New Design Soda Maker

✅ Fresh Sparkling Water Is At Your Fingertips With The New Design Soda Maker. The only steps to making your fresh sparkling beverage are to press, pour, and enjoy. There’s no mess, no waste, just great taste. From below, twist the standard CO2 tank in. Place the bottle in the machine and fill it with clean drinking water. For extra bubbles, hold down the button on the top. It’s done! Enjoy your glass.

✅With this Elegant Kitchen Appliance, you can make sparkling water in style. With a minimalist design and matte black finish, New Design Soda Maker complements any kitchen while taking up minimal counter space. Cordless! Feel free to move it around and place it wherever you like.

✅The new design soda maker is of the same quality and design as devices three times its price. It’s yours forever! As a result of intensive testing, we were able to obtain FDA and CE certification for carbonator machines. BPA-free, dishwasher-safe bottles.

✅ Making drinks at home can save you time and money. Reduce single-use bottle usage by up to 1,000 per year by stopping to carry home bottles and cans. Soda Makers And Bottles Were Designed To Be Reusable.

✅ Enjoy a fresh drink without the guilt with our soda stream machine. Add more or less fizz to your carbonation level. If you want to spice up your sparkling water, drop in a slice of lemon or grapefruit, or try our natural flavors. Check out one of our recipes. Our community has plenty more from our audience on Instagram.

Package Includes

New Design Soda Maker

Power Cord

Instruction manual

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New design soda maker

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