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Longbank is a leading orange juicer manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We are experts in designs and able to custom your orders. We have great designs you can choose from as well.

  • Expert small appliance manufacturer
  • Quality test for your orange juicer orders
  • SGS and RoHS certified orange juicer
  • Strict quality control
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Your Professional Orange Juicer Manufacturer Supplier in China

We, Longbank are professional exports orange juicer orders to over 100 countries around the world. We can meet your customer’s designs and offer excellent designs to help you get a lot of ideas for orders.

Just send your orange juicer designs and we can make it perfect for you through the help of our expert designers and production staff. We can offer our well-checked orange juicer samples. Send your inquiries now.

Longbank Orange Juicer Manufacturer for Your Business

850W Stainless Steel 75mm Orange Juicer

Stainless steel orange juicer is available in 75mm up to 850wattage which is perfect for large uses. We can supply your desired amount and sizes according to your business requirements.

Automatic Orange Juicer

We also manufactured automatic orange juicer perfect for your business like hardware retail store, wholesale store, and other purposes. There are different small sizes you can choose from our factory.

Double Heads Orange Juicer

Double heads orange juicer has great advantages accessible at low to high wattage. It has automatic to manual press and customizable at any sizes you desired. You can send your designs.

Electric Hand Press Orange Juicer

Hand press range juicer is cold press or hand press accessible at all types. We have ready-to-ship stocks of electric hand-press orange juicer perfect for your urgent needs.

Electric Orange Juicer

You can get the perfect orange juicer from our production at a very affordable offer. There are portable, multi-function, and other selections. We can also custom your designs.

High Speed Control Orange Juicer

Electric are commonly high-speed juicer perfect juicing oranges. It is also suitable for other purposes like juicing vegetables, fruits, and more.

Low Speed Electric Orange Juicer

We designed an electric orange juicer at low speed. It is also controllably accessible in many sizes and styles. We can offer a low-speed electric orange juicer suitable for fruits and vegetable purposes.

Manual Hand Press Orange Juicer

We can surely provide our ideal orange juicer at manual hand press types. It is accessible at electric types with different wattage selections. We can suggest what best for your purposes.

Mini Portable USB Orange Juicer

There is a portable USB mini juicer for orange fruits accessible at 1liter and below. It is easy to carry perfect for travel and camping. We guarantee strict inspections before we deliver your orders.

Plastic Housing Multi-function Orange Juicer

Juicers are also accessible in durable plastic housing. There is also a plastic housing juicer with multifunction options. We make a lot of effective designs offered at acceptable rates.

Portable Mini Cup Orange Juicer

We designed a portable mini cup juicer for everybody’s travel buddy. It is safer and chargeable with a USB charger. We have a variety of colors accessible in different shapes and styles.

Two Way Rotation Orange Juicer

There is the two-way rotation of orange juicer we can offer for your selections. We can supply your ordered two ways orange juicer at your desired quantity. We always offer the lowest prices offered.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Orange Juicer Manufacturer

Are you looking for small appliances for kitchen and business purposes? Longbank will guarantee full support for you. We have a skilled team for perfect production to supply the finest orange juicer worldwide. We have complete facilities and high-tech equipment machines.

Longbank supplied orange juicer that passed certifications internationally. You can trust our offered services which are tested for more than 10 years and building long-term relationships. Send your inquiries and get further information.

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Longbank- Your Expert Orange Juicer Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for an expert orange juicer manufacturer in China? Longbank is a great small appliances manufacturer like orange juicer perfect for kitchen use.

Longbank orange juicer is accessible at different selections from sizes, features, specifications, types, and styles. You can get different functions from our factory perfect for fruits like oranges which also suitable for veggies and other fruits.

Longbank orange juicer has different sizes like 75mm at 750wattage. You can also choose like 7oz fountain cold juicer to 1liter of size. Longbank ensure to supply high-class orange juicer that passed international standards

There is smaller wattage to large wattage accessible from our selections well designed by our expert designers. You can choose a multifunction electric juicer for your orange business or other purposes in handling a business.

We offer all kinds of orange juicers with different designs suitable for different purposes. There is an orange juicer for personal or home uses, business, and more. We can suggest the best selections for your final applications.

Our orange juices are accessible in a commercial, automatic, electric, manual hand press, portable, USB cord, and more options you can choose. Our orange juicer is small perfect for home kitchen uses and small juicing business.

