Mini Commercial Electric Air Fryer

The 100°F-450°F wide temperature range allows you to prepare a variety of foods – from crispy chicken to delicious cakes. A maximum temperature of 450°F can reduce cooking time by 30% and make it easier to brown wings. The ideal temperature for making yogurt is 100°F.

Design with small footprint: Space-saving body takes up less space in small kitchens. With a capacity of 4-quarts, you can prepare food for your sweetheart and yourself at the same time.

Effortless Cooking: Mini Commercial Electric Air Fryer cooks food using rapid air circulation and provides even, crispier results, requiring 95% less oil than traditional deep-frying, allowing you to eat guilt-free.

With  powerful functions: With its control, it will help you unfreeze, bake, cook, crisp, dehydrate, and quickly reheat your food. You can customize the cooking process by changing the time and temperature or using the default settings.

Included recipe book, curated by Do culinary chefs, offers step-by-step instructions for every meal and a quick guide for cooking frozen foods. Whenever you want something to cook, you’ll find it here.


Voltage: 110-127V/220-240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Timer: 30 mins

Capacity: 2L


Gift Box size: 275*275*305mm

Single package size: 25X25X32 cm

Single gross weight: 3.500 kg

Package Type: 2pcs/inner box/carton

Package Includes

Mini Commercial Electric Air Fryer

Power Plugs

Instruction Manual


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Mini Commercial Electric Air Fryer

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