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Longbank is expert enough to handle huge orders of any products we introduced including ro pumps. In Longbank you will have immense benefits. Our offered quality of ro pumps, functions and even our practices in customer services.

  • Offers upgraded quality of ro pumps
  • Cost effective products
  • Experienced workers and employees
  • Safe packaging and delivery
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Your No.1 Ro Pump Supplier in China

Longbank is your premier supplier of ro pumps in China and can be all over the world. We are known for our excellent works and services. Longbank has a complete source of packaging that is the best for shipping your orders safely. You can look forward to the best outcome of your sales when you include our Ro pumps in your business.

We made our ro pumps according to your applications and secure its quality especially because it is being used in water treatments and solutions. We are your great manufacturer and supplier of lasting quality of ro pumps and many other kitchen appliances. We are always ready to serve and handle your orders.

Longbank Ro Pump for Your Business

High Pressure Ro Pump

Longbank manufacturer high pressure ro pump with wide applications such as treating drinking water, water treatment solutions and many others.

Ro Pump for Water Filter

Longbank ro pump for water filter functions inlet pressure of about 30PSI. We can source you the best quality of it.

400 gpd RO Pump

An electric power source 400 gpd Ro pump that is effectively used in household and purifying water. Longbank can give you your customized said product.

Motor FLT Ro Pump

Longbank manufactures reliable motor FLT ro pumps with high quality features. Giving you the best services is our rule.

Water Outdoor Ro Pump

Longbank provides you outstanding operating water outdoor pumps. We assure a lot of advantages from it.

100 GPD Ro Pump

A type of RO pump that has a maximum current of ≤1.6A. Longbank offers you a perfect 100 GPD ro pump for your business.

High Pressure Ro Water Purifier Pump

Longbank allows you to customize the logo of high pressure ro water purifier pumps according to your desire for business.

Motor Ro Pump

This motor ro pump has working current of about ≤0.85A. In Longbank you can have high quality motor ro pumps.

Ro Boost Pressure Pump

Ro Boost pressure pump has capability of function of about ≤0.60A working current. Longbank provides all your requirements to get such great quality of product.

75 GPD RO Pump

A part of the water filter that is widely used in households. This 75 GPD ro pump of longbank operates with 24V DC.

24V Ro Pump

Longbank 24V ro pumps design it with high standard operation and easy to install water solution.

Ro Pump for Water Purifier

Longbank provides you a lot of types of ro pumps considering ro pumps for water purifiers that are valuable for filtering drinking water.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Ro Pump Manufacturer

You can always trust in Longbank as your partner in business. We are your reliable supplier of high-conditioned ro pumps. High-conditione ro pumps that are very good for your running business even for your home use. We made it with limitless advantages. We are sure you will be satisfied with our services and features of our products.

Whenever you wanted a perfect ro pump that fits your applicable areas, just let us know and we will look for it. Longbank can provide anything you desire ro pumps for your households. We are making sure you benefit more from our offered products that you spend to have it.

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Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Ro Pump Manufacturer

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Longbank – Your Leading Ro Pumps Supplier in China

Longbank is the manufacturer you are looking for if you really want high-quality products like Ro pumps which is very useful in this high-tech environment. You can trust the durability of our introduced ro pumps for your business and personal use. We can repeatedly supply you ro pumps for your continuous sales in your business.

Aside from the reliable quality of our pumps we also implement a 1 year warranty of ro pumps for your goods. We are always making sure that our sourced ro pumps are exact according to your order. We are having 100% product checking before we release it to our clients.

In Longbank you will be stress free in terms of processing your bulk orders. We have a full support team to guide you for the installation and exact operation of our ro pumps. We are considering the high-quality features when manufacturing ro pumps and other offered products from Longbank.

We made our ro pumps with various purposes according to its types and applications. Each type of ro pump has its own capacity, voltages and operating temperature. Our Ro pumps are very useful and in demand these days. Better choose a trustworthy manufacturer and Longbank will neve fail you.

We have high pressure ro pump, ro pump for water filter, 400 GPD RO rump, motor FLT Ro pump, water outdoor ro pump, 100 GPD ro pump, high pressure ro water purifier pump, motor ro pump, ro boost pressure pump, 75 GPD RO pump, 24V Ro pump, Ro pump for water purifier and many more choices.

Contact us here, for more information about ordering our ro pumps!

RO Pump Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you need any information about RO pump manufacturers in China, you will find the information right here.

Additionally, the guide also covers critical aspects of RO pumps.

