Your Professional Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

Longbank is an expert manufacturer and supplier of ice maker in China. At Longbank, you can get a reliable ice maker with your own design and specifications. Longbank is our ideal supplier for your ice maker needs.

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Your Expert Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

Longbank is the number 1 manufacturer and supplier of an ice maker and other kinds of appliances. As an expert ice maker manufacturer, Longbank is able to offer our ice maker in different places worldwide.

Longbanks is capable of following your own idea and customization for your ice maker order. You can ensure that you get an outstanding ice maker with reliable performance. Just send us your ideal ice maker and get an instant quote.

Longbank Ice Maker for Your Business

Home ice maker

The Longbank Home Ice Maker Operates Power With Around 100W. It has a capacity of 12kg ice for the Best Result. We can offer an excellent one for you.

Mini ice maker

This mini ice maker has a capacity of 12-15kgs/24hr. It has a wide application including hotel, household and many others.

Desktop ice maker

Longbank Desktop Ice Maker Performs with voltages of about 110/220-240v. It is a type of high-quality compact ice maker

Countertop Ice Maker

Countertop ie maker is easy to use. You can find it at Longbank an excellent countertop ice maker.

Handle Type Ice Maker

Longbank handle type ice maker are perfect for those who stay in a temporary area. It is easy to carry whenever you need to relocate

New Design Electric Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machines

Longbank residential portable masonry ice maker is very useful in many ways. You can count on Longbank when you need this.

Portable cube ice maker

The Longbank portable cube ice maker is perfect for home applications. Longbank can produce a high end portable cube ice maker.

Block Ice Maker

You can always count on Longbank if you are looking for a reliable compact design block ice maker with best appearance.

Stainless Steel Cube Ice Maker

The Longbank stainless steel cube ice maker has a high strength which improves its durability and longevity.

Industrial commercial and home use automatic cube ice maker

Longbank Water dispensers with ice makers is perfect for those who stay in a temporary area. It is easy to carry whenever you need to relocate.

Mini Nugget ice Maker

The Longbank automatic nugget ice maker with cold water can save you efforts and time since this type of product has an automatic feature.

Water Cooler With Ice Maker

For industrial application, the Longbank industrial water cooler with ice maker is an exceptional and perfect choice.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Ice Maker Manufacturer

Longbank can supply a thousand ice makers in different markets every day. Due to our best performance and reputation, Longbak is a leading manufacturer of ice makers in China. By providing a trustworthy ice maker, we can help your business grow.

Longbank has a successful production because we were formed by professional staff, engineers, and designers. Longbank always makes sure the best quality of ice maker and any appliances gratify your needs. Longbank products absolutely obtain a lot of certifications.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Expert Ice Maker Manufacturer in China

If you need a reliable and trusted ice maker supplier and manufacturer, Longbank is your ultimate choice. We can provide your well-manufactured ice maker for your business and home applications. Longbank has a professional designer and engineers with the full capacity to create a great ice maker.

Longbank ice maker is designed to produce a large or small amount of ice. This kind of appliances is very helpful especially when you have any occasions. Ice maker helps to produce ice which is used in different ways.

The ice maker from Longbank has excellent and unique features which make them the most ideal appliances. Longbank ice maker can be used for any commercial and industrial applications. Longbank ice makers absolutely have a great surface design.

As an expert ice maker manufacturer, we have a wide variety of ice makers like portable ice maker, small cube ice maker, compact design ice maker, commercial ice maker, automatic ice maker, mini ice maker, and many more.

Longbank is capable to manufacture a customized ice maker according to your needs. Longbank ice makers are surely made with durable and superior materials to make sure their durability and longevity. We can offer a nice ice maker at an affordable and competitive price.

You can send us your inquiry anytime if ever you need an ice maker for your business!

Ice maker Manufacturer : The ultimate FAQ Guide

In case you are looking for Ice maker manufacturer in China, 

Having read this article will definitely be helpful to you.

