Manual Control Commercial Electric 3.5L 1400W Healthy Oil Free Cooking Know with LED Air Fryer

HYPER HEALTHY FRYING & OIL FREE COOKING – Less fat, but still great taste and crisp perfection. The circulating hot air will cook your crunchy favorites perfectly instead of using oil as in traditional deep frying.

CONVENIENT & HASSLE-FREE – Prepare and enjoy your healthy fried favorites in two easy steps! You just need to adjust the knobs to the right temperature (210-400 °F) and then to the appropriate cooking time (1-30 minutes). It comes with an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.

COOK QUICK & EASY – Includes 5 simple cooking time and temperature recommendations for french fries, chicken, baking, shrimp & seafood on the top of the air fryer! It’s not necessary to have any cooking experience!

The frying tray and basket are nonstick coated to prevent food from sticking – Easy to remove and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

This Manual Control Commercial Electric is ideal for small kitchens, apartments, dorm rooms, and dorm rooms. It has a 2.6 Quart capacity that is great for cooking for 2-3 people.


Feature: Healthy Oil-free Heating

Power: 1400w

Voltage: 220v

Non-Stick Material: PFA

Material: Stainless Steel

Temperature/Timer: 80-200℃/0-60Min


Packaging Details: Cartons with inner box

Package includes

Manual Control Commercial Electric Air Fryer

Power Plugs

Instruction manual

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