Your Excellent Ice Machine Manufacturer in China

Longbank manufactures valuable small appliances at home, commercials and even at any part of business using ice machines. We are operating strict appliance inspection before introducing it to our customers. Longbank assures you that by our manufactured ice machine it will help your business level up.

  • Expert enough to manufacture ice machines
  • Introduce durable ice machine for your business
  • Grant your demand ice machine design and sizes
  • Provide you the best customer service
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Your Leading Ice Machine Supplier in China

If you are looking for a high-quality ice machine for your personal and for your business, Longbank can offer you a satisfying quality of ice machine. As your business partner, we intend to help you encounter successful outcomes. By letting us as your reliable manufacturer of ice machines, expect the excellent services from us.

Longbank as your leading supplier, keeps our exceptional works by following our high-standard rules when manufacturing ice machines and delivering it safely. We can give you samples for a quality analysis. Just let us know your preferred type of ice machine, and we will take care immediately of the processing stages.

Longbank Ice Machines for Your Business

Snow Shaved Ice Machine

The Longbank snow shaved ice machine operates power with about 300W. It has a capacity of 1kg ice for the best result. We can offer an excellent one for you.

Mini Cube Ice Machine

This mini cube ice machine has a capacity of 12-15kgs/24hr. It has a wide application including hotel, household and many others.

Portable Small Cube Ice Machine

Longbank portable small cube ice machine performs with voltages of about 110/220-240v. It is a type of high-quality stainless steel ice machine.

Mini Countertop Ice Machine

We, your reliable Longbank manufacturer, use a different color of mini countertop ice machine. This is usually called an ice cream making machine.

Stainless Steel Ice Machine

Stainless steel ice machine performs with the capacity of 26lbs or 12Kg per day. Longbank provides an excellent operating ice machine for you.

Ice Machine for Home Use

Longbank ice machine for home use has the capability of 2.5L water tank. It creates bullet cube ice which is good for juices and drinks.

Popular Small Ice Maker Machine

Longbank used high-quality materials for forming popular small ice maker machines. We assure you of reliable and uncomplicated operation of the said product.

Mini Round Ice Cube Ice Machine

This type of ice machine can produce a round ice shaped cube. It is usually being used in hotels. Longbank allows you to have your customized mini round cube ice machine.

Automatic Mini Ice Machine

Longbank produces different capacities of automatic mini ice machines. It is a type of ice machine that you can operate easily with the best result.

Anti-Corrosion Ice Machine

The anti-corrosion ice machine is very useful and safe to use. It has wide applications. Longbank offers you the bestselling type of the said product.

Home Automatic Ice Maker Machine

This home automatic ice maker machine is also being applied even on outdoors and hotels. Longbank has a list of available sizes and capacities for your options.

Ice Machine with Self Cleaning Function

Longbank confidently deals with our high-tech ice machine with self-cleaning functions all over the world. It is one of the most preferred ice machines for business or even at home.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Premier Ice Machine Manufacturer

Longbank as your premier small appliances manufacturer, is expert enough to give you the highest quality of our products especially ice machines. We are one of the most popular manufacturers and suppliers that can give you the fulfilling quality of small appliances. We are experienced designers of modern ice machines in China.

Look for the extraordinary functions of ice machines, and Longbank can provide you all your needed types based on your requirements. We are also allowing you to send us your customized approved logo and designs and Longbank can handle such customizations. Inquire on Longbank now for more updates of upgraded ice machines.

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Longbank – Your Popular Ice Machine Supplier in China

Longbank manufactures ice machines without installation required. We are sure that by our produced ice machines, we can reach your ice making desires. It is very suitable in kitchens or even outdoor activities considering its easy operation. Longbank is a well known manufacturer because of our excellent services and features of selling products.

In Longbank your business is secured and will never get lost for the reason that we are supplying you high-quality and satisfying ice machines and other small appliances available in Longbank. We are always giving prior to our customers needs especially for your business. Longbank is composed of professional workers and employees who you can trust in every part of your purchasing products.

If you need specific ice machines with specific functions and applications just look at the lists of Longbank. You can also ask for assistance. We can spend time to help you look for the suitable ice machines for you. You will never regret choosing Longbank as your premier manufacturer and supplier of high-conditioned ice machines.

We made our ice machines with individual purposes and applications but they have common qualities and features. We make sure that your ordered ice machines are brand new and not damaged when it delivers due to careless transporting. Longbank also can provide you complete solutions in any problem from our offered ice machines.

Email or contact us for more updates and inquiries especially about ice machines!

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