Max Capacity Automatic Bread Maker

Making whole wheat bread, kneading bread, making jam, yogurt, cake, and more can be done with the Max Capacity Automatic Bread Maker.

By using the “Quick bake” setting, you can bake a loaf in under 1.5 hours. A loaf of bread can be baked on this machine. There are three settings for the crust, light, medium, and dark.

Using the automatic bread machine, you can get a clear view of the entire process thanks to the large viewing window. With this nonstick ceramic pan, the bread bakes evenly and is healthier because it is chemical-free (BPA-Teflon-PTFE-Free) and easy to clean. The crust becomes thinner, the bread becomes softer, and the color becomes more uniform after 360-degree baking.

Using a countertop bread machine with a 15-hour delay timer, you don’t have to get up early in the morning to bake bread. Bread will automatically be kept warm for up to one hour when the machine is in Keep Warm mode. In the event that the power goes out, power off within 10 minutes so that you can pick up the power and continue working once the power returns.

Two dough kneading paddles and an 850W motor allow the bread maker machine to quickly and evenly knead dough. There is less than 40 decibels of noise from the motor, and the dough is soft and elastic. Standards related to ETL compliance.


Voltage (V): 220

Power (W): 850

warm-keeping: 60 minutes

Adjustable crust control: Light, medium and dark

Function: Gluten-Free Setting, Timer Function


Single package size:  40X30X35 cm

Single gross weight: 8.000 kg

Package Type: 2pcs / carton

Package Includes

Max Capacity Automatic Bread Maker

Bread Pan

Measuring Cup

Power Cord

Instruction manual

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Max Capacity Automatic Bread Maker

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