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Since 1972,  Longbank dedicated itself to the production of high-quality mixer grinders in China. You can find a wide range of mixer grinders at a competitive price here! Contact us now.

  • Over 20 years in mixer grinders manufacturing experience
  • Reliable mixer grinders in numerous designs
  • Well equipped manufacturing facility
  • Prompt delivery system
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Your Trusted Mixer Grinder Supplier in China

Longbank is a dependable Mixer Grinder manufacturer and supplier in China with rich experience in this industry. Our product is the perfect add-ons to your appliance business and definitely can skyrocket your brand.

After ten years of experience exploration and growth, Longbank integrates unique R&D, design, production, and sales of any small appliances for our customers around the world. We also obtained ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004 quality environmental management system certification and most of our products have passed UL, GS, CE, 3C, ETL, CB, SAA, certification.


Longbank Mixer Grinder for Your Business

Table Top Mixer Grinder 1

We offer a wide range of Table Top Mixer Grinder available in many colors for you to choose from. Trust Longbank your reliable mixer grinder manufacturer.

Compact Mixer Grinder

Our Compact Mixer Grinder is designed with an unbreakable polycarbonate dome. To ensure international quality and safety standards, Longbank follows safe quality check measures at every stage of production.

Handy Mixer Grinder 3

Our Handy Mixer Grinder is light in weight and is widely used in household and commercial kitchens. Designed with jar handle for easy operation and handling.

Electric mixer grinder 5

Our Electric mixer grinder is certified by CE, UL, and RoHs standards. Longbank offers superlative product quality of mixer grinder.

Heavy-Duty mixer grinder 6

Our Heavy-Duty mixer grinder is available at a negotiable price. With an aim to provide premium quality products, Longbank makes use of advanced technologies in product design and manufacturing.

MultiFunctional mixer grinder 7

Our MultiFunctional mixer grinder has a rotary switch control type. You can avail of it in any color like blue, pink, yellow and so on.

Industrial mixer grinder 8

Enhance the operating experience and feel comfortable with our industrial mixer grinder.

Portable mixer grinder

With our Portable mixer grinder, you can feel comfortable while using it. It has a durable container which makes grinding, storing, and serving an easy task.

12v Mixer Grinder

12v Mixer Grinder from Longbank is safe, with all-purposes compact mixer, blender & grinder. Get maximum nutritional value from your food with our products.

250W White Mixer Grinder 11

Our 250W White Mixer Grinder has the revolutionary BladeLock System that keeps the blade secure during pouring and processing, more convenient than ever!

450W Mixer Grinder

Our 450W Mixer Grinder has a 450w superfast motor blends & grinds in seconds. The Blades guaranteed for high quality & superior performance.

Mini mixer grinder

Our Mini mixer grinder has a push button control type. You can use it for blending, mixing, grinding any food.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Mixer Grinder Provider

Longbank company with profound experience in manufacturing mixer grinders is fully capable of making your durable mixer grinder requirements and specifications. Longbank has been focusing on manufacturing and supplying superior mixer grinders since it was founded in 1972.

Longbank is your best option for any kitchen appliance needs. Settle with us now! Send and inquire with us about your ideal mixer grinder!

Mixer Grinder Manufacturer

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Mixer Grinder Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Expert Mixer Grinder Manufacturer in China

If you’re having a hard time searching for the best mixer grinder manufacturer and supplier, Longbank is the perfect choice. We have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in kitchen appliance industry.

Longbank mixer grinder is one of the most significant machines in a modern kitchen. It allows you to save time while cooking and reduce manual work. Our Longbank mixer grinder is carefully designed for multiple tasks such as mixing, grinding, pureeing, and mincing to chopping. It will give the best finish product for your cooking.

For the finish option we offer portable mixer grinder, 250W mixer grinder, 450W mixer grinder, industrial mixer grinder, multifunctional mixer grinder, juicer mixer grinder, kitchen mixer grinder, ultra mixer grinder, turbo mixer grinder, and many more.

To satisfy your needs, Longbank provides several types of mixer grinder with high-quality designs. As a professional kitchen appliance supplier, Longbank also provide custom mixer grinder according to your idea and samples.

These Longbank mixer grinder can be used in a wide range of applications in your household, hotel, restaurant, etc. Longbank provides the best and strong mixer grinders which powerful enough to mix ingredients. You can used Longbank mixer grinder for whipping cream and kneading dough, preparing the batter or mix any hard foods.

You can MOQ mixer grinder from 10 pcs. to skyrocket your business. We have a supportive and expert team to support you from purchasing to moving process. Designers at our organization are fully updated with the latest changing trends to design our products.

