledgeable in matters espresso machine and can diagnose issues on phone and advise you further.

What Warranty Types Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Offer?

There are two types of warranties that we can offer for espresso machine; parts and labor warranties. Parts warranty assures you of spare parts replacement during the warranty period.

Labor warranty covers installation, service and maintenance bit of the warranty.

How Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Support Small Businesses?

If you are a small business, we encourage you to manufacture your order with us.

We do allow you to modify designs that are in our catalogues to save you the cost of creating designs.

We also accept small orders below our minimum orders quantities to avoid restricting you doing business with us.

Will Espresso Machine Manufacturer In China Help Protect My Design?


We help protect our customers’ espresso machine designs to prevent them from theft by other manufacturers.

There are three ways with which we assist to protect your design ideas when you partner with us for manufacturing.

We engage our legal personal to help you register your design with relevant China authorities and customs.

Our legal team conduct due diligence to check if the design has been registered before.

If the design has not been registered, they proceed to apply for registration and follow through to the end.

Secondly, we encourage you to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us before disclosing the design with our team.

This legal contract will be legally binding and will help you resolve issues that may arise.

Lastly, we keep our word to our customers when we enter into business relationship. We earn your trust by looking out for any design theft and act accordingly as guided by the contract.

Do Espresso Machine Manufacturers Offer Product Samples?

We offer one sample of an espresso machine at a cost which we refund when you put an order with us. The sample takes about 7 days to deliver and the freight cost for its shipment is billed to you.

How Do Espresso Machine Manufacturer Support ODM And OEM Clients?

We offer our ODM clients the liberty of modifying existing designs and rebranding them and OEM clients design and production support.

ODM clients are normally small businesses and do not have financial resources as compared to OEM clients.

How Long Will Espresso Machine Manufacturers In China Take To Process My Orders?

Our orders take between 45 to 60 days from the date of order confirmation and deposit of the total amount.

Initial and customized orders tend to take longer compared to repeat orders.

We also accept to process emergency orders but at a higher cost than normal orders.

How Does Espresso Machine Manufacturers Ensure Voltage Compatibility?

Voltage compatibility is something that we take seriously to avoid damages, explosions or fire outbreak due to voltage incompatibility.

We extend this to socket types as they also differ per region globally.

Our espresso machines are manufactured within the global electric systems; 100-127 V at 60 hertz (Hz) or 220-240V at 50 Hz.

To achieve voltage compatibility across the globe, we manufacture our coffee machines within the two electric systems used globally with physical compatibility.

When you place your order, we check your region and match electric voltage and socket type of your region.

Do Espresso Machine Manufacturer Offer Replacement Parts?

An espresso machine comprises of different parts that work in synchronization to produce coffee drink. The parts include; group head, handle, steam nozzle, boilers, pump, portafilter, filter basket, etc.

We keep the spare parts in our service centers for easy accessibility by our clients whenever they are in need.

The spares are offered under parts warranty which allows you to request for part replacement after issue diagnosis.

We then ship the parts once you make payment and refund when we receive the damaged parts.

Will Espresso Machine Manufacturer In China Help In Design Process?


We have a team of experienced engineers who assist with design processing, production, installation, service maintenance and repairs.

They are able to guide you through your idea to mold creation and finally a sample for your approval.

What Is The Difference Between Private Label And OEM Espresso Machine Manufacture Service?

In a private label espresso machines manufacturing service, the client uses their own brand and contract us for manufacturing services.

On the contrary, OEM manufacturing involves designing the machine from scratch and contracting us to manufacture for you.

Which Safety Features Do Espresso Machine From China Have?

  • Safety valve which releases pressure from the overheating and pressure build up from the brewing.
  • Temperature controls enables you to set your desired coffee temperature between the two thermostats.

Can Espresso Machine Manufacturer Prepare Packages For Amazon Fulfillment?

Yes, we can.

Amazon fulfilment help store, package and ship espresso machine to you on our behalf.

You can inform us when placing your orders where you want your orders delivered to and we’ll fulfill your wish.

Other Coffee Products We Offer:

Contact us now for all your espresso machines.

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