Your Professional Induction Cooker Manufacturer in China

Longbank is popular for providing induction cookers worldwide. Almost all kitchen appliances companies around the world trusted Longbank manufacturers. Longbank offers ODM and OEM services for your brand. You can get benefits from our 10 years of induction cooker manufacturing experience.

  • Professional R&D team to support your brand
  • Full certifications
  • On-site technology support
  • Fully customized according to your idea
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Your Leading Induction Cooker Manufacturer in China

Whether you have a small or big business that needs to import a high-quality induction cooker, Longbank has to offer. We are your reliable induction cooker manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. Longbank offers a complete range of induction cookers to support your business, available in many designs. You can check below the best-selling induction cookers offered by Longbank.

Longbank Induction Cooker for Your Business

We choose the best quality materials for hotel induction cooker manufacturing. Avail now at a competitive price.

Hot Plate Glass Top Infrared Induction Cooker

Our stainless steel induction cooker is designed for fast cooking in a hotel buffet cooker and in your kitchen.

Power-Plate Induction Cooker

We wholesale good quality power-plate induction cooker to support your business. Small or large order is acceptable in Longbank.

Our Multi-Functional Energy-Saving Induction Cooker is available in many designs and colors for your choices.

Radiant Infrared Induction Cooker

To support your business, Longbank offers a radiant infrared induction cooker perfect for household and hotel applications.

Our countertop induction cooker is designed from stainless steel. This is perfect for commercial, outdoor, and hot pot restaurant applications.

Portable Induction Cooker

Our portable induction cooker is an ultra-thin and single burner design. These are perfect add-ons to your business.

European Induction Cooker

Longbank also offers a European induction cooker to support your business. We offer ODM/OEM services.

Small Hob Induction Cooker

Longbank Small Hob Induction Cooker featuring sliding touch controller, perfect for hotel, commercial, and household applications.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Induction Cooker Manufacturer

Longbank will be your reliable business partner to your business. We are a leading induction cooker manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. Besides, we are supplying high-quality induction cookers to many industries around the world. And we gained an excellent reputation to both domestic and foreign market.

Longbank manufacturing company in China has 50+ expert engineers and over 100 employees for fast manufacturing induction cooker. We have a professional R&D team to customize your induction cooker according to your brand. Send us now your requirements.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Induction Cooker Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Professional Induction Cooker Manufacturer in China

Longbank is over 10 years in providing high-quality induction cooker worldwide. Our range of Longbank induction cookers can be customized. We can customize your ideal induction cooker according to your designs, color, materials, and other specifications.

A customized induction cooker is accessible at a cost-effective rate. Longbank induction cooker is manufactured especially for commercial, hotels, restaurant, and household applications.

Here in Longbank, there are multiple designs and colors of induction cooker for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a European induction cooker, portable induction cooker, stainless-steel induction cooker, power-plate induction cooker, countertop induction cooker, or a small hob induction cooker, you can have it all from Longbank!

Longbank is operating in China, offering multiple solutions for induction cookers into different industries worldwide. Our induction cooker is an effective, modern, and versatile kitchen option for any applications.

Longbank is dedicated to manufacturing modern-design induction cookers for more than 10 years. Up to this moment, Longbank strives to focus on researching, developing, and innovating induction cookers.

When it comes to a reliable induction cooker to support your business, Longbank is your reliable go-to source with professional engineers and a sales team.

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Induction Cooker Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


In The past few years, Induction cookers are gradually adopting the trend.

Then, if you are thinking of incorporating it as a business, you are on the right track.

However, we fully understand if you are having a hard time looking for the right Company to manufacture it for you.

Not to worry! In this article, you will find the best answers to your questions.

Why is Chinese the best among other Induction Cooker manufacturers?

Increasingly, more people are becoming involved in the induction cooker manufacturing sector.

For anyone seeking the best induction cookers in a professional setting, the situation is challenging.

