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Longbank can custom your garbage disposal with your own idea design. Longbank are the best and reliable manufacturer in China, We are producing a lot of garbage disposal worldwide.

  • More than 10 years garbage disposal manufacturer and supplier
  • 100% trusted and reliable services
  • High-quality garbage disposal material
  • 24/7 online to assist your garbage disposal orders
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Your Trusted Garbage Disposal Manufacturers in China

Longbank is very willing to support your garbage disposal needs. As a leading provider of garbage disposal, Longbank is an expert in giving trusted quality garbage disposal for more than 10 years. At Longbank, you can find the best and good quality garbage disposal that you desired.

Furthermore, We have rich experience in manufacturing garbage disposal. Just Contact Us! We are 24/7 to assist with your garbage disposal orders. We have expert teams and workers that you can trust in terms of producing garbage disposal. Choose Longbank as your professional manufacturer and supplier.

Longbank Garbage Disposal for Your Business

Home Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposer

Longbank producing compression Home Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposer for all client’s applications. Get the best and high-quality Home Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposer at Longbank production.

Kitchen Sink Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch

We manufactured different Kitchen Sink Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch with high-quality standards. Our Kitchen Sink Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch is always available on Us.

Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine

You can find the best Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine at Longbank manufacturer. We can supply this that suits on your application.

Food Recycling Machine Garbage Disposer

Food Recycling Machine Garbage Disposer of Longbank are in good quality you can get the best Food Recycling Machine Garbage Disposer of what you desired. Order Now.

Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Household Sink Garbage Disposal

Longbank manufactured high-quality Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Household Sink Garbage Disposal. And also it is easy to manage during your garbage disposal.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Waste Processor

Our Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Waste Processor is unique and durable. If you need Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Waste Processor, Longbank is your good choice.


Kitchen Use Bone Garbage Food Waste Recycling Disposer

You can get the best and unique Kitchen Use Bone Garbage Food Waste Recycling Disposer at Longbank services. You can assure the best quality of every product.

Kitchen Food Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher Food Waste Disposer

Longbank produces high-quality Kitchen Food Garbage Processor Disposal Crusher Food Waste Disposer with the best material. These types of products are very useful when it comes to our garbage disposal.

Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Household Sink Garbage Disposal

At Longbank we can help you to provide these kinds of Kitchen Food Waste Disposer Household Sink Garbage Disposal. We choose the best material to secure the quality of each of our products.

EGD-0701Electrical Garbage Disposer

Longbank supply EGD-0701Electrical Garbage Disposer that made with high-quality materials, it is 100% original. We make sure you can benefit  EGD-0701Electrical Garbage Disposer for a long time of use.

CE Garbage Disposal Food Waste Composting Machine

It’s good to use CE Garbage Disposal Food Waste Composting Machine to avoid and process in which micro-organisms, mainly fungi, and bacteria in our environment. At Longbank we secure the safety of everyone. Choose Longbank for your garbage disposal orders.

Food Scraps Garbage Disposal Automatic

Food Scraps Garbage Disposal Automatic usually electrically powered, installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap. At Longbank get a durable Food Scraps Garbage Disposal Automatic.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Professional Garbage Disposal Manufacturers

Longbank has a wide range of supplying different types of garbage disposal for more than 10 years. Longbank as your professional manufacturer, We provide the best and 100% original garbage disposal that you’re always looking for.

Longbank made garbage disposal with excellent quality materials for you to be able to have advantages and features that you are looking forward to. This garbage disposal is very useful outdoor and indoor. Orders Now.

Garbage Disposal Manufacturers

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Garbage Disposal Manufacturers in China

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Longbank- Your Professional Garbage Disposal Manufacturers in China

Longbank is your perfect and excellent garbage disposal manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce garbage disposal with unique features including durability, high-quality materials, and the original materials.

We, Longbank always recommend using garbage disposal which can recycle all garbage in our places. Furthermore, we make our garbage disposal with a high-quality and unique garbage disposal. It is easy to use, not dangerous.

Besides, Longbank is a professional manufacturer and supplier of garbage disposal with over 10 years of experience. We are proud to present our perfect garbage disposal with the help of our professional workers and engineers. We prioritize our responsibility as a professional manufacturer and make the right decision for every garbage disposal product.

