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Choose your pressure cooker designs for your own brand. Longbank has 10 years of service in providing quality small appliances perfect for the kitchen. We can meet your needs through our skilled designers and support your personal business.

  • Quality control for your pressure cooker orders
  • Supplies CE and RoHS certified pressure cooker
  • 24/7 full support and faster response
  • Smoother and faster processes
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Your Professional Pressure Cooker Manufacturers in China

Looking for a professional pressure cooker manufacturer and supplier in China? Longbank is your great choice. We serve since 1972 and supply pressure cookers for over 10 years including other small appliances perfect for the kitchen.

We, Longbank can custom your pressure cooker orders. We can provide and offer our samples to give you more ideas to order for your business.

Longbank pressure cooker manufacturers for Your Business

5L Pressure Cooker

We have an available pressure cooker at 5liter and above perfect for retail and wholesale business. We can supply your 5L pressure cooker colors.

8Liter Pressure Cooker

We manufactured excellent sizes of pressure cookers perfect for a big family. We have 8 liters pressure cooker certified by UL, CE, RoHS, and etc.

Aluminum Pressure Cooker

The aluminum pressure cooker is one of the cost-effective and strong types of material perfect for making pressure cookers. We ensure to passed the audits.

Automatic Pressure Cooker

We can proudly offer our affordable automatic pressure cooker in plenty of stocks. We can support your urgent needs since it is ready to ship.

Digital Control Pressure Cooker

We designed a digital pressure cooker perfect to cook easier and faster. It is durable that offers a long life span even in successive uses.

Impact Resistant Pressure Cooker

Add perfect pressure cooker at the best features designed for long-term use. We have impact resistant and durable pressure cooker at the perfect cost.

Multi Function Electric Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cooker is accessible at multifunction selections with many sizes or serving sizes. We can guarantee cheaper rates based on selections.

Non Stick Pressure Cooker

You can get all types of pressure cookers for your business. We can provide all types of pressure cookers with non-stick pots at the lowest price.

Plastic Housing Pressure Cooker

We also have different sizes and styles of plastic housing pressure cookers manufactured with verified materials that passed the standards.

Resistant Pressure Cooker

We manufacture and a design pressure cookers with perfect features which can be your business advantage. Longbank will ensure quality control.

Stainless Steel Housing Pressure Cooker

We offered stainless steel housing of pressure cooker perfect for your business and personal purpose. It has many sizes and styles in different colors.

Stainless Steel Inner Pot Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is widely accessible with stainless steel inner pot. You can choose more affordable than non-stick inner pot.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Pressure Cooker Manufacturers

Longbank can supply pressure cooker for your business that passed a lot of certifications like UL, CE, SAA, ETL, and other certifications that can help your expandable business. We able to supply your pressure cooker orders and export wherever your locations and provide to number of days lead time.

We have passed many difficulties in any years in the industry that makes us more expert and professional. We offered long term relationships so you can easily find ideal kitchen appliance for the nest projects. Send your inquiries.

Pressure Cooker in China

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Pressure Cooker Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Expert Pressure Cooker Manufacturers in China

Are you searching for a cost-effective pressure cooker and durable for any application? We, Longbank is willing to support your expandable business.

Longbank pressure cooker has a lot of selections perfect for personal and business purposes. We designed a pressure cooker in many ways to provide safety to everyone. We have an overheat protection pressure cooker, non-stick coating, excellent cooking time, and pressure release.

Our pressure cookers are accessible at different selections that you can consider choosing for your business. You can have different features, styles, sizes, colors, and other specifications.

Longbank pressure cooker is attainable from small to large wattage and voltage used for suitable occasions. There is a pressure cooker for big family use which designed to cook faster. You don’t need to worry if it will burn or not since we designed it with a timer and automatically turn off when rice is ready to serve.

We have different options of pressure cooker like automatic, multifunction, digital, and fast cook, commercial, mirror polish, air fryer, 40L, and more selections manufacture. We also design a portable pressure cooker perfect for travel purposes which is easier to carry.

Longbank provides complete equipment for quality products and ensures to train the team according to the designated areas and tasks. We can fully support your needs when needed pressure cooker. We manufacture all types of small appliances for the kitchen that you can add to your expandable business.

