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Longbank manufactures valuable small appliances at home, commercials and even at any part of business using ice machines. We are operating strict appliance inspection before introducing it to our customers. Longbank assures you that by our manufactured ice machine it will help your business level up.

  • Expert enough to manufacture ice machines
  • Introduce durable ice machine for your business
  • Grant your demand ice machine design and sizes
  • Provide you the best customer service
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Your Leading Ice Machine Supplier in China

If you are looking for a high-quality ice machine for your personal and for your business, Longbank can offer you a satisfying quality of ice machine. As your business partner, we intend to help you encounter successful outcomes. By letting us as your reliable manufacturer of ice machines, expect the excellent services from us.

Longbank as your leading supplier, keeps our exceptional works by following our high-standard rules when manufacturing ice machines and delivering it safely. We can give you samples for a quality analysis. Just let us know your preferred type of ice machine, and we will take care immediately of the processing stages.

Longbank Ice Machines for Your Business

Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Countertop ie maker machine is easy to use. You can find it at Longbank an excellent countertop ice maker machine

Handle Type Ice Maker Machine

Longbank handle type ice maker machine are perfect for those who stay in a temporary area. It is easy to carry whenever you need to relocate.

Touch screen countertop nugget ice maker machine

Longbank residential portable masonry ice machine is very useful in many ways. You can count on Longbank when you need this.

Portable cube ice machine

The Longbank portable cube ice machine is perfect for home applications. Longbank can produce a high end portabkle cube ice machine.

Block Ice Machine

You can always count on Longbank if you are looking for a reliable compact design block ice machine with the best appearance

Stainless Steel Cube Ice Machine

The Longbank stainless steel cube ice machine has a high strength which improves its durability and longevity.

Water Dispenser with Ice Maker Machine

Longbank Water dispenser with ice maker machine are perfect for those who stay in a temporary area. It is easy to carry whenever you need to relocate.

Hot selling household portable water dispenser with ice maker machine

The Longbank automatic nugget ice maker machine with cold water can save you efforts and time since this type of product has an automatic feature.

Lifestyle flack ice maker with water cooler machine

For industrial application, the Longbank industrial water cooler with ice maker machine is an exceptional and perfect choice

Ice Machine

At Longbank, you can encounter a reliable and trusted automatic ice machine with the best looking

Cube Ice Machine

Longbank can offer an affordable and quality cube ice machine for square cube ice that has the full capacity to produce ice.

Commercial Ice machine

Longbank commercial ice machines are ideal for commercial applications. This is suitable for those who have a business where ice is needed.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Premier Ice Machine Manufacturer

Longbank as your premier small appliances manufacturer, is expert enough to give you the highest quality of our products especially ice machines. We are one of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers that can give you the fulfilling quality of small appliances. We are experienced designers of modern ice machines in China.

Look for the extraordinary functions of ice machines, and Longbank can provide you all your needed types based on your requirements. We are also allowing you to send us your customized approved logo and designs and Longbank can handle such customizations. Inquire on Longbank now for more updates of upgraded ice machines.

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Longbank – Your Popular Ice Machine Supplier in China

Longbank manufactures ice machines without installation required. We are sure that by our produced ice machines, we can reach your ice making desires. It is very suitable in kitchens or even outdoor activities considering its easy operation. Longbank is a well known manufacturer because of our excellent services and features of selling products.

In Longbank your business is secured and will never get lost for the reason that we are supplying you high-quality and satisfying ice machines and other small appliances available in Longbank. We are always giving prior to our customers needs especially for your business. Longbank is composed of professional workers and employees who you can trust in every part of your purchasing products.

If you need specific ice machines with specific functions and applications just look at the lists of Longbank. You can also ask for assistance. We can spend time to help you look for the suitable ice machines for you. You will never regret choosing Longbank as your premier manufacturer and supplier of high-conditioned ice machines.

We made our ice machines with individual purposes and applications but they have common qualities and features. We make sure that your ordered ice machines are brand new and not damaged when it delivers due to careless transporting. Longbank also can provide you complete solutions in any problem from our offered ice machines.