So keep reading to learn more.

Are RO Pumps From China Manufacturers Genuine?


Our RO pumps are genuine pumps and you can verify by yourself through different ways.

You can visit our factory and examine our products, verify our quality standards certificates independently, sample product or check product reviews.

Additionally, we offer you warranty upon purchase should you experience any manufacturing defects.

 A Standard Set Up Of A Reverse Osmosis Pump

A standard Set Up Of A Reverse Osmosis Pump

Which Types Of RO Pumps Do RO Pump Manufacturers Offer?

We produce two types of RO pumps namely centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Before you select reverse osmosis pump type, it is important to understand how they each work for best selection.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are also known as flow machine, a name derived from their operating principle.

Their operation is similar to that of water in a glass being stirred with a spoon.

This action pushes water upwards on the glass edges and a down in the middle creating a centrifugal force.

Centrifugal Reverse Osmosis (RO )Pump

 Centrifugal RO Pump

When the impeller is set in motion by drivers, it creates a force in the water as it accelerates.

The centrifugal force pushes water outwards to the edge of the impeller and through the output port.

As water is forced out, negative pressure is created inside the centrifugal pump forcing more water in and the process continues.

Centrifugal pumps are able to handle high water output due to their continuous motion and are therefore good for large operations.

Positive Displacement Pumps

Just like the name suggests, a positive displacement pump operates by displacing the water volume in the pump chamber.

A displacement body such as a piston moves into the closed space of the chamber, thereby reducing the space occupied by water.

This action forces the water out of the pump.

Conversely, when the piston moves out of the chambers, it creates negative pressure drawing in more water through the inlet.

The drawn water cannot flow back due to the presence of a blocking valve.

Positive displacement pumps are therefore referred to as volumetric pumps from their operating principle.

Postive Displacement Pump

 Positive Displacement Pump

How Do You Specify RO Pump From China?

To specify the type of reverse osmosis pump that you need, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Provide us with all the details of what the pump will be used for in your inquiry or requisition form
  2. We will then go through your specifications and share what pump best suits your needs.
  3. Once you make your choice and confirm, we’ll proceed to produce or deliver if in stock.

Will My RO Pump Manufacturer From China Provide Installation And Operational Support?


When you order RO pumps in bulk within China, we will provide installation and operational services at no cost.

We however charge a small fee for small orders within China.

For global orders, we do offer similar services through a third party technician who meets our standards. This can be free of charge or at a fee depending on contract terms.

Do China RO Pump Manufacturers Have Flexible MOQ?


We allow up to one piece of RO pump for trial order for first time customers. Our normal minimum order quantity is 200 pieces, however, we can negotiate with our customers.

Customized orders have fixed MOQ due to the uniqueness in their manufacturing process.

Besides, we also offer discounts to bulk orders and to our repeat customers.

How Can You Get Best Prices From Reverse Osmosis Pump Manufacturers?

You can negotiate price a little once you receive the quotation from us and we can slightly adjust.

We offer discounted rates of up to 10% on large order quantities, you can take advantage of this offer.

Lastly, when you have a manufacturing contract with us running for more than two years, we can offer you special prices.

Will RO Pump Manufacturers From China Allow For Factory Visit?

We welcome you to visit our factory and witness our production process and interact with our products.

Before visiting our factory, ensure you book a date with us beforehand and acquire all the necessary travel documents.

We can assist with hotel reservations, translator services and transfer logistics if need be.

Factory visit allows our customers to check our quality, verify our existence and products and manufacturing documents, etc.

It also eliminates doubts that you may have before signing a manufacturing contract with us.

We also arrange for sourcing trips on request so that you see where and how we source for raw materials.

Be sure to ask all the necessary questions during your factory visit and we’ll be happy to answer you.

Do China Ro Pump Manufacturers Provide OEM And ODM Services?

Yes, we do provide original equipment manufacturing and original design manufacturing design services.

For our OEM customers, we rely on them to provide the reverse osmosis pump design, technical and material specifications to be manufactured.

OEM customers use a lot of capital resources in their design development process therefore, they need to protect their intellectual property.

We therefore, sign a manufacturer’s agreement before we start production process.

ODM customers also known as private label clients, do not design RO pump from scratch however, they modify existing designs.

We support these clients by proving a catalogue of our existing designs to help them make a selection. We also offer design modification services that suits their needs.

What Branding Techniques DO RO Pump Manufacturers Use In China?

We offer several branding services techniques to our customers for their RO pump orders.