If you are looking for the perfect and unique garbage disposal, Longbank is you’re the best choice. So if you are looking for good permanent businesses for the garbage disposal, then choose Longbank. Longbank can provide it for you without anything problems or any issues.

We provide anything products like garbage disposal in a good and professional way. Since Longbank has over 10 years of experience in this industry.

We assure you that all of our garbage disposal products are tested and certified productions.

For more information about our exceptional garbage disposal.

You can feel free to contact Us. Send your inquiry Now.


Garbage Disposal Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Finding a Garbage Disposal Manufacturer can be a bit of a challenge.

This is especially true if you have no idea where to begin.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled these ultimate frequently asked questions.

You can find more information if you scroll down.


Do you think a Garbage Disposal is worth the investment?

Investing in it will last longer and save money that would otherwise be spent on trash bags. 

A food grinder grinds food particles into tiny pieces, which can easily flow through drainage pipes.

The improper disposal of hazardous waste can even affect humans through drinking water and food. 

Hazardous wastes can easily enter the environment at an unwelcome rate if they are not properly disposed of.

What is the advantage of a Garbage Disposal machine?

Garbage disposals help eliminate odors caused by rotting foods by breaking down the excess waste. 

As an added bonus, they can keep drains from getting clogged, which makes washing dishes a whole lot easier. 

What is the process of garbage disposal?

An under sink garbage disposal collects solid food waste in a grinding chamber and mounts to the underside of the sink. 

Food waste is forced against the grinding chamber’s outer wall when the disposal is turned on by a spinning disc, or impeller plate.


Does a Manufacturer can construct different types of Garbage Disposal?

There is no doubt about it! Because we can customize them to suit your preferences, we have almost no limits to our options.

There are a variety of styles available to you, including;


Home Garbage Disposal Food: 

Made with Non toxic materials. Manufactured with safety measures.

Home Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposer

Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch:

Using air pressure, it turns on and off your garbage disposal. 

With this simple solution, you can power your garbage disposal without having to deal with complicated wiring.

Kitchen Sink Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch

Food Recycling Machine Garbage Disposal:

Made with Stainless material. Stainless steel is corrosion-free. Can be customized.

Manufactured with high end components.

Food Recycling Machine Garbage Disposer

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Waste Processor: 

Almost liquified, food waste is flushed through your plumbing by an InSinkErator food waste disposer. 

Your plumbing flushes food waste to wastewater treatment, where it can be converted into biogas and fertilizer.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Waste Processor

Bone Garbage Food Disposal: 

Designed for handling tough food scraps with a durable induction motor.

Kitchen Sink Food Waste Disposer Garbage Disposal Machine Air Switch

CE Garbage Disposal: 

When it comes to composting waste, it is very reliable. Manufactured with safety features and easy to use.

CE Garbage Disposal Food Waste Composting Machine

Is China capable of manufacturing Garbage Disposal?

In China, you will find the most reliable manufacturers for your Garbage Disposal brand.

The Chinese economy has grown to become one of the largest in the world.

Since the government allowed international trade and embraced the global market, many changes have taken place in the country.

In recent years, China has grown considerably as a manufacturing and purchasing powerhouse.

A leading manufacturing powerhouse like China is not hard to understand.

The knowledge, competence, credibility, and ease of doing business are some of the reasons for this.

Ningbo Longbank Resources‘ team exhibits all of these characteristics.

What are the resources used in the manufacture of garbage disposal  machines?

These kinds of information must be provided to our clients as part of our safety measures. 

We use stainless steel and safe plastic in most of our products, including our Garbage Disposal 

As well as raw-material traceability identification, we also include it on our products 

In order to make it easier for Clients to identify the origin of raw materials.

How do Garbage Disposal manufacturers maintain their high quality products?

Quality assurance streamlines production and ensures that final products meet company standards. 

This ensures that the design, testing, and production processes will be carried out as planned.

In manufacturing businesses, quality assurance is essential to providing customers with high-quality products. 

Both the company and its customers benefit from following quality standards. 

This process involves important tasks, but luckily, there is a high-tech solution to ensure accuracy.

All quality assurance processes must adhere to a specific quality standard.

Test Equipment is used during the entire process, especially during the verification step, to ensure that all products are being checked properly.

