RO Commercial booster pump

Water pressure can be increased in a variety of applications, such as hydropneumatic storage systems, undercounter RO systems, or countertop RO systems, for example. This device increases water pressure in a variety of applications.

In the course of researching this pump, it has been discovered that, once activated by the pressure on the inlet side, the pump can maintain a stable pressure on its output side regardless of the water pressure on the inlet side.

To ensure optimal membrane performance, this RO Commercial booster pump requires a reliable inlet pressure, which can be achieved by providing enough water pressure. Designed for continuous use, it also has a pressure reducing valve to easily and efficiently raise pressures.

Membrane life extension devices extend the life of RO membranes so that the water purification equipment will last as long as possible.


Voltage:  24v

Product size:  

Certification: CB, ce, EMC, ETL, LFGB, RoHS

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Package Includes

RO Commercial booster pump

Power Cord

Instruction manual

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RO Commercial booster pump

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