We, Longbank have the capability to ensure all processes are handled well from documents, shipment, payments, and more. We have 10 years of manufacturing pressure cookers and other appliances that you can trust.

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Pressure Cooker Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

It is a great way to prepare delicious meals quickly and easily with a pressure cooker. 

Due to its increasing popularity, it is not surprising that demand for this machine has increased.

If you are interested in pressure cookers, consider opening a business.

There is still a manufacturer you are looking for.

You should read this section because it is very useful.


Why is China the best manufacturer of pressure cookers?

There are several indicators that measure the economy’s health in China.

Measuring business sentiment, including.

China’s trade growth was initially boosted by processing activities. 

A large number of industrial components made in other countries are manufactured in Chinese factories.

In addition, we have a distinguished track record in manufacturing.

The company has the capacity to produce all your manufacturing needs,

so Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd has you covered.

Pressure cookers are composed of what components?

Generally, pressure cookers are made up of three parts: lid, inner pot, and housing. 

The most critical features of Pressure cookers are the smart control box and the safety valve.

The inner pot, which is removable, is used for cooking.


What is the best price offered by the manufacturer of the pressure cooker?

It may need to be changed based on the package or the quantity.

The quantities required are still available despite this. 

Negotiations are possible on all fronts.

The best quotation will depend on the pieces you request, so if you want to know what it is, you will need to know the dimensions.

We are able to discuss the price further and it is negotiable. 

Please do not hesitate to email or contact us, and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Would you be able to manufacture several types of Pressure Cooker for us?

Without a doubt! Pressure cookers can be manufactured in a variety of models or types.

We’ve put together a list of our top sellers that you might take a look at:

5L Pressure Cooker:

Available for Wholesale and Retail. Made with safe raw materials.

Very durable and heavy-duty.

5L Pressure Cooker

8L Pressure Cooker: 

The product is also  available for wholesale and retail. Safe components are also  used to make this product.

It is extremely durable and extremely strong.

8Liter Pressure Cooker

Aluminum Pressure Cooker:

One of the best selling pressure cookers we have.

Built with safety measures. Can be customized.

Aluminum Pressure Cooker
Non Stick Pressure Cooker: 

Modern Design Pressure cooker. Non  Stick pots which made it easy to clean.

Applicable with Warranty and can be customized.

Non Stick Pressure Cooker


Resistant Pressure Cooker: 

Manufactured with the coolest design. With high quality. Easy to maintain.

Have 2 whistles. Durable lock for safety measure.

Resistant Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Inner pot Pressure Cooker: 

Despite being smaller than other models, it is amazing when it comes to function. It has a long handle.

Applicable to customize. Made with the finest raw materials.

Stainless Steel Inner Pot Pressure Cooker

Would it be possible for us to request a logo for our pressure cookers?

Creating your own brand has always been a dream of yours?

You can achieve success by owning a brand or label of products for your eCommerce business. 

Launching your own line of original products on the market can be very profitable if you take the right steps.
In answer to your question, yes! Providing you with a logo is something we can do for you. 

In fact, it is one of the many services we provide to our clients.

You can request that we calculate the cost for you if you wish.

What are the reasons for conducting Quality Checks on pressure cookers purchased from manufacturers?

Purchasing a pressure cooker from us will give you the following benefits:

 Organizing the control phases of the goods is our responsibility.

Thus, the quality control we implement here must take place on site, 

It is not possible to return defective goods to the manufacturer if they have already been purchased.

Once the goods are ready to ship, they must be checked at the factory since, 

When a bad quality product or component arrives in a foreign country, it is extremely difficult to rectify the situation.

In the manufacturing Industry, what is the difference between OEM and ODM?

OEM is often used to identify some items, but not everyone knows what it means.

The OEM manufacturer manufactures products, parts, or components that are used by other companies called “parent companies” who stamp their logo on them. 

The subsidiary can produce products by utilizing all or almost all of the components manufactured by suppliers (OEMs) without having to enter the production process itself.

Original design manufacturers (ODMs) manufacture products for outside companies that will market them under their own brands. 

Due to this, OEM products are factory-made products with a custom brand, finished products without names or logos.