Each branding technique has a unique process to it to achieve desired results.

Laser Inscription

Laser inscription is a branding technique which uses beam of laser to vaporize layers of material leaving permanent mark behind.

This technique is versatile and leaves behind a clear permanent mark that does not fade easily.

Besides, the process is faster and can be used in branding large number of RO pumps.

Laser incision technique is mostly used for marking serial numbers, logos, product identification numbers, texts, artworks, etc.

A Laser Cutter Machine Used In Branding RO Pumps

A Laser Cutter Machine Used For Branding RO Pumps

Etching Technology

This branding technique uses strong acids or dyes to make design incisions in unprotected part of a metal. The level of cut on the metal surface depends on the strength of the acid and the period of contact.

This technique is common with 3 dimensional (3D) branding.

Back Injection

A special branding technique that allows us to use metal and plastic material to brand by special bonding material. It achieves a unique and sophisticated outcome on RO pump.

How Long Will RO Pump Manufacturers Take To Complete My Orders?

Our order processing period varies depending on the order quantity and design. For samples, we take between 5-14 days to process and ship.

Bulk orders take us 30-45 days to process whereas customized designs take longer, about 45-60 days.

We do accept emergency orders, however, we charge higher for them because we work extra hours to process them.

Do RO Pump Manufacturers From China Offer Replacement Parts?

We offer some parts of the RO pump as replacement parts;

  • Pump kit which consist of pump head, feet, seal, driver holder, pump spares and net.
  • Water filter the membrane that water goes through.
  • Water purifier part
  • RO Unit that hold water that has gone through RO process.

How Does RO Pumps Work?

Reverse Osmosis pumps increase the pressure of water coming in from the source before channeling through RO unit. Household units mostly get their water from municipality and the pressure is usually below 45 PSI.

Since RO forces water through a membrane at high pressure, the pump therefore increases its pressure to 80 PSI or higher.

A typical RO pump consist of a transformer, pump and a pressure switch. When the transformer is plugged in power outlet, it converts voltage for the pump to use.

The pressure switch regulates the pressure by switching on and off.

Depending on the pump, the water let out of the RO pump is of higher pressure than water from inlet source.

How Long Will RO Pumps From China Last?

Our RO pumps can last a lifetime if you follow manufacturer’s instructions and offer regular service maintenance.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Pump Manufacturers From China Control Quality?

Quality control is an important aspect of our production process as it prevents us from shipping defective goods to customers.

We carry out quality control from our raw material sourcing stage.

This step is crucial because it determines the quality of the RO pump that we’ll produce. We therefore ensure we source for high quality, toxins free quality standard raw materials.

Secondly, we inspect our equipment and ensure that they are in good working condition and have been preset accordingly.

During production stage, we follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to the latter.

We carry out random inspection of the pumps as they go through different production stages and test on quality.

Pumps with defects are immediately pulled out of the production process and the quality issue investigated. Where possible, the pumps can be fixed and returned to production line.

Once production is completed, we inspect the produced pieces of RO pumps to ensure they meet the required standards before packaging.

Besides observing quality standards in our processes, we also get tested and audited on our quality processes.

Further to that, we ensure our QA personnel are regularly trained on quality standards.

Pumps For Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pumps For Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Do RO Pump Manufacturer From China Provide Quality Certifications?


We are more than happy to share copies of our quality certificates with our customers where necessary.

We have various quality certificates that show quality systems that we have implemented and comply to.

They include; safety and health, environmental and waste management systems, resource management, quality management, product tests certifications, among others.

We provide quality certifications to enable our customers verify on their own and also for customs clearance.

Some of quality certificates that we possess include; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FDA, RoHS, etc.

Will RO Pump Manufacturer Offer RO Pump Samples?

Yes, we do.

We offer samples on request for you to check on quality and consistency and ask questions that you need clarity on.

Samples are charged and you will cater for shipping cost as well. We offer sample refund when you order in bulk.

What Technology Do RO Pump Use?

RO pumps use reverse osmosis (RO) technology from where they derive their name.

Reverse Osmosis Expalined Diagrammatically

Reverse Osmosis Technology Explained Diagrammatically

Reverse osmosis is a process whereby contaminants are removed from water by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure.

The pump increases the water pressure coming in through the inlet thereby forcing water molecules through the semi-permeable membrane.

As a result, contaminants or salts are left behind and are referred as reject stream or brine.

The resulting water (product or permeate) is demineralized or deionized and has about 95% of contaminants removed from it.

