Your Professional Ice Crusher Manufacturer in China

Longbank is a trusted company that manufactures the Ice Crushers on a large scale. We manufacture the ice crusher that contains premium quality features and is easy to manage.

  • Durable structure and easy to manage
  • You can install the structure of your own choice
  • High-efficiency rate and ISO-certified
  • Environment friendly and no pollution
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Your Expert Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

Longbank supplies the best Ice Crusher and many other related products worldwide. These products have portable body design that is according to their function. Due to the durability of structural material, it is widely used in all major regions worldwide.

Longbank offers its customers the customization of the products. That is, you can avail the features in the creation of your choice. You can get this custom featured product at our company. You need the specifications of your interest and get the desired outcome.

Longbank Ice Crusher for Your Business

Electric Ice Crusher Snow Cone Machine

 The ice crusher machine contains thick and resistive material. Has a holding capacity of 34L and also includes a drainage box that prevents water leakage at the surface. The stiff blade of the machine crushes the ice into snow that you can use for several purposes.

Electric-Shaved Ice Crusher Snow Cone Maker Tabletop

The body contains ABS material, while the inner blades include stainless steel. PC material manufactures the food grade and is applicable at home and commercially. This machine is suitable for milkshakes, cone making, and frozen yogurt.

Ice Shaving Machine for Home and Commercial Use

The safety switch lies under the dust-proof lid of the machine. There are a lot of safety features such as the cover opening then the machine stops automatically. Handles on both sides of the device have a compact and durable body structure.

Electric Ice Crushers with Stainless steel Blade Kitchen Machine

Electric ice crusher manufactures tasty drinks. You can use it at home and also on a commercial level for making frozen and slush drinks. At the retail level, it applies to cafes, bars, restaurants, carnivals, banquets, school canteens, and festivals.

Electric Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver

Our product of electric ice shave contains the blades of stainless steel. Hygienic conditions and an anti-oxidant roof enhance the safety of food. The mechanical design of the body makes it’s working smooth and saves energy. The steel bowl catches the ice firmly.

Electric Ice Crusher with Dual Blades Bowl

An electric ice crusher of 300W provides soft, thinner, and fluffy snow. The machine is suitable for shaved ice that manufactures snow cones, beverages, margaritas, and slush. The body of the device is durable and shows a high-efficiency rate.

Our countertop snow cone maker contains blades of stainless steel. Their mechanical orientation and sharpness capture the ice cubes powerfully and then break them into small pieces. These cubes will ultimately change into fluffy and delicious snow.

Shaved Ice Maker for Snow Cone Frozen

Longbank manufactures the shaved ice maker for snow cone frozen that you can use in the kitchen. Add it to frozen cocktails and many other drinks. This device can also control the ingredients in the beverages, such as sugar-free and organic.

Premium Portable Bingsu ice shaver for kids

Premium portable Bingsu contains a silicon ice tray that can prepare 15 pcs of ice cubes at a time for all types of drinks. You can release these cubes with a little push and then use them in any cocktail party, home, office, or restaurant.

Snow Cone Maker Shaver Machine

Our product of single snow cone makes shaver machine contains the sharpened and steel constructed blades. You need to insert the ice cubes into this tray and get the most fluffy, delicious, and snow-like ice that you can insert into several drinks.

Countertop Electric Shaved ice Crusher for Family Party

The blades of the machine contain sensitive and durable material. The body design of the device not only captures the ice cubes powerfully and cuts the ice into fine and fluffy snow. The transparent storage house is also applicable in various household activities.

Fruit Electric Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Maker

Fruit electric ice shaver splashes the ice cubes into fluffy and delicious snow that you can use in various drinks, margaritas, and cocktails. Adding the cube into the syrup will absorb the syrup with flavor that you can serve at festivals and fairs.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Ice Crusher Manufacturer

Longbank is a trusted and reliable industry that manufactures thousands of ice crushers yearly. Due to its durable body material, the device works efficiently for an extended period. We transfer our product to all major regions of the world, including the United States, Australia, France, Italy, and many others.

Longbank is an ISO-certified brand with many other certifications, including ISO9000-2001, ROHS, UL, CE, CCC, and TUVD. All of these achievements prove the authenticity of the device.

Our company has a most professional staff including highly qualified engineers and expert employees. All of these give the best of their work and produce outstanding products each year.

You can get the product of your own choice. Just provide your product’s desired features and customize it according to your requirements.

Ice Maker Machine

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Expert Ice Crusher Manufacturer In China

Longbank has been manufacturing several products for several years in China, including the different forms of ice crushers. If you need a reliable and durable ice crusher, then you can contact the Longbank.

Longbank has gained people’s trust by providing durable and authentic products to its customers. Their products show maximum productive rate and remain efficient for an extended period.