Email or contact us for more updates and inquiries especially about ice machines!


Ice Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s increasingly hot weather, an ice machine is a necessity.

The idea of distributing such a machine is a good one.

Nevertheless, we understand that finding a reliable manufacturer can be challenging.

Here is the good news: we have created this page to help you on how and where to begin.



Is there a difference between an Ice Maker and an Ice Machine?

Generally, ice makers produce a moderate amount of ice cubes, making them ideal for most families.

An ice machine, on the other hand, is a smaller version of a full-sized machine found in a restaurant or hotel. 

In contrast to fridges and freezers, they are stand alone devices that only make ice cubes.

There are four basic types of commercial ice machines: modular or ice machine heads, under counter ice machines,

countertop ice dispensers/makers, and combination ice/water machines.


Why is having a Chinese manufacturer for Ice machines a great idea?

The fact that Chinese goods can be produced at a lower cost than in many other countries is one of the most well-known benefits of manufacturing in China. 

As a result of lower Chinese manufacturing costs, end users are able to enjoy better margins and lower prices. 

If your brand’s production costs are reduced, your gross profit could increase.

These kinds of products are China’s most competitive and staple exports, thanks to cheaper labor cost and a comparatively integrated industrial chain. 

A developed country’s industry has an advantage in capital, R&D, brand recognition, and mature marketing channels.

Therefore, when choosing a Manufacturer it is always a good decision if you consider China.

For the best experience, choose one of the leading manufacturers like Ningbo Longbank Resources.

Is there a guarantee system offered by ice machine manufacturers?

Yes, that’s true.

A typical warranty period is between one and two years, 

The type of ice maker machine you choose will determine how long it will take.

Additionally, that is  from the date the item was purchased.

When you present the warranty authorization and a valid proof of purchase, warranty coverage will be provided.

As a result of this policy, there are no charges for repairs, or replacements.

In the event that the factory-original parts have already been replaced by another company, 

It does not matter whether the warranty claim is filed before or after the warranty period has expired.

Can Chinese manufacturers of Ice Machines sell counterfeit products?

It is our policy to make all of our products 100% authentic, starting with the raw materials used, to the manufacturing process.

You are advised to make your purchase via our official website and email address to avoid online scams.
We are happy to share copies of our quality certificates with you so that you can verify the authenticity of our products. 

Online retailers are also liable for fines of up to RMB 2 million for selling counterfeit goods under a Chinese law.

What is the working principle of an industrial ice machine?

Ice machines produce ice by cooling a batch of water through adiabatic processes. 

When a highly pressurized substance expands, the pressure changes quickly, causing it to cool. 

When you hold down the trigger on your keyboard, the pressurized air you use to clean it becomes cold.

As soon as the cubes reach 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit, an internal thermostat sends a signal to stop the process. 

To loosen the cubes from the molds, a heating coil is activated after they have been created.


How does a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) work? How does it benefit manufacturers?

It is necessary for suppliers to have a minimum order quantity in order to ensure that their production costs will be recovered and profits will be generated at a minimum level.

A supplier must first calculate the MOQ, the production cost, and the number of units he needs to sell in order to make profits.

Manufacturers and clients can benefit from minimum order quantities in several ways. 

MOQs can be an important inventory control tool that helps buyers keep costs low and suppliers maintain profit margins.

Having said that, we set a Minimum Order Quantity of Ice machine for more or less 2000 pieces.

What kind of support do we provide after the sale of an Ice machine?

Our after-sales service involves supporting and helping our customers after they have purchased the products. 

Answering questions about the product or service, providing advice, etc. 

As part of our After-Sales service, we could check in with you to see how you are doing.

In addition to spare parts and failed maintenance, these services will cover repairs.

On top of that, we provide onsite installation and replacement services.

All you need to do is to present the Invoice or Receipt and Warranty Certification.

You can contact or email us in order to process a Warranty Claims.

For this Ice machine, it has a 1 to 2 year limited hardware warranty.

Make sure that there are no materials that are already replaced by other firms and products technical issues should be a factory defect and not caused by others negligence.