Reject stream can either be feedback to the feeding water supply for recycling or drained out.

The amount of pressure required to force water through the semi-permeable membrane is directly proportional to the amount of contaminants. The higher the salt, the higher the water pressure needed.

Can RO Pump Manufacturer Offer Custom Options?

Yes, we do.

We have a team of experienced engineers who will assist you with the customs ordering process end-to-end. They will help convert your design idea into a mold then sample before actualizing it in production.

Do RO Pump From China Have Warranty?

We offer 12 months guarantee from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects and not normal wear and tear.

We have labor and parts warranty which cover service and part replacement respectively.

During warranty period you can return part(s) for repair or replacement and will shipping cost be shared between us.

For service maintenance we subcontract technicians who carry out door service during warranty period.

Our warranty is valid when you produce original copy of purchasing invoice or warranty card.

How Do RO Pump Manufacturers From China Ensure Voltage Compatibility?

Electricity voltage varies per region, therefore, we adhere to global standards per region to avoid compatibility issues.

For instance, RO pumps for the rest of the world will have between 220-240 volts and a frequency of 50 hertz. We ensure the sockets are also matching for easy connectivity.

Will RO Pump Manufacturers Protect My Designs?

Your RO pump design is your intellectual property right (IP) and should be protected from theft or violation. We can help protect your design in the following ways:

Sign Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is a legal document that bars us from exposing or leaking your design information to anyone. We can help you get an attorney here in China who understands how NDA work.

It is important that you include an attorney fee and injunctive relief clause in your contract to immediately stop design violation. This will not only stop design theft, but also provide attorney fee from the violator.

NDA agreements should be drafted in Chinese and English, with the Chinese one being the official document for use in China. It is easier for China courts to enforce a contract they can easily read and understand.

We as manufacturer sign NDA agreement with you before you share your design information with us.

Sign Chinese Enforceable NNN

Having a NDA contract is not enough when dealing IP, this is because there are loopholes that can work against you.

A Non-Use, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention document that is China-centric is important.

A NNN protects you from competition with your own design, design leakage and non-circumvent situation.

A NNN should be drafted as per Chinese law, language and for use within Chinese court jurisdiction of your manufacturer.

We will sign a NNN before initiating business engagements with you and understand consequences in case of contract breach.

Register Trademark in China

Your design must be registered within China territory to protect it. In China, this happens in a ‘First-to- File Rule’ which simply implies first to file is the first owner.

You must do your due diligence by carrying out search to ensure that your design has not been registered in China.

We can help with this through our legal personnel, who will then provide you with a report of the search.

Once you are successful in your trademark registration, you can also register with China customs authority. This will bar any other manufacturer from manufacturing, supplying and exporting your design.

What Are The Benefits Of RO Pump?

  • Help eliminate bacteria, viruses, dissolved impurities and other disease causing germs making it safe and healthy for drinking.
  • It produces best quality water for hot drinks such as tea and coffee by removing solutes.
  • It removes chlorine, odor and metals such as lead and copper which impart metallic taste.

Are There Limitations Of RO Pumps?

  • Reverse osmosis pumps remove important minerals from water leaving it with acidic pH.
  • There is wastage of water that is flushed out after the purification process.

How Should You Maintain RO Pumps?

Maintenance of RO pumps should be done annually. We offer service maintenance free of charge during warranty period through a third party contractor.

Alternatively, you can subcontract an experienced technician to carry out maintenance if you do not have covered in the warranty.

Do RO Pump Manufacturer In China Offer After Sales Services?


Our customer support staff are always ready to offer you any assistance you require post purchase.

We offer over the call diagnostic services through our technicians, free of charge parts shipping for replacement, etc.

We also assist with onsite installation services; free of charge within China and at a fee through third party globally.

Do RO Pump Manufacturers In China Have Product Return Policy?

We have a return policy on our RO pump within a certain period after receipt of your order.

You can return RO pump when you receive damaged goods, or when you are unsatisfied and your explanation is sufficient.

Our return policy is within 30 days of receipt of your order within which we can do the following;

  • We offer replacement with similar product subject to availability of that particular RO pump.
  • Refund 100% of your amount less shipping cost within 5-7 days.

It is important to note that we will only accept returned goods if they meet our return policy terms;

  • Returned in their original package well packaged to avoid further damage during transit.
  • No part has been replaced or tampered with.
  • Reason for return is verified and eligible to us and has been done within the return period.

We will only affect refund once we receive the returned product in unused condition and with original invoice.

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