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Longbank is a leading manufacturer of small appliances in China. You can find at Longbank the excellent small appliance with a great surface design. We can supply the best kind of small appliance for your business.

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Your Professional Small Appliance Supplier in China

If you desire to have a small appliance with superior quality, Longbank is the perfect supplier for you. Longbank is able to manufacture different types of small appliances that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Whether you are in need of a trustworthy small appliance for your business you can always check at Longbank. Contact us today!

Longbank Small Appliance for Your Business

Non-stick Basket oil-free 3.5L 1400W Digital Electric Air Fryer Oven

You can find a reliable non-stick basket oil-free 3.5L 1400W digital electric air fryer oven at Longbank.

12L Electric Digital Air Fryer Oven with 8 Cooking Presets Rotisserie Dehydrator Oilless Cooker Multi-function Air Fryer Toaster

The Longbank digital air fryer is the most versatile small appliances in frying any kind of foods.

Longbank new model 1800W 12L Digital Control industrial hot Air Fryer oven

Longbank can manufacture a high-end 12L digital control oil-free air fryer oven with unique features.

Noodle Maker

With a Longbank noodle maker, it only needs a few time or minutes to cook and to process your noodles.

Nepresso Coffee Maker Machine

The Longbank can produce a Nespresso coffee making machine which is the winning coffee maker today.

Manual Coffee Machine

The Longbank manual espresso coffee machine has perfect pressure to make an ideal coffee.

Cold Press Juicer

Using a cold press juicer will never give a bad impact on your juices besides, it is still fresh and tasty.

Multi Function Blender

A Longbank can provide a multi-function blender that can be used for multi-products to blend.

2L Water Tank Air Humidifier Spray Mist

If you desire to have a reliable 2L water tank air humidifier spray mist, you can check at Longbank.

Noodle Extruder Pasta Macaroni Making Machine

The noodle extruder pasta macaroni making machine is suitable for those who always crave pasta products.

1.8L 1500W Glass Electric Kettle

The 1.8L 1500W glass electric kettle is useful in different ways. It has the best capacity to produce a heated water.

500W Small Stainless Steel Dehydrator

At Longbank, we have a great selection of a high-quality 500W small stainless steel dehydrator.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Small Appliance Manufacturer

Longbank has strong production and works with a thousand manufacturing teams. Longbank continuously develops and improves the manufacturing process to produce a high-class small appliance and any appliances.

Longbank can do OEM and ODM a small appliance. We have a broad range of experience that enables us to create a high-quality small appliance. Longbank can be your reliable source for your small appliances needs.

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Small Appliance Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Small Appliance Provider in China

If you find a small appliance manufacturer and supplier, Longbank is the key to that problem. Longbank can offer a great small appliance solution for you. A wide selection of a small appliance is always available at Longbank.

Your time must save if you use any of a small appliance at your home. With a small appliance, you don’t need to have more time to do your daily task. It makes your work and life easy since a small appliance is like modern technology.

The Longbank small appliance is perfect for those who live in an apartment, for those who rent a house and perfect for hotel applications. The small appliance is not so heavy to carry when it’s needed to bring the other locations.

As a top small appliance manufacturer, Longbank has a wide range of small appliances such as an electric kettle, air humidifier, coffee maker, air fryer, coffee maker, juice maker, and so on. Longbank small appliances are available in different styles and designs.

Longbank always produces a high-end small appliance. We take quality inspection to make sure the best condition of a small appliance. Longbank uses a professional way in the manufacturing process of small appliances.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Small Appliance Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Small appliances are minor household equipment used to perform domestic tasks.

They are categorized as portable or semi-portable because they can be easily moved by carrying.

Small appliances are placed on tabletops or countertops and occupy less space due to their small size.

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about small appliance manufacturer.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Choose Small Appliance Manufacturer From China?

Small appliances

Small Appliance

Many benefits come with choosing a small appliance manufacturer from China. These benefits include:

Global Experience

China is a global manufacturing hub with extensive factory machinery, large-scale small appliance production capabilities in different cities. It offers customers the liberty to select the city convenient for them to order their appliances from.