How do Manufacturing Costs systems work?

In this category, primes and conversion costs are included.

The manufacturing cost is the total cost of all resources consumed during production.

Materials, labor, and overhead are the three broad categories of manufacturing costs.

It is possible to calculate the total cost of a product by adding direct materials and labor costs, as well as overhead costs.

Also, we must consider these things when transacting with our clients in order for both of us to benefit.


What types of ice machines are available from manufacturers?

Our Ice Machines come in a variety of styles and designs.

The following are some of them:


Cube Ice machine:

Besides producing more ice, it also produces better quality ice, keeps the cooler stocked, and is very convenient to use.

Cube Ice Machine

Commercial Ice machine:

Suitable for business establishments. Cube ice is hard and clear. Made in safe material such as Stainless.

Commercial Ice Machine

Water Cooler with ice machine: 

This type is multifunctional. It can produce water and ice. Very convenient and easy access.

Provide cold drinks with ice makers and water dispensers in the facility.

Water Cooler With Ice Maker Machine

Nugget ice Maker machine:

A Nugget ice machine can provide you with fresh, clean ice at all times. 

You can choose from dozens of pellet ice makers in a variety of sizes.

Nugget Ice Maker Machine With Cold Water

These are just 4 of the choices you can make. We do have a lot of versions. Please contact us for more details.


How energy-intensive is an ice machine constructed by a manufacturer?

A typical ice maker uses 350 kilowatt hours (kWh) in a month. At $0.06 per kWh, that’s about $21. 

A commercial ice maker can handle a much larger volume than one meant for a home. 

The production of 500 pounds of ice per day by a commercial ice maker is not uncommon.

The majority of small commercial ice machines that produce less than 800 pounds of ice are 115v models, but there are some exceptions. 

Ice machines only require a 110v outlet to deliver the necessary amount of electricity for operation.

Is it possible to save energy by turning off the ice machines?

If you want ice, you must keep it plugged in and running all the time.

When the unit is turned off, the ice will melt and the water will return to the reservoir. 

If it is turned off, the machine produces ice even when the ice level in the bin drops, keeping the bin full at all times.

By turning off the ice machine, you will save money on your energy bill.


When it comes to Ice machines, how long do they typically last?

The average ice machine lasts for less than 10 years if it is used every day.

It is safe to estimate that the machine will last approximately four to five years, or during the warranty period.

The warranty is valid for a limited period of time, but after that there is no guarantee. 

Perform routine maintenance and cleaning on your ice machine to extend its life.


What are the shipping policies for manufacturers of ice machines?


There are several ways in which the Ice Maker machine can be shipped or delivered.

You can choose whichever method you prefer. Here are some important provisions to keep in mind: 

Air Freight: 

Air freight is straightforward from pickup to delivery. Logistics providers will coordinate with local carriers to pick up at your warehouse or holding facility. When the freight has been loaded, the carrier will tender it to the airport for loading onto a plane.

However, this is advisable for sample order products only and not for large numbers of orders..

Express: This is the fastest shipping method

For this type of deliveries, the customer incurs an additional shipping charge.

Maritime Freight: 

Ice maker machines are transported by sea freight on cargo ships. 

 A vessel is loaded with goods after they are packed into containers, 

On their way to their final destination, they sailed.

This is the usual method we use for international orders.

Land Freight:  

Land freight connects many supply chains to consumers, particularly in the EU. The relay race involving a supply chain would not be possible without land transport.

Normally, this type of delivery is used within our country or a nearby country.



Would it be possible for the manufacturer to customize the ice machine for us?

Yes, sure thing! If you decide to partner with us based on this, please let us know. 

If you could contact us, we would appreciate it

It is my pleasure to invite you to dive into the area of expertise discussed in this article. 

We would be happy to assist you if you have such a request.

You can also customize the packaging according to your preferences. The logo of your choice, 

It is even possible to customize the graphics.

Due to the fact that personalized products are special requests, there may be a price difference.

In case you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, fax, or phone. 