Also this  page will guide you if you want to know more about the Ice Maker Machine.

And this  document indicates information you need to get before choosing an ice maker manufacturer.



Do Ice maker machines make sense to invest in?


In the ice vending business, you can expect to make upwards of $3,664 per month in profit (and the margins are insane). 

To learn more about this, you can check this blog:

In any case, if you are considering starting your own ice maker machine business.

This is really worth your while.

Ice makers: What are they and how do they work?


The process of adiabatic cooling is used in ice machines to produce ice. 

Changing pressure causes a highly pressurized substance to rapidly cool when it expands. 

Similarly, when you hold down the trigger on the keyboard cleaner, the pressurized air becomes cold.

When ice cannot release off the evaporator plate, ice makers freeze up. 

The stuck ice continues to form as water flows over it, becoming a massive block of ice as it flows over it.

Are Chinese manufacturers the best at making ice makers?


Due to its low labor costs, immense scale, and a robust supply chain and raw materials ecosystem, 

China is now the world’s largest manufacturing hub.

Therefore, all of the materials needed in order to manufacture the best Ice maker machine are indeed just within the Country.

There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturers, especially Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. can definitely be trusted when it comes to producing high end Ice maker machines.


Compared to our competitors, what sets us apart?


Ningbo Longbank was founded in Ningbo City of China. 

With over 30 years of experience in producing various motors that are core parts of appliances, 

Every day, we supply more than 50,000 sets of pumps and motors to appliance factories worldwide. 

With our cost competitive advantage, 

We now also produce small appliances such as Ice maker machines.

Our global presence made us one of the largest manufacturers in the world. 

A variety of certifications have been achieved for our creations, including UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS, CE and 3C.



Do Ice maker machine manufacturers Offer warranties?


The answer is yes.

One to two years is the typical warranty period, 

The type of Ice maker machine you choose will determine how long it takes.

In addition, that is  from the date the item was purchased.

Warranty coverage will be provided if you present a valid proof of purchase and the warranty authorization.

In accordance with this policy, 

There is no charge for repair, replacement, or refund.

If the factory-original parts have already been replaced by another firm, 

The warranty claim will not be approved regardless of whether it is filed before or after the warranty period has expired.



Is it possible for ice maker manufacturers in China to sell replica products?


All of our products are 100% authentic products from the raw material selection to the manufacturing process.

As a precaution against online fraudsters, we suggest that you make your purchase via our official webpage and email address.
In response to your request, we are happy to share copies of our quality certificates so that you can verify that we produce genuine goods. 

A Chinese law has also been passed that holds online retailers accountable for the sale of counterfeit goods and liable for fines of up to RMB 2 million.


Is there a timeframe for delivery of my order?


It depends on the size of your order when it comes to delivery time. 

An order for a sample usually takes 1-7 days, whereas the MOQ usually takes 30 to 45 days.. 

Depending on the production season and the quantity of the order, the lead time will vary.


Could you please let me know the price?


Our pricing system usually consists of a distributor price and a retail price,

Depending on how much is ordered. 

There is a possibility of negotiating the price.

The following link will allow you to get our Best Quotation:


What is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)? Manufacturers have it for what reason?


Suppliers must have a MOQ in order to guarantee that the production costs would be recovered and minimum profits would be generated. 

To begin making profits, a supplier must first calculate the MOQ, the production cost, and the number of units he needs to sell.

Minimum order quantities can have several significant benefits for manufacturers and clients. 

In the right hands, MOQs can be an important inventory control measure and help buyers keep costs low and suppliers maintain profit margins.


How do we support Ice maker  machines after the sale?


Providing after-sales service means supporting and helping our Clients after they have purchased our product. 

Providing advice on how to use the product or service, answering questions, 

and checking in to see if you are  satisfied could be part of our After sales service.

You will be able to receive free spare parts, failed maintenance, and repairs as part of these services.