For instance, Shenzhen city is famous for small appliance manufacturers, and it is in the Southeast of China. Hong Kong city is considered a central manufacturing city by most clients due to its location.

Cheap Labor And Manufacturing Cost

The cost of labor in China is relatively cheaper, thus making small appliance manufacturing affordable to our clients. Secondly, raw materials are also readily available in China and at low rates.

Low manufacturing cost translates into affordability to our clients; thus, they can profit or save on cost.

Large Production

Chinese manufacturers can mass-producing small appliances due to vast factory machinery, modern technology, and large task force. It enables them to produce thousands of appliances within a short period.

Faster Lead Times

Well-equipped factories and readily available raw materials fasten the production process making lead-time shorter and waiting time for our clients.

Good Quality Products

Chinese small appliance manufacturers produce good quality products due to high-quality raw materials at good prices locally.


Besides, Chinese small appliance manufacturers are skilled, diverse, professional, and accommodating of customers’ needs. We can listen to your ideas, specifications, and requirements on the appliances and realize your dream.

We produce from small to large quantities, handheld to inbuilt designs, electric to battery-powered appliances.

It is professionally and skillfully executed by our design engineers and quality assurance personnel.

What Types Of Small Appliance Products Can I Get From China?

We manufacture several types of small appliances that you can select from depending on your needs, namely;

Types of small appliance

Types of Small Appliance

Our appliances can be handheld or placed on surface tops during use, depending on their feature and size. They can be battery-powered, electric, or use gas to perform their functions.

How Does Small Appliance Manufacturers From China Support OEM And ODM Customers?

Small appliance for OEM

Small Appliance for OEM

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Customers

These customers wish to develop a small appliance product from scratch to achieve a new product concept.

As a small appliance manufacturer, we work closely with such customers to understand their product concept right from the ideation stage.

After that, our design engineers build a product mold from your idea and finally a product sample for test and approval.

Furthermore, we offer assistance with registering intellectual property rights in China and sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with you before the engagement begins. Being that you are designing a new small appliance product from scratch, we allow for minimum order negotiation for the initial order.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Customers

ODM customers are those who order products from small appliance manufacturers by choosing the designs from the existing product catalog.

Small appliance manufacturers allow ODM customers to make modifications such as color, materials, and even their company logo or name.

Our catalog selection is vast, and customers can choose a design the best suits their product needs.

We understand that small and medium-sized businesses do not have the financial capabilities to order OEM products. As a result, we support them by reducing tooling materials such as mold, which is not required.

Also, the customer’s can negotiate to reduce MOQ to a small extent for first-time orders.

Can Small Appliance Manufacturer In China Help Design New Products?


We manufacture existing designs as well as help our customers design new small appliances from scratch.

Our team of designers can understand your ideas, create a mold, a sample, and the final product.

Customers under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contract define specs such as brand name, dimensions, design, color, description, package and labeling, testing.

OEM products are unique to the customers and take time to design and create.

We understand how taxing and time-consuming creating a new product is. Therefore, we advise customers to guard against intellectual property theft.

They can do this by signing a non-disclosure agreement with us and register with relevant authorities in China.

Small appliance designs

Small Appliance Designs

Will Small Appliance Manufacturer Sell My Design To Competitors?


Manufacturing involves agreement signing between the customer and small appliance manufacturer.

The purpose of having a contract before manufacturing begins is to spell out terms of agreement and product ownership.

The customer owns the design.

Besides, the contract clearly states intellectual property ownership by customers and to what extent. It restricts the manufacturer from selling your design to any third party.

Besides, it also spells out legal repercussions in the event the manufacturer violates IP rights.

Which Quality Certifications Should Small Appliances Have?

We understand quality requirements for small appliances, from material sourcing to packaging.

We strive to comply with quality standards in our processes and have been awarded for compliance.

Both OEM and ODM products are subjected to strict quality inspection processes and tests which they must pass.

So far, we have the following quality certifications;

CE, this is a quality mark that affirms products’ compliance with European health, safety, and environmental standards.

EMC is Electromagnetic Compatibility. Small appliance products are tested for this to ensure they adhere to the regulations on electromagnetism.