Longbank is able to meet your orange juicer needs by choosing the right types, finding cheaper rates, affordable shipment, and flexible packaging. We can assist with time processes for you.

Send your inquiries to get complete information. Message us now!

Orange Juicer Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will answer all your questions on orange juicer manufacturer.

Reason – It will make it easier to choose a perfect juicer for your business.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Import From Orange Juicer Manufacturers In China?

Orange Juicer

Orange Juicer

You should consider importing your orange juicer from a Chinese manufacturer for the following reasons.

  • Modern Technology – We use state-of-the-art technology that enables us to carry out large-scale production. We produce high quality and durable products as compared to other nations.
  • Competitive Prices – The availability of cheap labor in China makes it cost-effective to manufacture products in China. As a result, we can offer competitive prices for orange juicers.
  • High-Quality Products – We adhere to international standardization and quality certification such as SGS, UR, GS, ISO, and CE. These quality standards ensure that all the products pass the quality assurance marks set by the government and international standardization bodies.
  • Customizing of Products – We provide product customization services to their customers all over the world. You are required to send your juicer customization details to us when placing your order.
  • Reduced Importation Costs – We have partnered with international freight companies that give us discounted rates. These companies facilitate the shipping of juicer orders to you at a reduced cost, drastically decreasing the import costs.
  • After Sales Services – Our engagement with customers does not end with a successful orange juicer purchase. We go the extra mile of ensuring that you are satisfied with the orange juicer function and even service it when needed.

What Types Of Orange Juicers Do You Offer?

We manufacture three different types of orange juicers.

Manual Orange Juicer

We manufacture the manual orange juicers by the use of stainless steel for ease of cleaning after use. A manual juicer is very easy to use and does not require any form of power or electricity to be operational.

The manual juicer has two stainless steel clamps that are squeezed together to extract the juice. The orange is placed in between the two claps and the handles pressed together.

Pressing the clamps extracts the juice and leaves the fiber.

Manual Orange Juicer

Manual  Orange Juicer

Electric Orange Juicer

This type of juicer is partly manual and partly electric. The oranges are peeled and then pressed down into the chute as the juicer extracts the juice.

Using the electric orange juicer is equally easy to use.

The juicer uses electricity to extract the juice compared to the manual juicer, which uses physical energy.

Electric Orange Juicer

Electric Orange Juicer

Automatic Orange Juicer

The automatic juicer is the largest. It can extract around 20 oranges at ago. They are fully automated and fast; hence are usually used for commercial purposes.

Automatic Orange Juicer

Automatic Orange Juicer

Which Quality Certifications Do Orange Juicer Manufacturers Have?

As orange juicer manufacturers, we comply with several quality standards both locally and internationally.

Our factory, processes, and manufacturing practices have been tested and are in line with quality systems and standards.

We possess quality certificates such as CE, ISO, RoHS, ETL, SASO, GS, CB, LFGB, among many others. You can request to see a copy of the quality certification, and we’ll share it with you.

How Do You Test Quality Of Orange Juicers?

You should consider the following when testing the quality of orange juicers:

Material Physical Test

This test checks the materials used by the manufacturer on the orange juicer. This will show whether the product is either high or low quality. High-quality materials will not rust, corrode, or chip, while poor-quality material will break, chip and rust.

Juice Yield

A good orange juicer should extract the maximum juice from the orange. Therefore, a juicer that extracts more juice from an orange is high quality than the other that extracts less.

Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning an orange juicer should be simple and easy. A good quality orange juicer should be easy to clean and not affected by the method of cleaning. Low-quality juicers may break, damage, or corrode during cleaning.

Ease Of Use

How an orange juicer works will determine if you will buy it. Good quality orange juicers are generally easy to use and operate by anyone. They should also be easy to assemble and disassemble using the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Do China Orange Juicer Manufacturers Provide Product Samples?

Yes, we do.

We provide product samples to our customers on request to enable them to interact with the juicer before ordering.

How Do Order For Juice Extraction Machine From Orange Juicer Manufacturer In China?

All order placements can be done via the email address provided on our official websites or online on the order tab.

You need to enter your juicer specifications, quantity, size, model, color, etc., then submit your order. We will see your order on our end and action as necessary.

All juicer extraction machine orders are processed when a deposit is received on our lot.