Additionally, we offer onsite installation services in addition to replacement services.


Which is more advantageous, buying from a distributor or a manufacturer?


It is more common that manufacturers offer better shipping options, control over transit, dealing with customs, and quality oversight when dealing directly with them. 

In addition, buying directly from the manufacturer ensures a higher level of authenticity.

You will definitely save more money by buying in large volume, 

which is one of the biggest benefits. 

We offer products that meet all of your needs. 

In this way, buying direct from the manufacturer eliminates extra expenses.


Is there at least one English speaker on your staff as a Chinese manufacturer producing worldwide?


That is right, of course! No matter where you are in the world, we will be able to assist you throughout the process in real time. 

Being a manufacturer who produce items all over the world. 

We must have English-speaking staff when we deal with foreign customers.

It is a must in our Company for easier transactions and to avoid misunderstandings.


Do you have an Industrial Engineering Department?


It is our Process Engineering Department or what others call  (Industrial Engineering).

Their main goal is to improve the quality of the work, make it easier, safer, and more productive.

Therefore, you can be confident that we will be able to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

Our IE Department  oversees and assesses existing processes and workflows. 

Optimizes productivity by designing, implementing and testing new procedures. 

Assembles reports to document process status and changes. 

Tracks metrics to discover areas for improvement and monitor upgrades.

As a Manufacturing Company we also consider this Department as our backbone as they are really important.


When it comes to using an Ice maker machine, what is the safest way to do so?


It is important to note that ice machines are prone to microbial contamination,

even though the temperature of ice is well within the “safety zone.” 

Clean, potable water can become contaminated ice in unexpected ways.

Therefore, as your manufacturer, We recommend replacing the filter every six months. 

It is therefore smart to keep extra filters on site to simplify your maintenance routine.

 A good idea is to keep ice scoops on hand in case they are lost or stolen.


What are the Benefits of an Ice Maker Machine?


The things you need in life are some of the things you can’t live without.

In addition, there are other things you know wouldn’t make much of a difference if you had them.

Then there are those things that you did not even know you needed until you got them!

It is possible to categorize most things in life into one of these categories.
There are a lot of things we can consider like it is very easy to use.

As a result, if you supply this kind of machine, you can be sure that your business will never go out of style.



Would you be able to tell me how your factory controls quality?


We are committed to providing quality products and services to our respected clients.
Consequently, we have been accredited by several certification bodies domestically and internationally.

A variety of certifications are included, including China Compulsory Certification (CCC), EU quality approvals (CE/GS/RoHS/PAH, etc.) and USA quality approvals (ETL/UL).


Would you be able to provide samples for us to test the quality?


If you would like samples, it would be our pleasure to provide them. 

However, the buyer will be responsible for the sample charge and shipping charges. 

When you decide to place an order, the money can be credited back to your account. 

We have previously explained that shipping for available products can take up to 7 business days.


When it comes to Return, how do Ice maker machine manufacturers handle it?


In addition to maintaining transparent business practices, After-Sales  maintain good customer relations as well. 

The terms of the agreement are binding on both parties.

Should you not be satisfied with our service, we can make repairs as our Clients are entitled to have their own professional Repair team.

Feel free to send us an email if you would like to discuss this matter further.


What are Manufacturing Costs systems?  


Costs for primes and conversions are included in this category.

The manufacturing cost is the total cost of all resources consumed in the production process.

There are three broad categories of manufacturing costs: materials, labor, and overhead.

The total cost of a product can be determined by adding direct materials and labor costs, as well as the total cost of manufacturing overhead.

These are also one of the things we need to consider when we transact to our Clients which will benefit both of us.


Is there a difference between an Ice maker and an Ice machine?


Ice made in your freezer or with a built-in ice maker kit differs from ice made by an ice machine mainly in the way the water is frozen.


Are Ice makers safe to leave on all the time?


