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Longbank is an adept manufacturer and supplier of a longer-used meat grinder. We are capable of making your originally designed and durable meat grinder. Longbank has been professionally involved in manufacturing and supplying outstanding meat grinders since it was established.

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Your Leading Meat Grinder Supplier in China

Longbank is your principal benefactor of a lasting meat grinder and other relevant appliances. We accompanied lots of skilled employees who were responsible for generating high-quality meat grinder appliances and other related machinery and equipment.

If you have an intention to deal with our meat grinder and any grinder appliances and equipment, Longbank is your best option for it! Send and inquire with us about your ideal meat grinder!

Longbank Meat Grinder for Your Business

household electric meat grinder

The Longbank household electric meat grinder can grind-well meat which is perfect for home use. Check this type of appliances at Longbank.

Meat Mincer Grinder

Longbank absolutely offers a meat mincer grinder that is best to use at home even when you are planning to open a meat business.

Small Electric Meat Grinder

Longbank small electric meat grinder has a special specification since it automatically moves out the grinding meat and produces a stable outcome while grinding.

800w Vegetable and Meat Grinder

A double purpose and easy to use a grinder. Highly convenient in grinding both meat and vegetables and it is so ideal to use since it doesn’t consume lots of electricity.

2L 3L Capacity Electric Chopper Meat Grinder

Don’t hesitate to purchase one of the best Longbank’s meat grinders. It makes it more comfortable enough in grinding a short amount of meat.

Manual Meat Grinder

Though it was only a manual, this type of grinder is easier to handle and it offers cheaper price rates for home and personal use.

Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

It was made from durable stainless steel material and essential for longer use, especially for business purposes. 

1200 Watt Powerful Automatic Meat Grinder

It was perfect for processing, grinding, mincing, and tenderizing any sorts of meat. It was easy to operate and essential in kitchen appliances.

Stainless Steel vegetable and meat grinder

A meat grinder with a sausage stuffer is a piece of high-powered equipment where it can work for a short period of time with a satisfying outcome.

300W factory price meat grinder

Get your specialized multi-functional electric mini meat grinder with the perfect specification you like. Longbank can supply it for you.

Household Plastic meat grinder

The Longbank commercial electric meat grinder is a safe appliance to grind meats. If you need this at home or business use count n Longbank.

Universal Meat Grinder

Longbank universal meat grinder comes in a different capacity. It is one of the most flexible meat grinders.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Meat Grinder Manufacturer

Longbank is the best choice for those who are aiming to have this strong length of meat grinder for home and business purposes. Longbank did a long-depth study in achieving a perfect style and design for a meat grinder. This meat grinder comes from a  thorough process in assuring its quality and design.

Longbank contains an incalculable set of meat grinder with prestigious quality of meat grinding and other related grinder appliances. Availability of our meat grinder is always ready 24/7 here in Longbank. Longbank is able to give you various meat grinder model designs where you feel free to choose and highly convenient for your home and business applications. 

Meat Grinder Video Image

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Meat Grinder Manufacturer in China

small appliance factory -longbank

kitchen appliance manufacturer show room

shenzhen kitchen appliance tradeshow

kitchen appliance manufacturing process

longbank kitchen appliance certification

kitchen appliance clients of longbank

Longbank – Your Trusted Meat Grinder Provider in China

Longbank is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of meat grinder throughout China. We contain a huge range of meat grinder that is invariably free especially in your home and business use. Longbank is your top choice if you have an intention to export your personalized meat grinder. 

Longbank meat grinder is perfect for mincing meat from the whole piece of meat itself. This meat grinder is one of the most popular and on-demand equipment here in our company. Longbank meat grinder can be used for a long period of time since it was clearly made from durable materials and came from a deep process.

Longbank meat grinder is widely used for all sets of purposes, whether in homes, businesses or industrial use. It is capable of working in the easiest way. You can grind your meat, sausages, or even meat bones without any hassle at all. Longbank meat grinder consistently strikes its records in this industry and remains to be on top of all. 

If you are seeking the best-quality meat grinder, worry no more, Longbank is the most excellent choice. Longbank can recommend to you lots of designs and styles of our owned meat grinder with an eco-friendly pricing scale system. Thus, we can also bear to offer your ideal meat grinder with indeed specifications as well.