However, one of the many reasons why Chinese are the best nationality to run when it comes to manufacturing induction cookers is, they make sure that they are fully informed about Clients’ wants and needs. 

They are the most reliable when it comes to this kind of industry. 

Aside from expertise, professionalism, dedication and knowledge on running this business, 

You can also count on them, especially Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd  as this is actually our forte. 

Are induction cookers a good investment?

It is a big yes! Investing in it is worth it for many reasons.

We could actually fill our page with more than we need if we laid it all out. 

But to make it short, this specific kitchen appliances are keeping up with the times, 

People are getting more sophisticated in transitioning into more advanced yet easy-to-use appliances in order to simplify their lives.

This type of business requires smart thinking, so you are doing well by entering it.

Do the Induction Cooker manufacturers make this product with safety features?

Of course! Since induction cookers are for cooking purposes, we are making sure that it has safety benefits. A feature of this oven is that it automatically shuts down if no cookware is positioned over it. 

Once the cookware is removed, there is no power output. 

When running continuously for two hours without changing temperature or power,

the unit shuts down automatically. 

A safety cut off is activated in the event of overheating.

It is actually a lot safer than the usual electric cooking appliances.


What is the Induction Cooker manufacturer Factory Information?

Here in Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd, we are very open about informing our Clients when it comes to the Factory’s details.

We are very proud of our achievements and are always open to ideas of telling our Company’s overview.

In case you are curious, the factory size we have is 1,000-3,000 square meters.

Our Office is in 2nd Floor, Xincheng International Building, 535 Qingshuiqiao Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, ChinaFactory :Ganxi Village, Lubu Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.

The Number of Production Lines is above 10.

Services we offered include OEM and Design service.

And our Annual output value comes between US$10 Million – US$50 Million

Having said these, we are proud and confident that we can efficiently execute your manufacturing needs.


What are the substances incorporated by manufacturers in creating Induction Cookers?

In terms of providing information about how our products are created, we are very transparent. 

We offer traceability identification, helping buyers to easily identify the origin of raw materials.

Furthermore, we want to ensure that our Clients remain confident in our ability to manufacture the items they need.

We also make sure that there will be no toxic chemicals applied on our items especially in Induction Cookers.

The only components we chose to use in Induction Cookers are Polypropylene, ABS and Frosted Board. 

Our choice of Polypropylene was based on its ability to resist fracturing and stress even when flexed and it is not affected by acids, bases, or detergents.

And for ABS it is safe because this plastic does not contain any known carcinogens and has not been linked to any adverse health effects.


What is the working principle of induction cookers?

With induction cooking, pots and pans are heated directly with electric currents through magnetic induction. 

Induction heats the cooking vessel itself rather than transferring heat from a burner to a pot or pan through thermal conduction.

The magnet can be used on an induction cooktop if it sticks to the pan. 

In addition to cast iron, coated cast iron, and stainless steel cookware.

You can head over to this clip for video presentation:


An induction cooker consists of what components?

An overview of induction heating.

There are four circuits in an induction heater system: the power supply, the impedance matching circuit, the tank circuit, and the applicator.

During the tank circuit, the applicator, which is the induction coil, can also be included.

Circuits with capacitors and inductors in parallel are known as tank circuits.


Are induction cookers energy-intensive?

The power consumption of an induction cooktop, or any other appliance, depends on its rated power and usage.

Compared to gas stove cooking, induction cooking uses less power because of its efficiency of energy transfer and quicker heating time.

As a reminder, gas cooking is more expensive, less safe, and inefficient compared to induction cooking.

Energy consumption is reduced by up to 70% with this traditional method.

Afterwards, the remaining energy went into the pan on its own.

Which is more efficient, an electric or an induction?

Choosing an induction cooktop is a smart choice if you want even and fast heating, lower energy costs, and increased safety. 

Alternatively, if you value energy efficiency, an induction cooktop may be more suitable.