You can trust our product and services. Longbank has strict quality control process on your kitchen appliance manufacturing and passed many important certifications including ISO 9001:2000, CE, RoHS, SGS, and many more. Our team is famous for striving hard to get what is perfect and get the goal for the organization within the specified timeframe.

Aside from mixer grinder, we also have a wide range of products perfect for your business such as ice machine, rice cooker, electric kettle, air fryer, and more. Choose the latest and most popular kitchen appliances here in Longbank!

If you`re interested, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are willing to accommodate you 24/7!

Mixer Grinder Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to skyrocket your kitchen appliance business, it is critical to work with a reliable mixer grinder manufacturer.

This guide will walk you through the fundamental aspects to consider when choosing mixer grinder as well as the manufacturer.

Keep reading to learn more.

How Does A Mixer Grinder Work?

Mixer grinder

Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is an essential household gadget used to make a puree, chop vegetables, mix ingredients, ground spices, etc. The majority of modern households have this important kitchen appliance due to its versatility.

A mixer grinder comprises a blade, a jar, a gasket or seal ring, and a jar lid.

  • When you power on a mixer grinder, the motor spins the blades and set food particles in a circular motion.
  • This circular swirl of the particles creates a vacuum at the center, displacing the mixture towards the axis upwards.
  • This continuous whirl motion turns the mixture into a smooth paste with great consistency.
  • The outcome depends on the level set on the power knob.

Which Design Options Should You Consider When Buying From Mixer Grinder Manufacturers?

We manufacture traditional mixer grinders, which are used in normal domestic kitchens. These types of mixer grinders are smaller compared to commercial mixer grinders.

Traditional mixer grinders are multi-purpose and can accomplish several kitchen needs such as; grinding, chopping, crushing, kneading, mixing. They can be operated when handheld or placed on kitchen counters.

Traditional mixer grinders are electrically powered and have a cord to connect one to the power source.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Offer Quality Certifications To Customers?

Yes, we do.

We have a range of quality certificates that confirm our compliance with various requirements.

The quality certifications include compliance to good manufacturing practices, environmental safety, health and safety practices, quality assurances, etc.

We are ready to share copies of our quality certificates with you upon request.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Mixers From Mixer Grinder Manufacturer?

Selecting a good mixer grinder can pose a big challenge for you, especially if you are a new buyer. We have therefore listed some of the qualities to look out for when shopping for a mixer grinder.

Mixer grinder

Mixer grinder

Size Of Mixer Grinder

The size of a mixer grinder is judged by the number of jars it comes with. The more the number of jars, the more versatile the mixer grinder is.

This is because you can use the different jars for different purposes like wet or dry grinding. This eliminates the need to wash a jar before using it for the next task.

A food processor is an example of a mixer grinder with different jar sizes with different blades for different purposes. It can be used for wet and dry grinding, chopping, mixing, or extraction of juices.

Also, to look out for is the type of handle a mixer grinder comes with. Plastic or rubber materials are the best for handle due to the good grip they offer.

Type Of Mixer Grinder

We offer several types of mixer grinders to choose from. The type of task you wish to accomplish; the mixer grinder will decide this case.

A simple mixer grinder will be ideal if you are a low-maintenance person with low mixing or grinding requirements.

Heavy users of various spices like Hindu clients require sophisticated mixer grinders for their kitchen.

Power Requirements By Mixer Grinder

The power consumption of a mixer grinder will determine the type of work it can handle.

For instance, higher power consumer mixer grinders (500-800W) will grind tough ingredients faster and at a higher speed.

Low power consumers will take longer to grind the same ingredients; thus, it may not be ideal.

Speed Of Mixer Grinder

The speed of a mixer grinder is the number of rotations a blade can make in a minute, known as RPM. Normal kitchen use mixer grinder has RPM of between 18000 and 23000.

This is ideal for solid ingredients.

Liquid or spices may not be grounded or blended well at higher speeds and juice mixers require low to medium speeds.

A quality mixer grinder should be fitted with a speed control button or knob to enable you to select the required speed.

Check on the level of noise and vibration. You do not want a high pitching sound and loud vibrations whenever you are using your mixer grinder.

Overload Guard For Mixer Grinder

Overload protection is important to help protect a mixer grinder from burning the motor caused by overload pressure.

Overload pressure can be caused by putting too much ingredient in the mixer grinder or running it for long.

Mixer grinders with an overload guard can break the circuit to protect the motor when they detect overload pressure. If you need a mixer grinder to last longer, look out for an overload protection feature.

Price  Of Mixer Grinder

The price of a mixer grinder is dependent on the number of features it has. The more the features, the higher the price and vice versa. Less expensive mixer grinders may not accomplish the task you need to be done due to fewer features.