Ice crusher of Longbank is also a professional product that crushes the ice into delicious, fluffy snow. The machine’s structure contains the durable and resistive body material of iron that protect it from destruction. The covering of anti-oxidant material act as the protective shield around the machine.

The body design of the machine is mechanically adjusted according to the device’s working. The device usually contains a tray or bowl for capturing the ice cubes. After that, the blades rotate speedily, crushing the cubes into delicious and fluffy snow. You can remove this snow easily with a little push. The machine’s blades contain stainless steel, making them hard and sharp.

The portable body of the machine contains the handle on both sides. With them, you can carry the device anywhere in the world without embarrassment.

Ice crusher has a lot of applications, such as you can use them for the production of delicious snow. This snow can be added to many drinks, beverages, margaritas, cocktails, and household items. You can use it at your house and commercial level for the best results.

Ice crusher of Longbank has unique features that you can use for many purposes. This product can be applied for both purposes such as at home kitchen for the service of guests such as in the preparation of soft drinks or many other products. At the same time, you can also use it commercially in your professions, such as in restaurants, bars, school canteens, or any party.

The surface lamination of the machine protects it from environmental fluctuations. Such as, its construction material contains copper or iron that makes it resistive to moist and protects it from rusting. Thus, act as an anti-oxidant or protective shield.

Working Method of The Ice Crusher Machine

The working of the ice crusher machine is quite simple.

A pot may be a tray or bowl in some devices.

Put the ice cubes that you need to crush in the pot.

After that, switch the button on for the electric supply.

The blades of the machine will start the rotation speedily.

Added ice will start the crushing and change into fluffy and delicious snow.

As the snow forms, the machine will stop automatically.

Specifications of Ice Crusher

The ice crusher of Longbank contains the original features that are following:

The home-based machine has a plastic body, while the commercial machine contains steel, making it resistant to decay.

Stainless steel is present in constructing machine blades that make them sharp and point.

Anti-oxidant material laminates the whole machine and protects it from environmental oxidation.

Handles on both sides of the machine will help you bring the device anywhere.

The machine’s portable body and surface design make it productive and easy to manage.

The machine contains the large bowl or tray that holds the ice cubes.

The holding capacity of the bowl or tray varies with the machine, such as a home-based device contains less holding capacity while commercial machines can keep large amounts of ice cubes.

After the snow formation, you can release it quickly with a simple push.

Relatively easy to manage and portable.

Applications of Ice Crusher

Due to the most advanced features’ presence, ice represents many applications. Most of them are mentioned below:

The crushed ice is applicable in soft drinks at your home for better service.

You can also use it at restaurants, bars, and parties for beverages or cocktails.

Commercial products have wide applications such as in school canteens or any open area.

Wholesale Ice Crushers supplier in China

Longbank is the most trusted industry for the supply of Ice crushers, which has a central production unit in China. This product contains the most progressive characteristics that make it robust and sturdy. The Ice Crusher has broadcasting approaches such as in school canteens, bars, parties, home kitchens, and commercial levels.

For product quality, Longbank has its experimental place of motors, such as checking the body resistivity, analyzing the sharpness of blades, and examining the machine’s working efficiency. All products, mainly Ice Crusher, are ISO certified and got many other standard achievements such as ROHS, CE, GS, TUV, CCC, UL, and many additional authorizations. These authorizations confirm the high-quality product and maximum conversion rate of the device. We can also customize the product’s characteristics according to the customers’ interests.

One-Stop Ice Crushers Solution in China

Since 1972, Longbank has been manufacturing Ice crushers for the benefit of humanity. This production unit has a lot of achievements due to the production of quality-based products. All of these certifications prove that the motor contains features of premium quality. Our manufacturing unit owns the motor parts and the motor testing system.

Longbank also manufactures many other products such as juicer machines, ice makers, electric cookers, blenders, rice cookers, mixer grinders, and electric kettles. All of these products are authentic and show their maximum productivity. For purchasing these products, you can trust Longbank.

Our company also provides a product customization facility. We demand only the desired features from our customers, and then our professional team of engineers and employees manufacture it according to their choice. If you notice any change in the product, you can claim for revision.

Ordering Instructions

To buy an ice crusher, you must specify the type of machine you want. You also confirm the specifications you need in your product, and our professional team will provide that.

You can place the order on the main website of the company. After the payment is received, the product will be released to the address mentioned. If you notice any damage to the product, contact us via email at or call +86 153 1458 8251. For more information, you can contact us.

Bottom Lines

Finally, Longbank manufactures Ice Crusher at a large scale with many beneficial impacts. The ice crusher machine contains the most resistive lamination and sharp blades that cut the ice cubes into snow. The body design of the device is portable that is easy to manage. You can use it at both the in-home kitchen and commercial level.

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