Our instruments include a Three Dimensional Measuring Instrument, a Secondary Element Measuring Instrument, a Bearing Noise Detector, and an X-ray Spectrometer

What is the power consumption of a garbage disposal?

You must install the garbage disposal in an outlet protected by a 120 volt, 20 amp circuit breaker.

4 to 6 amps are typically consumed by a garbage disposal powered by 12 horsepower.

Power consumption is determined by the amp rating, which is important to consider.

In the US, food scraps generate more than 31 million tons of solid waste every year.

Disposing of food waste is both practical and environmentally responsible. 

Food waste is transported to landfills and incinerated, generating emissions.


Can we brand the garbage disposals you manufacture?

There is no doubt in my mind! There are many services we offer at our company, including that one.

In the event that a product needs to be reworked, the Chinese factory can produce it in a short period of time and at a low cost.

It is definitely possible to have a logo customized by us.

Garbage Disposal logo customization requires a minimum number of pieces based on the type of garbage Disposal  you select.

There may also be variations in price. 

Should you wish to discuss it further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


How does ordering directly from Garbage Disposal manufacturers benefit you?

Since there is no intermediary involved, direct purchases eliminate third-party costs.

Consequently, both manufacturers and customers benefit from cost savings.

Additionally, manufacturers offer convenience and customization to their clients.

Clients can also expect after-sales service for each transaction.

We can also provide authentication services and shipping assistance as part of our services.

Could you please let me know what the terms of payment are for Garbage Disposal manufacturers?

You can order different types of items based on what you want.
Sample purchases can be made using Aliexpress, Western Union, and other payment methods.

High transaction fees should be avoided for mass production.

Your payment options include L/C, T/T, and D/P.
Shipping by sea requires a letter of credit for larger quantities. 

It is common for small quantities of shipments to be transported by air using advance T/T payments. 

For this reason, documents such as air waybills, commercial invoices, and packing lists will be sent to you with the shipment.


How does the after-sales service for Garbage Disposal manufacturers work?

As we all know, it ensures that the products you buy are of high quality and do not contain manufacturing defects.

It is the right of consumers to ask the manufacturer to handle any issues according to the terms of their warranty.

During the after-sales process, we want to be sure that all of our services are provided efficiently by us as a manufacturer.

If you have a warranty claim, we are happy to assist you.

We only require our clients to submit a Proof of Purchase and Warranty Certificate.

The warranty covers factory defects, but does not cover malfunctions caused by customers.

Professional maintenance services should be provided to clients.

We can also accommodate on-site installations.

In addition to these, spare parts replacement is free.

When it comes to garbage disposals, how do Chinese manufacturers deal with the various types of plugs?

Chinese plugs come in three types, type A, type C, and type I.

The plug type A has two flat pins equally spaced, the plug type C has two round pins,

and the plug type I has three flat pins triangularly arranged.
We are also willing to manufacture Type D, M, or F plugs for other countries, since we manufacture worldwide.

Would you mind letting me know which one you prefer?


What is our edge over other Garbage Disposal manufacturers?

Due to firms competing for customers, costs decrease, products are of higher quality, choices are greater, and innovation increases. 

There is a crucial role for market competition in both product and labor markets.

If you have a competitive advantage over our competitors, it can contribute to higher profit margins. 

In this way, we are able to attract more customers on a regular basis. 

By doing so, brand loyalty can be maintained more easily.

This is one of the many reasons why we stand out from other manufacturers.

Professionalism is just one of our strengths. We have over 30 years’ experience in this field. 

Panasonic, Black & Decker, Toshiba, Target, Walmart, and many others use many of the products we manufacture!

Is it possible for Chinese Garbage Disposal manufacturers to sell replicas?

In order to create the best products, we use the finest raw materials and manufacture them according to the highest standards.

To protect yourself from online fraudsters, please make your purchase through our official website and email address.
Upon request, we can share our quality certificates with you so that you can verify the authenticity of our products.

The Chinese government passed a law that holds online retailers responsible for selling counterfeit goods and liable for fines up to 2 million Renminbi.

We operate with honesty and integrity because we believe that what goes around comes around.

We have created products for clients around the world.

We cannot let this opportunity pass us by.

In China, how can we ensure garbage disposal manufacturers’ authenticity?

As a result of being verified on a variety of well-known platforms, you gain instant authenticity. 