Why Should You Buy Mixer Grinder From Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China?

There are several reasons for you to buy your mixer grinder from a manufacturer in China.

Latest Technology In Mixer Grinder

We employ the use of advanced modern technology in our production processes and can produce premium quality products. Additionally, our daily turnovers are high; thus, we can fulfill multiple orders on time.

Global Manufacturers

China is renowned global produce of kitchen appliances with factories spread out in different cities like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc.

We have acquired manufacturing experience over the years and with customers from all over the world. This has enabled us to refine our production skills over the years, making us quality and reliable mixer grinder manufacturer.

We have well-trained staff who are friendly and are ready to guide you through the ordering process till delivery.

Quality Mixer Grinders

Our mixer grinders are of good quality due to the adoption of modern techniques production processes and strict adherence to quality processes. We are also able to produce a range of quality from medium to high-end depending on your budget.

We also go through quality assurance tests before we can release the products into the market.

Affordable Mixer Grinders

The cost of production and labor cost is relatively cheap in China compared to other countries. This is major because raw materials are locally available.

We are therefore able to offer our clients competitive prices for the mixer grinders.

Furthermore, we offer discounts to repeat customers and flexible MOQ to first-time clients.

Customized Designs Of Mixer Grinders

We understand that different customers have different needs for their mixer grinders, so we accept clients’ customized designs. This enables us to support all sorts of businesses from small, medium to large.

Our capable design engineers can translate ideas to molds which we then actuals to mixer grinders.

After Sales Services

Our business relation with you does not end after the purchase. We keep in touch to ensure mixer grinders function well. Our professional staff is ready to guide you should you have any inquiries and or feedbacks.

Which Replacement Parts Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturers Offer?

Replacement parts of mixer grinder

Replacement parts of mixer grinder

A mixer grinder comprises the following parts:

  • Jar/s come in different sizes for different purposes. Simple mixer grinders have a single jar, while complex mixer grinders have up to 3 jars.
    Each jar comes with a different blade type for its function. For example, an ice crusher is smaller with small blades.
  • Jar lid ensures the content of the jar does not spill during the process. It has a rubber ring or gasket at the rim to ensure the complete sealing of the jar.
  • Blades and blenders determine the type of function the mixer grinder will accomplish, such as grinding, crushing, blending, or cutting.
  • Mixer attachment/stand supports the whole appliance, houses the motor, and has speed control knobs.

Parts of mixer grinder

Parts of mixer grinder

We offer replacement of parts if you receive delivery of a damaged mixer grinder or experience any functionality issues.

Can I Negotiate The Price With Mixer Grinder Manufacturer?

Yes, you can.

We offer our customers affordable price rates for mixer grinders and accept slight price negotiation. For customers who order large quantities of mixer grinders, we offer between 5% to 10 % discount on the total amount.

Therefore, the more you order, the more likely you are to get better prices.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Consider Voltage Compatibility With Other Countries?

Different countries have different electricity voltage depending on their electricity voltage standards. We take this into account during the manufacturing process to avoid incompatibility issues.

For instance, a 220 V mixer grinder in China will not function in Japan if the voltage is 150 V. Therefore, ensure the mixer grinders are produced having matched the voltages correctly.

Additionally, socket types also vary from country to country. We solve this by matching the respective country socket type or offering different connection types.

What MOQ Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China Accept?

We accept a minimum order of 50 to 1000 pieces of mixer grinders, depending on your needs.

For the first time, we allow low MOQ to test the market before making huge orders.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Allow For Custom Order?


Our research and development department staff are ready to develop and create sample mold from your drawing or idea. They can also walk you through the drawing process should you have a challenge with that.

You will then inspect the sample mold produced and approve if okay before we can begin production.

Custom mixer grinder

Custom mixer grinder

Which Quality Marks Should Mixer Grinder Have?

Our production processes, quality assurance, handling, and final product are all subjected to various testing. This is done by independent bodies to ensure that we comply with the set standards.

The quality checks verify mixer grinder functionality, energy consumption and efficiency, environmental emissions, health and safety, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Once we pass the tests, a standardization mark is granted for our use. The marks signify our quality compliance and also allow access to global markets. Some of those quality marks include:

  • CE
  • FDA
  • ALL
  • SASO

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Offer Product Sample?

We provide samples for our clients upon request to enable them to test the mixer grinders.

You will be required to pay for the sample as well as its delivery cost.  Once we get a confirmed order for the mixer grinder, we make a refund for the sample cost.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China Have Product Return Policy?

Our return policy allows you to return, replace or seek a refund on your mixer grinder. Typically, we allow return within 30 days after receipt of the mixer grinder order.

