Non Stick Pressure Cooker

  • Non Stick Pressure Cooker  is made of high-quality alumina, which is abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant with high strength and long service life. The cookware withstands high temperature and high pressure with a thick bottom, and thermal conductive material makes the cookware evenly heated and not easy to scotch food.
  • The pressure canner can reach the pressure of 11-12PSI, which can make all kinds of meat boiled in the shortest time. The Multi-purpose cooker applies to cooking methods of simmering, boiling, stewing and braising food. It can handle various recipes such as steaming cans, chicken soup, butternut squash soup , minestrone soup , spaghetti, beans and smoked turkey legs,etc.
  • The pressure cooker 8 quart is equipped with 3 pressure-limiting explosion-proof safety valves to control the pressure within a safe range. When the steam pressure in the pot exceeds the safety limit, the valves will automatically release the air and pressure. Please note that don’t open the cooker during venting.
  • The hard anodized pressure canner guarantees safe cooking with a removable anti-blocking safety cover inside the lid and safety valves. And widen pressure relief windows reinforce protection.
  • Thanks to the composite material of the bottom, the pressure cooker 8qt applies to gas stoves, induction stoves and electric ceramic stoves. With 8-quart large capacity, the hard anodized pressure cooker can cook a large amount of food at one time as the best choice for commercial or home use.


Power:  1000W

Certification: CB, ce, EMC, ETL, LFGB, RoHS

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Package Includes

Non Stick Pressure Cooker

Instruction manual

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Non Stick Pressure Cooker

Longbank – Pressure Cooker Manufacturer

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