Hot Sell Cold press Slow juicer

It allows for larger ingredients to be fed without being cut, thereby saving you time and reducing oxidation. Juice can be mixed with a drip-free juice spout, and recipes can be rinsed between them with no mess.

Make healthy and delicious juices with slow cold press technology, which reduces friction and heat. In contrast to blenders or high speed juicers, it keeps fruit and vegetable cell walls intact, reduces oxidation, and maximizes nutrition retention. Using the minimum amount of fruits, vegetables, organic leafy greens, nuts and wheatgrass, you can extract the maximum number of nutrients, vitamins, and taste.

This compact juicer is a convenient alternative to other centrifugal juicers for juice extractors that take up a lot of space. The product is made of a BPA-free material, is easy to assemble, operate, and clean. 

It has BPA-free materials for food contact parts, a 250 watt motor for high output, lower noise, and an easy-to-clean, compact design.

Patent augers with spiral systems and low speeds of 60-80 rpm perfectly separate the pomace from the juice, and extract nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.


Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 182*146*388mm

Power (W): 250

Rating (Rpm): 60

Voltage (V): 220

Feed mouth: 92mm

Juice yield: 99%


Single package size: 20X35X35 cm

Single gross weight: 3.000 kg

Package Type: 4pcs/carton

Selling Units: Single item

Package Includes

Hot Sell Cold press Slow juicer

Power Cord

Instruction Manual

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Hot Sell Cold press Slow juicer

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