The return policy is, however, guided by the following terms and conditions:

  • A mixer grinder that fails to function upon receipt can be returned, assessed for either repair, or exchange within the required time frame.
  • If the mixed grinder keeps breaking down within the warranty period, you can return for an exchange with a new one.
  • All returned mixed grinders should have a valid reason for return, accompanied by an original invoice and warranty copy. Mixer grinder with replaced parts and not in the original packaging will not be accepted.
  • Cash refunds will be done within 7 days after we receive the returned mixed grinder.

Which Material Is Mixer Grinder Made Of?

Mixed grinders comprise different materials for their different parts. As such, we use the following materials in their manufacturing.

  • Plastic for the jar, jar lid, and handles for a better grip. Tritan plastic is mostly used since it is food safe and Bisphenol A (BPA) free.
  • Stainless steel material is used for making blades or blending parts. They do not rust and are toxins-free.
  • The rubber material is found on the rim of the jar lid, handle and bottom part of the stand. Rubbers are ant slip; hence they are used in handles and the bottom side.
    They also provide a good seal on jar lids, thus preventing spillage.
  • Copper is used in making the motor that runs the blades. It is a good electric conductor, dissipates heat faster, and is stable in high temperatures.

How Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China Help Protect Customer’s IP?

Intellectual property rights protection is very important to us as a trusted mixer grinder manufacturer in China. We do our very best to protect your IP and assure of your IP confidentiality by;

IP Registration In China

We advise and help facilitate IP registration within China jurisdiction to avoid IP violation by us or any other supplier.

This is done through our legal team in collaboration with your legal advisor.

Registration should also be done with the customs authority to prevent infringed mixer grinders from leaving China to other places.

Signing NDA Contracts

Non-disclosure agreement contracts are our way of the ways we ensure the protection of customers’ IP. This type of contract is legally binding and prohibits us from disclosing, circumventing, or sharing the customer’s idea, design, artwork, etc. It also states the consequences should any of that be breached.

How Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Control Quality?

We take quality control seriously. That is why we ensure we have quality assurance processes that are strictly followed and adhered to. We develop a standard quality control process in accordance with internationally accepted procedures.

These processes are then tested and audited by independent bodies, which ensure that we comply.

Secondly, we have trained quality control staff that ensure the processes are followed throughout the production process. This begins from sourcing to packaging and dispatch.

Further to that, take any quality issue from our customers seriously, investigate and make amends. Our return policy demonstrates this well.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturers Use Safe Materials During Production Process?


All materials used are tested and confirmed to be food-safe, toxin-free, and do not rust or shed particles. The quality certification can confirm this and the standardization marks that we use.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturers Offer Warranty?

We issue a two years’ warranty against manufacturing malfunction only.

This means that you can have the mixer grinder repaired, replaced, or exchanged within the warranty period.

A warranty does not cover any malfunctions that result from human error.

Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China Offer After Sales Services?

Our professional staff is well trained to handle the after-sales services after successful business engagement. We offer a warranty, return services, part replacement, or refund and encourage customer feedback as part of the after-sales services.

We guide our clients on how to go about each of these services and channels to communicate with us. They include; official emails, phone numbers, a chat section on our website, and a social media handle.

We also try and reach out to our customers to get their feedback on mixer grinder performance and recommendations. Where we feel we need to improve, we do so to improve your customer experience.

How Long Will Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Take To Process My Orders?

We process orders between 15 to 45 days after receiving deposit payment and order approval. This period is governed by the order quantity and design chosen.

Our ready-in-stock mixer grinder orders take between 5-7 days to process and ship. Emergency orders are also accepted. However, we charge extra fur such orders.

How Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer Support Small Businesses?

Small businesses do not have financial muscles as big businesses; therefore, we strive to support them. We save them on cost and time by accepting small order quantities and allowing OEM orders.

We offer our mixer grinder design catalog to select the mixer grinder design they need manufacturing.

Furthermore, we offer aftersales services such as warranty period and return of mixer grinders.

How Do Mixer Grinder Manufacturer In China Support OEM And ODM?

Mixer grinder

Mixer grinder

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

OEM customers prefer to design the mixer grinder from scratch and contract us to manufacture on their behalf. This is where our R&D team comes in to assist with sample mold and, eventually product process.

We help protect these client’s IPs because we understand the time and resources dedicated to OEM.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

We support these customers by providing an already existing catalog of mixer grinders for them to choose from.  This category of customers is small business owners; therefore, do not have the resources to develop a mixer grinder from scratch.

We modify what they have selected to suit their needs and also accept low order quantities.

As a leading mixer grinder manufacturer, we have a range of equipment such as meat grinder, orange mixer grinder, and stand mixer, amongst others – contact us now.

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