Metal Manual Press Juicer

The Metal Manual Press Juicer is multi-purpose and upgrade spiral system for fruits and vegetables

  A cold press juicer machine with 7 spirals for maximum juice yield. Minimal oxidation, preserving most nutrition. It can make various healthy foods. Nuts are not included in the processing range. When stirring, you will hear the sound of the machine rubbing against the food. 

Manual Juicer Made from Metal

 If you use a slow juicer with a small feeder chute, you can remove the seeds when you cut the fruit to reduce the bitter taste. Making the juice taste better is possible with this method. Moreover, juicers can prevent children from getting injured during juicing. Metal Manual Press Juicer lets you make your family’s favorite juice together thanks to its humanized design

 Each morning, we juice our machines together.

A metal manual press juicer yields a higher and purer juice yield, as well as richer nutrition

 Slow masticating juicers use a low speed motor and fine grinding to preserve the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables, and greens. Slow mastication separates juice from pulp, extracting higher-purity juice and preserving greater nutritional value. 

The slow masticating juicer is equipped with intelligent protection chips, which cause it to stop automatically every 20 minutes of operation. It is easily cleaned with a brush and can be safely put in a dishwasher.


Voltage: 110 to 120V

Minutes Operation: 20 minutes

Features: Safe and Silent Operation

Dial system: 2 speed dial

Package Includes

Metal Manual Press Juicer

Power Plugs

Instruction Manual


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Metal Manual Press Juicer

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