Platforms that deem you authentic will be viewed by other users as authentic. 

Consequently, social proof also accumulates. 

A social proof is the idea that something must be right if others agree or participate.

Since there are a lot of schemes going on all over the world, we want to ensure that our clients do not view us that way.

We do not want to be outdated on marketing strategies, even though we have proven a lot in this industry.

It is actually because of our creative efforts that we are still operating.

In case our website isn’t enough, you can search our Flagship store on Alibaba, Made-In-China. 

Additionally, we cordially invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel:


And Linkedin:


When will my Garbage Disposal order arrive?

You should keep in mind that delivery times vary depending on the size of your order.

Generally, sample orders take 1-7 days to complete, whereas Minimum Order Quantity orders take 30 to 45 days.

It will depend on the production season and the quantity of the order and how long the lead time will be.

We offer several types of delivery terms. There are three types of freight: ocean freight, land freight, and air freight.

Due to the high costs of air freight, we only recommend it for sample orders.

There is also an option for Express Delivery, but it is an additional charge.


Is it possible for you to tell me how much Garbage Disposals cost?

In our pricing system, there is usually a manufacturer’s price and a retail price.

Quantity ordered must be known in order to determine price. 

When you purchase more or if your purchase exceeds the minimum,

We can offer you a discount between 5 and 10%.

Negotiations may be possible regarding the price.

Please follow the links below to obtain our Best Quote:

Are you able to explain what the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is?

It refers to the minimum quantity of products a customer (business or consumer) must purchase for a supplier or manufacturer to fulfill their order. 

It is possible to determine MOQ either by unit price or by price value in order to achieve the target gross profit margin.

The manufacturing industry as well as clients with minimum order quantities can benefit from a number of factors. 

By setting a minimum order quantity, buyers and suppliers can control costs and maximize profits.

With regard to MOQ, it is actually quite affordable for our clients.

Depending on the type you choose, we only set up 1000 pieces or 2000 pieces of our High Quality Garbage Disposal. 

We therefore need to know what type of garbage Disposal you want in order to provide an accurate MOQ.


Would it be possible to request samples of your product in order to determine its performance?

Samples are a good way for clients to get a sense of what your products are like and to test their quality.

Product samples are the best way for us to help clients understand our items.

We also use this to introduce our garbage disposal product to new clients who are not familiar with our brand. Motivate current clients to stay loyal by developing relationships with them.

Find out more about our products.

Please let us know if you would like samples. 

Charges for samples and shipping will, however, be the responsibility of the buyer.

If you decide to place an order, your account will be credited back.

It will take between one and seven business days for samples to arrive at your preferred address.


Does China’s Garbage Disposal manufacturer follow the ISO?

There’s no doubt about that! Since we manufacture all over the world, we are responsible for following these types of organizations. 

It is not an option for us to take this agreement for granted.

The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) is China’s ISO member body.

When dealing with Chinese companies, it is common to see an ISO 9001 certificate indicating that the quality management system has been inspected and certified.

Additionally, we adhered to other Standard Certifications that were necessary to continue operations.

Furthermore, we are always open to providing what we are accredited with, including RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, LFGB, SAA, and 3C.

Why is Garbage Disposal so important in today’s world?

By managing waste, we protect the environment from the toxic effects of inorganic and biodegradable elements. 

Waste management can lead to water contamination, soil erosion, and air pollution.

In a safe, ethical, and responsible manner, waste can be disposed of or recycled to reduce negative impacts on the environment. 

When waste management procedures are followed regularly, fewer waste materials end up in the general waste stream.

Is it necessary to empty the garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals should be cleaned every week, ideally. 

As long as it is maintained and monitors what goes into it, it can be cleaned once every 2 to 3 weeks,

It is always a good idea to clean the Garburator. 

It is highly likely that the sludge and debris in the machine will rot if this does not happen.


Can Garbage Disposal machines be customized?

If this factor influences your decision to partner with us, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are pleased to invite you to discuss this in more detail.

If such a request is made, we will be happy to accommodate it.

Packaging can be customized according to your preferences. Choose a logo that you prefer, 

You can even customize the graphics.

It is possible that personalized products will have a different price because they are special requests.

Send us an email, fax, phone call, or send us a Whatsapp message to get in touch with us.


We cordially invite you to Contact us now for more details.

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