Your Trusted China Slow Juicer Manufacturer and Supplier

Longbank is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of Slow juicer. Longbank can produce a juicer with a unique and modern design. We are capable to customize your Slow juicer with your own specifications.

  • A wide selection of juicers is available
  • Professional designer and engineers
  • Providing an ideal juicer
  • Obtain a lot of certification like Rohs and CE
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Your Leading Juice Supplier in China

Longbank is a famous juicer manufacturer in China. Due to our outstanding juicer products, we obtain the best record in the manufacturing industry. Longbank has 10 years of manufacturing experience and that experience make us more confident.

If you are planning to import a juicer from Longbank, you did the right choice. You can send us your inquiry today!

Longbank Juicer for Your Business

Portable Mini Slow Juicer

Longbank is an expert manufacturer that can produce the best expert Portable Mini Slow Juicer.

Masticating Slow Juicer

The fruit and vegetable juice machine has long full capability to extract the maximum nutrient from fruits and vegetables.

Big mouth 76mm Dia, Slow cold press juicer, slow juicer machine for easy juice

Longbank provides Hot Selling big mouth 76mm Dia, Slow cold press juicer, slow juicer machine for Easy Juice.

DC Motor stainless steel juicer machine

The Longbank multi-function low-speed juicer can be used in any kinds of fruits and vegetables.

AC Induction Motor Slow Speed Juicer

The fruit squeezer juice machine can process chewing, pressing, and extraction of a greater quantity of fruits.

BPA Free juicer machine

The fruit press juicer can be used CE, GS Certificated Horizontal slow juicer extractor.

Hot Sell Cold press Slow juicer

If you are looking for the best vertical masticating slow juicer, you can encounter it at Longbank.

Hot Sell Citrus Juicer Machine with BPA Free

High powered motor stainless steel blade portable juicer has an extraordinary feature which makes them an ideal juicer.

Metal Manual Press Juicer

The metal manual press juicer has great strength that enhances its durability and connectivity.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Juicer Manufacturer

Longbank is committed to research, design, and process to maintain the best quality of every juicer product.  All of Longbank’s products are obtained a lot of certifications like GS, CE, CB, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ISO, and so on.

Longbank is the only excellent option for those who need reliable juice for home and business applications. Longbank also focuses on the surface design and function design of the juicer. Longbank has a thousand manufacturing employee which allows us to manufacture so fast.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Juicer Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Professional China Slow Juicer Manufacturer and Supplier

If you need an expert manufacturer of slow juicers for your personal and for business use, Longbank is the perfect choice for you. Longbank is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of juicer tools. We are the number 1 supplier that will offer you a competitive price.

Longbank Slow juicer is a popular tool that is usually used to extract juice from different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and so on. The Longbank Slow juicer can be used as a juice and food processor. The Longbank juicer, enables you to have an effective juice product.

The Longbank slow juicer effectively makes your production fast. It comes with numerous features, styles, and designs. The Longbank juicer only needs a simple and manual operation. One of the good things about the Longbank juicer is that it is easy to use. It has a reliable performance in every operation.

If you have a complete juicer tool, it allows you to make your job easier which means you can save more time and more effort. The Longbank juicer is in the best condition and of good quality. It is truly useful in-home or in a business application.

You can count on Longbank if ever you need juicer tools and equipment. We have a wide variety of juicer tools to offer you. Longbank can also support your juicer needs for your business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you need a slow juicer!

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