Also according to research, induction cooktops use less energy.
And if we include gas cooktops in this comparison section they are about 40 percent efficient; electric coils and smooth-top electrics are about 74 percent efficient, and induction cooktops are about 84 percent efficient. 

You can check out this blog for your reference:


What are the signs that a manufacturer of induction cookers is legitimate?

Visit the “Company Profile” page on Alibaba to verify the status of a Chinese supplier. 

On this page, look for the “Verified Supplier” mark.

Over time, Verified Suppliers on Alibaba have proven to be more reliable and trustworthy.

As part of its functionality, the platform also offers a wide range of secure payment options to help you protect your transactions. 

In accordance with Alibaba protocols, all suppliers on the platform must be legally registered.

On the platform, buyers can also review their suppliers and report fraudulent behavior by them.

For your more assurance, you can check our accounts on different well-known platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube.

Here are the links for easier access to our Social media Accounts:


Do Chinese manufacturers produce different types of Induction Cookers?

Definitely! We can actually give you a couple of options when it comes to Induction Cookers.

You are cordially invited to try different types if you please.

Options as follow: 

Hotel Induction Cooker:

This type of Induction cooker is built with elegance and will definitely make the kitchen a high-end one but can be ordered with reasonable pricing.

European Induction Cooker

Stainless  Steel Induction Cooker:  Which makes it a great induction cooker. Cooking with stainless steel pots and pans is easy and durable

Stainless Steel Induction Cooker

Power plate Induction Cooker: It is definitely one of the easiest types of Induction Cooker to sell due to its almost  identical dimension with plate. 

Power-Plate Induction Cooker

Multi-Functional Energy-Saving induction Cooker:  This one ranks as one of the best. 

As you can cook almost all using this Induction Cooker. Available as well in many designs and colors.

Radiant Infrared Induction Cooker:  

It provides far more even, consistent heat over the entire grill thanks to infrared radiation instead of convection. Probably the most publicized aspect of infrared grilling is its efficiency and temperature.


Stainless Steel Induction Cooker

Apart from these we also have European Induction Cooker, Portable Induction Cooker, Portable Induction Cooker and Small Hob induction Cooker.


What is the Minimum Order Quantity required by Manufacturers for Induction Cookers?


Many manufacturers like us  implement a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to get you to commit to buying enough so we can be cost-effective in production and make a profit.

No matter what size business you are, we ensure that our MOQ for induction cookers can be met.

Induction cookers are actually manufactured in different types depending on what you want.

In most cases, we require 1000 pieces for this type of appliance. 

In order to provide you with the exact details, please message us the type of induction cooker you want,

so we can provide you with the appropriate information.

Email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


When manufacturing induction cookers, what is the difference between a MOQ and an EOQ?

In business and manufacturing, the M.O.Q, or minimum order quantity, is the level of inventory that is required for profit.

Economic order quantities, or EOQs for short, are the best level of inventory to stock up with to avoid extraneous inventory and storage expenses.

To maintain consistency in inventory levels and to reduce costs, it serves a company’s main purpose. For EOQ, variable annual usage amounts, order costs, and warehouse carrying costs are used.


What are the quality check processes followed by induction cooker manufacturers?

An analysis of final products is a form of Quality Check we implement, 

in which manufacturers ensure that the manufacturing process results in products that meet their quality standards, according to their specifications, with a high degree of quality control.

The production control process in manufacturing also calls for evaluations, inspections, and quality reviews.

We also make sure that all of the new updates are well calibrated from the Higher Management to Production team.

By using this method, we maintain the high quality standard we established from the beginning.


How eco-friendly are the products designed by manufacturers of induction cookers?

Unlike fossil fuel stoves, induction stoves are most environmentally friendly.

Its high energy efficiency means that it won’t raise your electric bills. 

The use of fossil fuels is eliminated, making it more environmentally friendly than gas stoves.

What is the reliability of Chinese induction cooker manufacturers?