Do manufacturers construct Pressure Cookers with Safety features?

Since modern pressure cookers are equipped with many safety features,

including those that protect you in the event that another safety feature malfunctions, they are completely safe to use.

As long as you use pressure cookers correctly, there are no risks associated with them.

The Pressure cooker has been around for over 30 years, but it continues to evolve as technology and users change.

With our products, you can rest assured that you will not receive any complaints.

What is the difference between an electric pressure cooker and a Pressure cooker?

A stovetop pressure cooker uses heat directly from your cooker, is usually less expensive, and cooks more quickly. 

Electric pressure cookers heat food by using electricity. 

It takes longer to cook with (up to three times as long) and has a variety of features.

Pressure cooking has the following advantages:

The food retains most of its nutrients and is tastier.

Reduces energy consumption. 

Meals can be prepared more quickly.

Kitchens are cooler than living rooms.

There is less cleaning to do.

It is also possible to preserve food using pressure cookers.


What is the working principle of Pressure Cookers?

Water vapor is trapped in pressure cookers to speed up the cooking process. 

Known as the Ideal Gas Law, a physics law increases the pressure inside a sealed vessel. 

Steam builds up as the temperature rises, increasing the pressure.
With increased pressure, water’s boiling point increases. 

Pressure cookers work on this principle. In order to increase pressure in the vessel, steam is captured in the vessel, causing it to boil. 

As pressure increases, the boiling point of water rises.

You can watch this short clip for better vision:


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Our long experience in the manufacturing industry gives us an edge. 

For more than 30 years, Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd has been manufacturing goods. 

As a manufacturer of motors that are core components of appliances, we have a lot of experience.

Globally, more than 50,000 sets of pumps and motors are delivered every day to appliance factories.

The company also produces small appliances at an affordable price as of now.

Since we have been designing, researching, and producing small appliances for years, we can serve any kind of customer. 

Moreover, we are committed to quality and cost-competitiveness.

The ISO 9001-2008 quality management system and the ISO 14001-2004 environmental management system have both been certified at our factory. 

We are an approved manufacturer with UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS, CE, and 3C certifications.

What are the advantages of Pressure Cookers?

By using a pressure cooker, food can be cooked about 30 percent faster than by using conventional methods like steaming,

boiling, and braising. Additionally, pressure cookers use 50 to 75 percent less energy due to their shorter cooking times,

according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.


How energy-efficient is the Pressure Cooker created by the manufacturer?

Using a pressure cooker not only saves you up to 70 percent more energy than cooking on a stove, 

but it also reduces cooking times by two-thirds.

In comparison to a regular saucepan, pressure cookers use up to 70% less energy, reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Is buying from the manufacturer less expensive?

When you purchase directly from the manufacturer, you eliminate the middleman,

who buys products at low prices and adds extra margins when selling them. 

By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you avoid these extra expenses.

Moreover, manufacturers often offer better shipping options, better control over transit, and the ability to deal directly with customs. 

In addition, buying directly from the manufacturer ensures a higher level of authenticity.

Would you be able to tell me what the difference between a distributor and a manufacturer is?

Manufacturers assemble components and materials into finished products. 

Retailers or end users purchase smaller quantities from distributors after large orders are placed with manufacturers.

There are different types of manufacturer-distributor relationships. 

Before choosing a partner, you should decide whether you want a strategic or tactical partnership.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a business partner who will support you in all aspects of your product demand, logo request, shipping, etc. 

The best manufacturers are those who manufacture.


What is the lifespan of a Pressure Cooker?

It depends on the brand and usage of your pressure cooker to determine its lifespan. 

When you use your pressure cooker regularly and invest in regular maintenance, it may last you up to five years. 

However, most pressure cookers last for three years on average.

Also, it is safe to use an old Pressure Cooker.

All parts must be in good working order, and the device must be designed for safety. 

If they inherited a pressure cooker or bought one at a yard sale, make sure it works properly.


What are the warranties offered by Pressure Cooker manufacturers?

It usually takes between one and two years for a Pressure Cooker to reach the end of its warranty period.

A factory defect/failure is the only condition covered under this policy. 

We will be able to process warranty claims if you provide us with proof of purchase.