As your well-rounded meat grinder manufacturer, we also confidently recommend our top best meat grinder just like the fresh and frozen meat grinder, meat mincer grinder, multi-functional electric mini meat grinder, manual meat grinder, and other lots of variety.

You are free to choose your exclusive kind of meat grinder to make it more convenient enough for your own applications.

Send us your meat grinder drawing now, and we will send you back your ideal meat grinder!

Meat Grinder Manufacturer : The Ultimate FAQ Guide

There is no doubt that this machine is worth the money you spend on it.

It is not surprising to see the demand for this machine increase due to its widespread use.

To find a manufacturer who can build this machine for you, however, is a lengthy process.

Thankfully, this section provides more information about finding manufacturers.


What is the best place to manufacture the meat grinder machine?

The best place where you can find the most reliable manufacturer for your Meat Grinder brand is none other than China.

China has become one of the world’s largest economies.

There have been many changes in the country since international trade was allowed by the government and the global market was embraced.

As a manufacturing and purchasing power giant, China has grown considerably in recent years.

It is not difficult to understand why China is the world’s leading manufacturing powerhouse.

There are many reasons for this, including knowledge, proficiency, trustworthiness, and ease of doing business.

All of these characteristics are demonstrated by the team at Ningbo Longbank Resources.


In order for a meat grinder machine to be introduced to the market, what qualifications must it meet?

Before we import or export any of our appliances, including Meat Grinder Machines, we ensure that they are certified.

If a customs official questions the safety of the product, it can be seized until the proper China product certification has been presented.

To ensure high quality, certifications are introduced alongside product safety.

In addition, almost every kitchen appliance certification needed, including 3C, CE, RoHS, UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS, has been obtained.

What is the working principle of a meat grinder machine?

A meat grinder is a simple machine that moves or raises a load using grooved wheels and ropes.

Using the funnel that sits on top of the grinder, food is placed to be minced.

In the next step, the material enters a horizontal screw conveyor; normally the screw conveyor is powered by an electric motor or can be hand-cranked. 

As the screw turns, the food is crushed and mixed.

You can check this short clip for manual Meat grinder working principle:

What is the difference between Manual meat grinder and Electric Meat Grinder?

When it comes to saving money and not using it very often, a manual model might be your best choice.
However, only soft bones can be ground, including chicken, duck, other small fowl, and rabbit bones. Although turkey bones are soft, they are more dense, and only certain models of grinders can handle them. 

Among soft bones, pork, beef, lamb, and venison fall into this category.

Nevertheless, electric grinders are easy to use and operate, so you should consider them if you are looking for something easy to operate.

Alternatively, you can add seasonings or keep it pure and simple. 

Combining different cuts of meat will balance the fat content in burgers or meatloaves. 

Other foods besides meat can also be ground, including vegetables and legumes. 

It also means there are fewer preservatives added and you get more flavor because the meat is fresh.

Manual Meat Grinder

When using a meat grinder, how many watts are needed?

It is best to use a motor with a power of 1,600 watts or more if you are going to grind hard meats. 

The motor should not exceed 1,600 watts if you want to prepare tender meat. 

In the case of particularly juicy meats, you will need a motor with a power rating of 800-watts

However, the good thing about our meat grinders is that they are more energy efficient and sustainable.

Our meat grinder actually requires more or less 300W of power, depending on the type of the machine you prefer.

Is it possible for manufacturers to make different versions of Meat Grinder machines?

Yes, of course! We can manufacture the most simple and high-end Meat grinder for you.

There are almost no limits to what can be done, but here are a few of our most popular items:

HouseHold Electric meat Grinder: 

It is only available in Black color. Can consume a power of 160W. 

Has a transparent cover and is very easy to use.

household electric meat grinder

Meat Mincer Grinder: 

This specific version is very powerful and can consume from 500W up to 1200W depending on how you use it.

It has a full set of basic accessories and optional accessories to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

2L 3L Capacity Electric Chopper Meat Grinder

Electric Chopper Meat Grinder: 

It has a 300W high power motor. Has Food grade stainless steel cutter head and can rotate 360.