The importance of reliability for us is so overrated that we should be able to attain almost all of the certifications we need.

It is our company’s responsibility to ensure that our products and services meet the high standards of our international clients.

It is our assurance that we are certified to every Certification that ensures that we are on the right track. This includes CB,CE,EMC,GS,ROHS.

This clip shows a quick glimpse of Ningbo Longbank Resources. 


What is the reason for the low price of Chinese Manufacturer’s Induction Cookers?

The reason for this is principally due to the following factors that are beneficial to Chinese manufacturers: cost savings due to efficiencies of production, reduction of tariffs, decreased capital expenditures, higher labor efficiency, and decreased transaction, electricity, and logistics expenses.


What are the steps for verifying an Induction Cooker manufacturer?


The following are techniques of verifying a manufacturer:

Background checks are performed. Besides scammers who will take your deposit, you should avoid manufacturers who lie about their size, trading companies which pretend to own factories, and so on.

Visits to the factory.

Face-to-face meetings are preferable.

Additionally, verify with the IRS the business’ federal tax identification number, address, and phone number. 

Inspect business partner and employee mailing addresses for overlap, as a match could warrant further investigation.

Since we mentioned face to face meetings.

We also encourage our Clients to check the Production line.
You can check the sample video, it is uploaded to our LinkedIn and Facebook Account:


How do OEMs and OEs differ in induction cooker manufacturers?

Original equipment manufacturer stands for OEM. The term OE refers to original equipment. 

A manufacturer’s original equipment parts are the parts made in the factory when it was 

built-all the original parts from the factory. 

Everything else on the equipment after it leaves the factory is not from the original equipment manufacturer.


What is the best way to obtain the best price offered by Induction Cooker Manufacturers? 

If you order large quantities, we can offer you a 5 to 10% discount.

Depending on the product you want us to manufacture for you, this applies if you purchase above the required minimum.

Moreover, we facilitate negotiation with our clients when it comes to quotations.

This is how important our Clients are to us. 

Our objective is to make sure that we can help each other with the transaction as long as we both benefit from it.

For Custom Induction Cookers, what kind of marking options are available?

Our induction cookers can be branded and labeled in several ways.

Through high-performance printing technology, it was possible to combine multiple colors simultaneously.

Using our labeling technologies, we can produce highly complex patterns on a variety of materials and components that we normally use with our products.

We do have: Inscription using laser, printing on screens and pads, electrostatic printing, as well as back injection.

For each set of quantity pieces required by manufacturers for Induction Cookers,

how long is the lead time?

Depending on which type and what kind of order you would like us to manufacture for you.

But lead time is basically the more orders you purchase, the longer it takes.

Up to 50 pieces takes 1 to 7 business days.

51 to 1000 pieces  can be done within 30 business days. 

1000 and up can be negotiated. We can discuss it further via email or call for us to get all of the information needed for this transaction.

In terms of guarantee policies, how do the induction cooker manufacturers deal with them?

Clients are entitled to file a Warranty Claim for all of the products that they have purchased from us.

It is usually claimable within 1 to 2 years.

We only require the proof of Purchase as well as the Warranty Certification that we normally provide upon purchase.

Warranty only covers factory failures and not technical issues accidentally made by Clients.

Also as much as possible we only repair , provide accessories, or set you an appointment with our professional Repair team to have them fixed.

As once the cargos arrive at their destination, it will be hard for us to intervene.

You do not have to worry because we are experts in packing products that we manufacture, so you will receive them in excellent condition.

Are there any particular wiring specifications for induction cookers?

Cookers that use induction need to be plugged into an electrical outlet because they use electricity to operate.

 Therefore, the question arises as to whether induction cooktops require special wiring.

 It is not necessary to use special wiring (except if your requirements are very specific in terms of voltage).

The type of wiring present in your home and the type of induction you own will determine the answer.

Our company can make you any type of outlet plug you wish, as we understand that different countries use different types of plugs


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