The ice maker must be plugged in and running all the time in order to produce ice. 

When the unit is unplugged, the ice melts and the water returns to the reservoir. 

It must be on all the time, just like your refrigerator or freezer.

Therefore it is indeed safe to leave as it is designed that way.


How many types of Ice maker machines can manufacturers produce?


We have a lot of types of Ice maker machines you can choose from.

Among those are:

Home Ice Maker Mini ice Maker:

Home Ice Maker Operates Power With Around 100W.

It has a capacity of 12kg ice for the Best Result.

We can offer an excellent one for you.


Z6B-Black Ice Maker


Desktop Ice maker:

Desktop Ice Maker Performs with voltages of about 110/220-240v. It is a type of high-quality compact ice maker


3-Z6E-black Cube Ice Maker


Handle type Ice maker:

Handle type ice makers are perfect for those who stay in a temporary area.

It is advisable to those who likes to travel as it can be carried wherever.


IM-40S- Portable Ice Maker


 We also have Stainless Steel cube ice maker, water dispenser Ice maker and many more!


What is the electricity consumption of an Ice maker machine?


A typical ice maker consumes 350 kilowatt hours (kWh) in a month. At $0.06 per kWh, that would cost around $21. 

In comparison to a home ice maker, commercial ice makers can handle a much larger volume. 

In a single day, it is not uncommon for a commercial ice maker to make 500 pounds of ice.



Is it possible to save energy by turning off the Ice maker machines?


The machine produces ice even as the ice level in the bin drops, always keeping the bin full.

If the ice maker is turned off, power and water will be cut off, saving you money.


How long does an Ice maker machine typically last?


Approximately 4 to 5 years. It is rare for an ice machine to last longer than 10 years if it is used every day.

It is safe to estimate that the machine would last roughly four to five years.

Routine maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of the ice maker machine.


Can you tell me what the shipping policies are for manufacturers of Ice maker?


The Ice Maker machine can be shipped/delivered in four different ways. 

The method of your choice is up to you. Please note the following provisions: 


Air Freight: 

Air freight is straightforward from pickup to delivery. Logistics providers will coordinate with local carriers to pick up at your warehouse or holding facility. When the freight has been loaded, the carrier will tender it to the airport for loading onto a plane.



This is the fastest shipping method

Customer incurs an additional shipping charge for these types of deliveries

Sea Freight:  

Ice maker machines are transported by sea freight on cargo ships. 

A vessel is loaded with goods after they are packed into containers, 

On their way to their final destination, they sailed.

Land Freight:  

It is through land freight that many supply chains are connected to consumers, particularly in the EU.

Without land transport, a relay race involving a supply chain would not be complete.


Are Ice Maker machines customizable?


There is no doubt about it! Should this be a factor in your decision to partner with us, 

We would appreciate hearing from you

You are cordially invited to take the plunge into the area of expertise that is the subject of this article.

Please let us know if you have such a request, and we will gladly accommodate it.

Packaging can also be customized based on your preferences. Logo of choice, 

Even the graphics can be customized.

There may be a price difference for personalized products since they are special requests.

Please feel free to contact us by email, fax or phone if you need any further details. 


Is there a particular payment method you accept?


We need to offer both buyers and manufacturers payment methods that are safe and have favorable terms. 

It is necessary for manufacturers to be paid before they release their products, and importers to receive their goods before paying for them.
In addition to Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Delta, Western Union, LC, MoneyGram, and Aliexpress, we accept Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Delta, and Western Union.

Can a manufacturer be verified for legitimacy?


You should be aware, however, that it is pretty easy to get a fake address, phone number, and website. You can talk to our employees at our  physical address if you can.

The fact that there are many schemes out there is one of the reasons why Clients tend to check and investigate extensively before making a choice.

The good news is that Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. is among the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the world.
Additionally, we have a Facebook page. You can check our Facebook Account:

Youtube Channel: 

And our LinkedIn profile: 




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