Commercial Electric Meat Grinder

Commercial Electric Meat Grinder:

It has two speeds which can be used for meat and vegetables. It has a cover that can prevent over heating.

Meat Mincer Grinder

Here are just a few! Please contact us if you would like to talk about the details in more detail.


In the manufacturing of meat grinders, what does DFT mean?

Design for testability (DFT) involves adding testability features to a hardware design through IC design techniques. 

Added features simplify the process of developing and applying manufacturing tests for designed hardware.

DFT is a parameter that is taken into account during quality control and inspection. 

In a coating system, the durability is determined by the thickness of each coating layer and the total DFT reported for the system as a whole.


Which parts are included in Meat Grinder machines?

Clients are required to receive information of this type as part of our safety procedures.

Our products, including the meat grinder machine, are made from stainless steel or plastic that is safe to use.

We also provide raw-material traceability information on our products

In order to make it easier for clients to identify raw materials’ sources, it provides raw material sourcing information.

How can Meat Grinder machines be customized?

If this factor influences your decision to partner with us, we would appreciate the chance to discuss it with you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We would be pleased to discuss this further with you.

Should such a request be made, it will be our pleasure to accommodate it.

Packaging can be customized according to your preferences. Logo of your choice, 

Personalized graphics are also available.

Due to the fact that personalized products are special orders, they may have a different price.

If you would like to contact us, you can send us an email, fax, phone call or Whatsapp message.


How do manufacturers ensure that meat grinders are safe to use?

Manufacturers of appliances are always keen to provide precautions to each and every product that’s being released. Those safety tips includes this lists: 

*Make sure your hair is pulled back and your sleeves are tucked in.

*Product pushers should always be used.

*With a knife or spatula, scrape the meat off the pan.

*Meat should not be forced through the feeder.

*Make sure your machine is chilled.

*Make sure you know what your machine can and cannot do.

*Make sure the grinder and its parts are thoroughly cleaned.

*Make sure your grinder is unplugged when not in use.

Which approach is the most credible for evaluating the reliability of a firm?

There are two major platforms for discovering suppliers in China: Alibaba and Made-in-China.

Most of their listings are made directly by manufacturers,

It is possible to discuss any requirements or standard expectations directly with them.

Clients tend to investigate extensively before making a decision because there are so many schemes available.

As one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the world, Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd. will not let you down.

Not only do we have a website, but we also have a range of other resources. You can follow our Facebook page here: 

YouTube channel: 

In addition, we have a LinkedIn profile at 

What is the initial order threshold for Meat Grinder Machines set by the manufacturer?

A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is essential for effective inventory management. 

In order to save money and storage space, it helps operations determine how much inventory they need and how much to sell.

The MOQ in that case is determined by the type of meat grinder machine chosen.

Most of the time, we set their minimum order at more or less 2000 pieces.

Our team can discuss this in depth and provide you with accurate information based on the version of Meat Grinder you require.

Smaller enterprises are assisted in what ways by manufacturers of meat grinder machines?

Approximately two-thirds of new jobs are created by small businesses, and 43.5 percent of the country’s GDP is generated by them. 

In addition to keeping the economy running, small businesses also contribute to innovation. 

In comparison with large patenting firms, small businesses produce 16 times more new patents per employee.

Besides contributing to the communities in which small businesses operate, they are passionate about what they do.

In addition to helping small businesses grow, we should show our support for them.

Furthermore, to be able to benefit from small businesses in a variety of ways, customers can also benefit from them. With that being said, we are glad to work with you and coordinate.


How influential is Meat Grinder today?

The growth of Meat Grinder Machine has been steadily increasing, according to online sources. 

The importance of investing in a meat grinder machine cannot be overstated.

This business is among the largest in the world.

As a result, you should not disregard the significance of meat grinders.

What is the importance of wholesalers to manufacturers?

Summary of key takeaways. 

As part of the supply chain for most products, wholesalers buy goods in large quantities from manufacturers and sell them to retailers and other businesses. 

It is the responsibility of wholesale distributors to acquire goods, store them, prepare them for sale, and deliver them to their customers.

They provide retailers with a ready market.

Wholesalers play an important role in the supply chain of goods to customers. 

In some cases, they may also sell goods directly to the consumers if the quantity is large enough.