Under the warranty, replacements and repairs are covered.

 Clients are entitled to their own Professional Repair team for further assistance.
In spite of this, we are confident in our products and pack them very carefully. 

Orders are usually delivered in good condition in most cases.

Is there a variety of payment options available?

Yes, of course! For a sample purchase, you can pay by Visa, American Express, or another method.

High transaction fees should be avoided in mass production.

D/P payments are also accepted besides L/C and T/T.
By making these payments, creditworthy banks give exporters of goods economic security in international trade.

Letters of credit are used in international trade transactions to minimize risk when a buyer and seller do not know one another. 

Importers can use a letter of credit to make sure they only pay for goods after they have been shipped.

What is the reason for importers and exporters preferring L/C , T/T and D/P payments?

A Letter of Credit provides the supplier/exporter with the assurance that money will be received on time.

Both buyers and sellers usually open a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit.

The ‘confirmed irrevocable letter of credit’ is the exporter’s ‘confirmed order’.

If the buyer fails to make payment as agreed, a letter of credit issued by the buyer’s bank guarantees the seller’s payment in full. 

When the buyer has made part of the payment, the bank will pay the seller the remaining amount.

What are the steps in the Pressure Cooker manufacturing process?

Manufacturing kitchen appliances is not easy and you need to consider a lot of things.
It should be a step to step process. To make sure that each and every product like Pressure Cooker meets the standard quality.

Steps are as follows:
*The first step is the planning process. 

*In the process of developing a new product, this phase is completed.

*Producing models and evaluating them.

*Producing commercial samples according to plan.

*Developing and evaluating commercial concepts.

*The development of commercial products.

*The inventory, shipment, and delivery of goods.


How long will it take for my Pressure Cooker order to arrive?

A sample order is typically completed within 1-7 days, while a minimum order quantity usually takes between 30 and 45 days.

There will be a difference in lead time based on the production season and the quantity of the order.

Deliveries can be arranged in a variety of ways. In general, there are three types of freight: air freight, ground freight, and ocean freight.

Due to its high cost, we only recommend air freight for sample orders.

For exporters with a large number of orders, we highly recommend Sea Shipping.

Our company also offers Express Shipping at an additional cost, so you are free to choose the shipping method that you prefer.

Are there any minimum order requirements for pressure cookers from the manufacturer?

In order to maintain good inventory management, it is essential to maintain a minimum order quantity (MOQ). 

By calculating how much inventory is needed, operations can save money and space.

It is very important for us to be able to continue operating if we set a minimum order quantity.

We strictly follow a 1000 piece MOQ for Pressure Cookers, but of course it depends on which type you want us to supply.

For customized logos, packaging, and graphics. It is necessary to have at least 800 pieces.


Is packaging expensive?

As much as possible, packaging serves to protect the product inside.

Products must be protected during transportation between manufacturer and retailer, as well as during shelf life.

Even though packaging costs do not have a set range, it is good practice to include them in your product costs.

It is estimated that packaging costs between 10 and 40 percent of the retail price of most products.

Packaging for a $100 product might cost $10 to $40.
The price we quoted was based on the color box and export carton we normally use.


How do you care for your Clients?

Providing a vital link between manufacturers and users, our clients are vital to us. 

Through them, a company can improve response times, expand its reach, and even provide more valuable services.

Manufacturing involves assembling components and materials into a finished product. 

Retail stores or end users buy much smaller quantities from distributors than they do from manufacturers.

In order to maintain a good relationship with our clients, we strive to provide excellent customer service from inquiry, negotiation, order processing, shipping and after-sales service.

We aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and address all concerns as quickly as possible.

They are cared for in that way by us.

Pressure cookers are made from what types of materials?

Our main materials for manufacturing pressure cookers are stainless steel for the outer pot and aluminum non-stick for the inner pot.
As a result of stainless steel’s many benefits, we use it as the primary component of our products. 

There is no bad stuff that can damage the material. 

Stainless steel is extremely durable because of its elemental composition. 

The materials ability to resist rust, fire, and heat makes it the ideal choice for those who want a long-lasting appliance.

As for aluminum, its long-term health effects are uncertain,

but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, foods cooked in aluminum pans are generally considered safe.

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