Longbank OEM Sparkling Machine

  • Would you like to lead a healthier life? Getting started with a healthier lifestyle will be easier than ever with Longbank OEM Sparkling Machine! This software is extremely easy to use and convenient to use. The soda machine’s top button should be pressed for about 1 second. It is possible to turn water into sparkling water quickly with the soda maker. Depending on the number of compressions, you can choose the appropriate carbonated level.
  • When you get carbonated soda water, you can make lemonade by adding lemons, ice cubes, mint, and soda water. A fruit sparking tea with fruit (lime, watermelon, mango) and green tea sparkling water is a better choice in the summer! The perfect way to entertain friends and family is with soft drinks made with sparkling water, ice cubes, and different flavors of drops! Make a unique DIY drink at home! 
  • Designed with a slim body, the Longbank OEM Sparkling Machine makes storage easy. Its minimalist and glossy look blends perfectly in any room in your home without losing its brilliance. This large-capacity 1000 ML Pet Bottle will make you want to take it everywhere. You can carry it with you when exercising at the gym, hiking, cycling, etc. Exercise no longer requires expensive sodas!
  • In addition to the exchange CO2 cylinders (not included in the package), most screw-in 60L CO2 carbonators available on Amazon are also compatible with the Soda Maker, which can be exchanged at a number of retailers (Sodastream, Soda Sense, Drinkmate) or ordered online.


Package Includes

Longbank OEM Sparkling Machine
Power Cord

Instruction manual

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Longbank OEM sparkling machine

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