We consider wholesalers to be one of the most important clients of manufacturers.

Do you have at least one English speaker on staff as a Chinese manufacturer?

You’re right, of course! Wherever you are in the world, our English-speaking staff will be able to assist you in real time throughout the process.

As a well-respected manufacturer that produces items across the globe.

It is important for us to have English-speaking staff when dealing with foreign customers.

Why do manufacturers benefit from wholesalers?

Efficiency in transportation. It is wholesalers that bring in bulk shipments from suppliers and deliver items directly to many different retailers. 

Large Quantities is broken down by wholesalers. 

Quality and efficiency are the focus of manufacturers, not small packaging and small shipments.

What are the advantages of meat grinders?

By using these products, you can improve the efficiency of your business and consequently save time and energy. Particularly with meat grinders, this is true.

The purpose of meat grinders is to make meat minced. 

The technology will perform recurring duties more effectively and faster than humans.

Therefore, cutting meat into uniform and homogeneous pieces of the right size will always benefit you.

Meat grinders are useful as they make it easier to chop whole meats.


How do manufacturers of meat grinder machines control quality?

It is our mission to provide quality products and services to our respected clients.
The result of which has been our accreditation by several certification bodies domestically and internationally. 

The certifications included are: China Compulsory Certification (CCC), European Union quality approval (CE/GS/RoHS/PAH, etc.) and USA quality approval (ETL/UL).

How does the manufacturer ensure Meat Grinder machine outlet compatibility?

We take great care to ensure that our products are compatible, so that there will be no damages, fires, or other problems.

All meat Grinder machines are designed to be universally compatible

In order to comply with the standard socket type that is being used, we need to check the Region/Country.

Although an adapter is an option.

However, plugin adapters generally do not support grounding. 

In contrast to grounded circuits, ground plugs operate differently. 

There may be a shock in store for you! You could be electrocuted or a fire could break out if there is a surge.


What is the drawback of Meat grinders?

Manual meat grinders are also known as hand-cranked food grinders. Despite being affordable and easy to use, they can be a little time consuming. 

It is common for meat grinders that process fatty and sinewy meats to clog up, sometimes very frequently. These clogs are usually caused by fatty and sinewy build-ups. 

Normally, restaurants clean their meat grinders’ blades and plates on a regular basis.

Here’s a video with a  piece of advice on how to clean meat grinders:


What is the expected delivery date for my Meat Grinder order?

Delivery depends on the number of orders we are asked to manufacture, just like any other business organization. 

It usually takes longer when the number is higher.
Most of the time, however, it takes between 30 and 45 days.

Lead times for pieces with quantities of 1 – 100 can take up to 15 days.

Higher pieces are negotiable and can be discussed. 100 – 1000 pieces can be delivered within 30 days.

Nevertheless, regardless if it’s Peak or Off season we always guarantee a 100% On-Time Delivery Rate.

What is the most affordable price offered by the manufacturer of the meat grinder?

Changes may be needed depending on the package or quantity.

Despite this, we still have the necessary quantities. 

It is therefore possible to negotiate the best price. 

We can also offer you a special deal if you purchase a large amount of items in one transaction.

It goes without saying that our best quote depends on the pieces you have requested.

There’s nothing to worry about, our products, including Meat Grinders  have a very reasonable price.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.


What kind of after-sales service do we offer for meat grinders?

Warranty policies and good customer relations can also ensure transparent business practices.

There must be a binding agreement between both parties.

The warranty period for our Food Dehydrators ranges from 1 to 2 years.

We will provide you with a warranty certification and purchase invoice upon purchase.

Should you be unsatisfied with our service, we will make repairs or refund you.

If you would like to discuss this further, you can send us an email.

Can you tell me which delivery method is the least expensive in China?

Shipping via the ocean is often much less expensive for large, heavy shipments. 

However, as shipment sizes decrease, the margin between air and ocean prices decreases as well.

In addition to being cheaper, sea shipping has two other benefits as well.

Compared with air shipping, the cost of fuel and space is much lower. Additionally, sea shipping is more cost-effective than air shipping. 

Shipping by ocean is for most businesses the best option, because it is no-frills and cost-effective.

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