When the quantities are large, we produce a sample before we can initiate the production process.

Can Orange Juicer Manufacturer In China Help Design New Products?

We provide original equipment manufacturing services (OEM), which allow us to design new products for our customers. The manufacturer will get specifications from the customers and design a juicer from the information shared.

In such scenarios, you are required to state product ownership and intellectual property rights with the manufacturer.

This will ensure trade confidentiality and design protection for your new fruit juicer products.

Design Orange Juicer(Customized)

Design Orange Juicer(Customized)

What Warranty Period Do China Manufacturers Offer For Orange Juicers?

Warranty is protection against manufacturer’s defects for a certain period. During this period, customers are entitled to repair, replacement, and or refund.

Warranty periods vary depending on the type of orange juicer machine that you have purchased. Manual handheld juicers have 0 to 1-year warranty cover on them.

Household and commercial orange juicers have a warranty period of 2 to 5 years, respectively, or as per the manufacturer’s terms.

Warranty is issued against manufacturer’s defects and not human error or juicer mishandling.

Warranty is effective from the date of purchase and must be produced with the original purchase receipt when making claims.

Manufacturers can deny the warranty if they assess the orange juicer and establish the cause of the defect caused by mishandling.

Replaced parts on an orange juicer may also affect your warranty. Always read the warranty terms accepted by the manufacturer when making purchases of orange juicers.

Do Orange Juicer Manufacturer In China Have Product Return Policy?


We have a product return policy as part of our after-sales services.

Orange juicers that need to be returned should be shipped back within 30 days from the receipt of the product. The company then assesses the product to ascertain the cause of damage or product defects.

Returned products with replaced parts are not considered in the return policy.

After the assessment is made, the company will decide whether to repair, replace or refund for the juicer.

How Long Does Orange Juicer Manufacturer Take To Process Orders?

We take between 10 to 15 working days to process your order once we get the down payment. We also process urgent orders between 5 to 10 working days. However, this will cost you a little more.

Customized orange juicers take longer than regularly manufactured juicers; thus order period is between 10 to 20 working days.

The order period is dependent on your order quantity. The higher the quantity, the longer the waiting period and vice versa.

What MOQ Do Orange Juicer Manufacturers Allow?

As manufacturers, we have diverse customers for our orange juicers. Therefore, we offer flexible minimum order quantities to our customers. Our MOQ ranges from 50 to 1000 pieces depending on the customer’s needs.

We allow a low MOQ of 50 pieces for first-time customers on market trials and 1000 pieces for commercial suppliers. Some of our repeat customers do not have MOQ due to their regular business transactions with us.

Which Materials Are Used By Orange Juicer Manufacturer?

We use different materials for manufacturing orange juicer machines depending on the type and part of the orange juicer. Some of the materials we use include:

Aluminum alloy is used with the manufacture of a portable handheld mini manual orange juicer. This is mostly used in household kitchens for domestic use.

304 Stainless steel: This material can be used for making commercial orange juicers which are used in hotels, food shops, farms, and restaurants. It is also used in making juicer parts known as the blade in juice extractors.

Copper material is used in making the motor bit of the juicer extractor, while plastic is used for jar material. The rubber material is used for manufacturing the lid part to ensure the air-tight closing of the juicer.

All the materials used are inspected for safety compliance before use and are mostly BPA-free. 304 Stainless steel materials are food graded; thus do not rust, dull, and are corrosive-free.

Can Orange Juicer Manufacturer Disclose My Design To Competitors?


Once you identify a Chinese manufacturer for your orange juice products, a legal agreement has to be signed by both parties. The Chinese manufacturer drafts the legal contract document before you can disclose your product details.

The contract agreement is known as the China NNN agreement or China NDA and must comply with three basic rules:

One, the U.S. non-disclosure or do not use clause. Second is the use of NNN (non-disclosure, non-use, and non-circumvent), which deals with OEM manufacturing.

Lastly, the NNN contracted is made enforceable in China.

This document bars your Chinese manufacturer from sharing your trade secrets or intellectual properties with other manufacturers or competitors.

Is China Orange Juicer Manufacturer Pricing Negotiable?

Our prices can be negotiable depending on the order quantity and the frequency of purchase. The higher the order quantity, the better your chances of negotiating for the prices.

Single piece orders are not negotiable.

Old and repeat customers can get up to 10% price discount due to their loyalty.