LFGB is a German Food and Commodities Act. It checks and regulates appliances that are meant to be in contact with food.

RoHS stands for Restriction of Certain Hazard Substances. Confirms product compliance to the allowed maximum limit of hazardous substances.

UL, small appliances with this mark have been tested and passed safety standards.

Others include; ISO, SASO, CB, CCC, EMF, GS, BSCI audit, etc.

Quality certifications assure customers of product quality, safety, originality, and open manufacturers’ access to global markets.

How Do You Test Quality Of Small Appliances?

Request a sample of the small appliance from the manufacturer and test for functionality, check features physically before approving production.

Does China Small Appliance Manufacturer Provide Product Samples?


We do produce samples to our customers upon request depending on quantities to be ordered and product needs. Samples enable you to interact with our products, test their functionality and feature before purchasing.

For orders less than our minimum order quantities, you are required to pay for the sample.

We offer free samples for large order quantities by refunding the sample cost when you place your order.

Customized small appliance samples are also availed to you for approval before we begin mass production.

Some of the small available

Some of Small Appliance  Available

Will My Small Appliance Manufacturer From China Provide Me With Genuine Compliance Testing Certificates?

Yes, they will.

As a small appliances manufacturer with global clients, we understand the importance of product quality compliance.

We have aligned with the standards both locally and internationally by undertaking the necessary training, testing required to pass the tests.

We provide genuine copies of compliance testing certificates to customers upon request and customs authority to facilitate export and import.

What Kind Of Warranty Do China Manufacturers Offer For Small Appliances?

We provide between one to two years warranty on small appliances products.

The warranty period differs from one appliance to another depending on features, functionality, and size.

The warranty period allows for product repair, and replacement provided it meets the terms and conditions.

Due to human error, natural calamities, illegal usage of an appliance is not covered in the warranty.

Customers must produce an original copy of the warranty and product receipt for the warranty to be considered valid.

How Do You Find Competitive Prices From Small Appliance Manufacturers?

Price plays a vital role in the selection of small appliance manufacturers for your products.

First, you shortlist small appliance manufacturers that offer products that match your needs in terms of functionality, features, and budget.

The second step is to request a price quote via email and attaching a sheet of your appliance specifications and quantity.

Once you get the feedback, compare prices against quality and choose the one best suits your needs.

Is China Small Appliance Manufacturer Pricing Negotiable?

Yes, it is.

Price negotiation comes when the manufacturer quotes a price that falls out of your budget, usually higher for you.

You can request a price reduction from the manufacturer and settle on what you both agree upon in such cases.

This process is referred to as price negotiation.

There are steps that you can follow as a customer when negotiating prices from small appliance manufacturers.

  • Step 1: Carry out a background check on the manufacturer to understand their pricing model and history. Consider factors such as years of experience, turnover rate, minimum order quantity, and quality of products.
  • Step 2: Select only the manufacturer that matches your quality specs needs to negotiate with.
  • Step 3: Have a basis for your price negotiation. This can be along with quality needs, budget, or any other ideal factor.
  • Step 4: Justify your price negotiation to the manufacturer with a business scenario to help them understand your business niche. Small appliance manufacturers are aware of the many willing buyers with different needs in the market.

Ensure your scenario convince them as to why they should consider you for price negotiation.

  • Step 5: Pricing is decided upon by key people in the business. Ensure you meet the right person when negotiating for prices. Negotiating with a junior staff who has no authority will not yield any results.
  • Step 6: Do not forget to inquire about a payment plan for your products. Most manufacturers allow a 30% deposit before mass production and then a 70% balance after production. If what the manufacturer provides is not favorable to your business, negotiate for better terms.
  • Step 7: Price negotiation can be emotive sometimes and may easily derail you off your plans. Ensure you remain objective throughout the process and avoid changing plans on your end in terms of quality, budget, etc.

How Long Does Small Appliance Manufacturer Take To Process Orders?

We process small appliance orders between 8 to 45 days after receiving the agreed deposit amount and depending on quantity.

Small orders from one piece to several hundred take 8 days between confirmation and dispatch.