Is it possible to verify the legitimacy of a manufacturer?

It’s pretty easy to get a fake address, phone number, and website, however. 

We have employees at our physical address if you would like to speak with them.

Clients often check and investigate extensively before making a choice due to the fact that there are many schemes available.

Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. is one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the world.
As well as our website, we have a Facebook page.

Check out our Facebook page: 

Youtube Channel:

And our LinkedIn profile: 

For custom ice machines, what labeling options are available?

You can choose from several branding and labeling options for Ice machines.

Advanced printing technology allows us to combine  colors simultaneously.

In addition to stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum,

our labeling technologies can create intricate designs on multiple materials, designs on a variety of materials.

The following are some of the labeling options we offer: 

Using lasers:

Laser engraving is a technique used to create sophisticated labels on stainless steel or aluminum materials.

Using laser beam lights, it removes materials in the shape, contour, or symbol being engraved.

Ice machines benefit from laser labeling for visual displays that show operating functions.

Techniques of etching:

The etching process removes the surface layers while transferring the patterns into the underlying layers.

The output can be glossy or matte and is used mostly for 3D labeling.

Back Injection:

Through special bonding on the surface of the material, we can label a combination of metal and plastic materials.

Printing on sub-eloxal:

Using this technique, the ink is applied to the open pore surface of the material such as aluminum, and the ink is left to absorb into the material.

As a result, the label is permanently sealed, free of scratches, and also protected from grease and solvents.

Inkjet and screen printing:

Using stencils as screens, ink is applied directly to the material’s surface through them.

Open pores represent the desired label, and a pad is used to press the ink and remove the label.

Colors and the number of ice machines that can be labeled are limited with this process.

When can I expect to receive my orders from Ice Machine Manufacturers in China?

It depends on the quantity and complexity of the order, as well as the availability of the product, how long it will take us to process it.

Upon receiving payment, we will process and ship in stock ice machines within 5 to 7 days.

Following deposit confirmation, small and simple orders take 15-25 days, while large and complex orders take 30-45 days.

It is also possible to place an emergency order with us, but there will be an extra charge.

Taking shipping time into account when ordering Ice machines is also important.

How are ice machines manufactured? What materials are used?

To manufacture ice machines, we use the following materials:

A majority of the machine, also known as the housing, is made of plastic.
Plastics: such as Polypropylene are used for the basket holder, the filter, and the body.

Metals: such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum are commonly used.

Timer: Times can be set with the help of timers, which are computer-controlled components.

Switches: switch controls the on/off operation of the Ice machine.

Copper wires: these wires are responsible for transferring electrical current to the ice machine.

Nickel chromium (Ni-Cr) alloy:  provides good electrical resistance, making it suitable for manufacturing heating coils.


What is the process by which Ice Machine Manufacturers control quality during production?

In all stages of the production process, from materials sourcing to dispatch, we follow a strict quality standard policy.

It ensures that Ice machines meet market standards and have no defects.

Pre-production, during production, and post-production quality inspections are carried out by our quality inspection personnel.

As part of the packaging and shipping process, each Ice machine is also inspected.

Quality control is also monitored and reviewed periodically as guided by our quality assurance and quality control systems.

As a result, we only apply what is acceptable by quality control standards.

In addition to having a quality control system, our products have been tested and certified by CCC, CE, CB, GS, and EMC.

Could you please tell me the billing terms for Ice Machine manufacturers?

You can choose from a variety of options based on the type of order you want.
Payment methods such as PayPal, Western Union, and others are available for sample purchases.

For mass production, high transaction fees should be avoided.

Payment methods such as L/C, T/T and D/P are available to you.
Providing these payments to exporters of goods in international trade gives them economic security.

How does OEM work in the manufacturing of Ice Machines?

Manufacturing original equipment for other businesses is known as original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

They then resell the end product under their own brands as value-added resellers (VARs). 

OEMs market to other manufacturing retailers while VARs target the general public

Using the supplier’s existing category expertise, supply chain, etc., the factory creates a new product from a design provided by the buyer.

Contact us now,  for more info!

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