High-Quality Ro Membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane, as the name implies, is a semipermeable membrane, which is capable of allowing water molecules to pass through, but not to allow most other molecules like salts, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens to pass through.

Generally, a reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced about every three to five years based on how well the membrane is performing when it comes to producing water. There is, however, a possibility that a membrane can last even longer than five years if it is still producing good quality water at that time.

The maintenance of membrane efficiency will require both high pH CIP chemicals as well as low pH CIP chemicals to be used in the cleaning of RO membranes. Generally speaking, it is always recommended to always begin the cleaning process with a high pH in order to ensure that any organic or biological foulants are penetrated and dispersed in the process.

Types of Reverse Osmosis Filters

  • This sea water desalination system is used to use sea water as a source of drinking water, irrigation water, and other uses for which it should be desalinated.
  • You can use a brackish water system to clean water that contains a high level of salt in it (which is dirtier than tap water due to its salt content).
  • It is important to know that water treatment plants are used to treat a large area of water, including surface water and brackish water as well as sea water.



Certification: CB, ce, EMC, ETL, LFGB, RoHS

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Capacity: 200 Pieces/Month

Package Includes

High-Quality Ro Membrane


Power Cord

Instruction manual

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High-Quality Ro Membrane

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