How Do You Prove Orange Juicer Manufacturer’s Compliance?

Manufacturers of orange juicers should be compliant with safety, environmental, manufacturing, export standards, etc. As a customer, you need to ensure that your manufacturer meets the compliance requirements before engaging with them.

Request For Compliance Documents

Compliance documents such as manufacturing permits, material safety certificates, etc., can be availed to you upon request. You can then confirm if the document was issued to the manufacturer by checking with the issuing body.

A serial number from the document is enough for the issuing organization to confirm the manufacturer, issue date, etc.

Carry Out Independent Lab Test

During agreement signing and order placement, let your supplier know of your intention to carry out your lab tests. A genuine manufacturer will be okay. A non-compliant manufacturer will object and reject your order.

Even if the supplier is okay, proceed with the independent lab test for your benefit. This will eliminate any doubts that you may have about the orange juicer quality.

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed When Working With An Orange Juicer Manufacturer From China?

Scammers are everywhere, and they prey on new customers who do not know their way around with Chinese manufacturers. However, you can do the following to protect yourself from being scammed.

Get A Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents are professional individuals who offer to assist with getting a manufacturer from China. They can be found on their websites or through referrals.

Sourcing agents will search for orange juicer manufacturers on your behalf, using your requirements as their guide. They will then present a report to you with a list of orange juicer manufacturers for your selection.

This will shield you from scammers who pose as orange juicer manufacturers.

Use Sourcing Companies

Sourcing companies operate the same as agents. The only difference is in capacity and diversity. Sourcing companies can carry out product testing, manufacturing process audit, shipping, customs clearance, etc.

They lift the burden on your behalf and can deliver an orange juicer to your doorstep. Sourcing companies have official websites which you can visit and verify their legitimacy before engaging them.

You can sign a contract of engagement before you can hire their services.

Contract Agreement In Place

Contracts are legally binding documents that should specify responsibilities, consequences, and solutions. Legitimate orange juicer manufacturers will not mind having an agreement before you can contact them.

How Do Orange Juicer Manufacturer In China Support OEM And ODM?

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Customers

OEM customers are those customers who develop orange juicer machines from scratch. As orange juicer manufacturers, we assist OEM customers by developing a sample mold from the idea shared by the customer.

Once you approve of the sample, we then proceed to produce your juicer all through to packaging.

We also offer to assist with IP rights protection in China and sign a legal agreement with you before we manufacture.

We have flexible MOQ for OEM customers.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Customers

These types of customers do not design new orange juicers from scratch. Instead, they choose from our existing product design catalog. We allow for slight product modification such as size, color, material, and brand name.

This helps ODM customers who do not have the financial muscle to design new orange juicers from ideas. We also accept low MOQ from ODM customers as a way of supporting them.

Do Orange Juicer Manufacturer In China Offer After Sales Services?

Yes, we do.

We understand the importance of having satisfied customers even after purchasing our orange juicer; thus, we provide after-sales services.

Our after-sales services include but are not limited to; warranty services, repairs, training, replacement, and or refund. We also provide free spare parts in some cases to ensure that the juicers remain functional for longer.

We reach out to our clients to find out how they are faring and capture any complaints in case of any. This avoids public complaints that may taint our company image and scare away potential customers.

After-sales also contribute to brand loyalty and repeat sales and attract new clients through word of mouth marketing.

How Does Orange Juicer Work?

Orange juicers are operated either manually or are automated; thus work differently.

Manual orange juicers are mostly handheld and are easy to operate. You only need to clean and slice your orange in half, place them in the cup and press the handles together.

The juice will come out through the outlet spout on the side. Manual orange juicers are used in households and in with chefs in hotels.

Manual orange juicers are not the most efficient because it does not squeeze out all the juice. The amount of juice gotten is proportional to the amount of strength used in squeezing the handles.

Electric orange juicer machines or extractors have motors that use electric power to squeeze out the juice. Such juicers do not need you to hand press to function. Instead, you will use a power knob.

With electric orange juicers, you need to peel the orange and put it inside the juicer. Next is to switch power on and turn the speed knob as you push the orange in. The juice is then collected in a separate jar.

How Orange Juicer Works

How Orange Juicer Works

As your leading kitchen appliance manufacturer in China, we will help you get the best orange juicer for your business.

Contact us today for all your orange juicers.

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