Large orders take between 2 weeks and 45 days, depending on design and order confirmation.

You can negotiate the amount of time with us. However, this might cost you a little more.

Does Small Appliance Manufacturer In China Have Flexible MOQ?


We manufacture from a single piece for samples to a minimum order of 1000 pieces. As a first-time customer, you would like to study market trends before venturing fully into the business.

We cater to this by allowing for MOQ negotiation for initial orders.

We also offer discounts to customers who place large orders at once.

Do Small Appliance Manufacturer In China Offer Replacement Parts?

We offer up to 4 % free spare parts with the initial order to ensure optimum product performance.

Beyond that, you can purchase genuine small appliance spare parts directly from us or through our trusted part dealers.

Small Appliance Replacement Parts Offered

Small Appliance  Replacement Parts Offered

How Can I Reduce Business Risk When Working With A Small Appliance Manufacturer From China?

You are exposed to several risks when dealing with small appliance manufacturers from China. Such risks include:

  • Scamming by online fraudsters
  • Shipping delays due to not meeting customs laws and regulations
  • Getting your exact product requirements, etc.

To reduce such occurrence, you do the following;

Hire A Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents are third-party individuals with expertise in China manufacturers of different products, customs laws, quality assurance requirements, etc.

A sourcing agent will help you source a good small appliance manufacturer, conduct factory visits, verify processes, and test samples.

They will provide a report to you before you select a manufacturer. It protects you from falling victim to scammers.

Sourcing Companies

Sourcing companies function like sourcing agents but in a bigger capacity and with diverse expertise. They help source the manufacturer that suits your need, inspect goods, verify shipping documents, ship, clear, and deliver products.

It saves you the time, resources, and shipping hurdles involved.

Contract Agreement In Place

Before engaging with Chinese small appliance manufacturers, have a contract agreement signed by both of you.

The contract should clearly define responsibilities, repercussions, terms of engagement, etc. It will protect you from legal distress.

Our Small Appliance From China Compatible With Voltage In Other Countries?


Voltage compatibility is very key in our manufacturing process and quality test compliance.

We understand that different markets have different energy requirements for small appliances.

For example, European countries use more voltage than Japan and American markets, between 200-240V and 100-130v.

The current distribution varies between direct current (DC) and alternate current (AC) and socket types.

To ensure compatibility, we seek to understand the various energy distribution per region and manufacture to suit those standards.

You are therefore urged to indicate your voltage and frequency requirements when placing the order.

How Do Small Appliance Manufacturer In China Support Small Businesses?

Small businesses do not have financial muscles as a large businesses; therefore, we support them in various ways.

Allow Minimum Order Quantity Negotiation.

If our minimum order for the small appliance is 1000 pieces, we can offer small businesses a minimum order of 500 pieces. It will allow them to place an order with us regardless of their size.

Wide Selection Of ODM Products

Small businesses cannot afford the capital, resources, and time to build a new appliance from scratch.

We, therefore, provide a catalog of existing small appliance products for them to select from. They can slightly modify the products to suit their needs and brands for competitiveness.

Flexible Payment Plan

We can modify our contract payment terms for small business to accommodate their budget.

Instead of two installments, they can do three or four installments for their orders.

Do Small Appliance Manufacturer In China Have Product Return Policy?

Yes, we do.

We do offer aftersales services of return and replace or refund to our customers.

Our product return policy allows you to return and replace or get refunded if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Customers can return a product due to defects or when they do not like the product they have received.

Our return policy period is between 30 to 60 days within receipt of products and depending on reasons for return.

Defective returns can get a replacement or total refund of the whole amount. We must verify the product upon receipt at our warehouses before we can initiate a replacement or refund.

Defective returns must meet the following criteria:

  • Must not be able to perform specific functions designed for it, or the received order was incorrect.
  • Must be returned within 60 days of receipt and pass our assessment test

General returns should be done within 30 days of product receipt accompanied by reasons for return using the same mode of shipment. The terms and conditions for general returns include:

  • It must not have been installed
  • Must not bear any scratches
  • Original packaging must not have any writing
  • The product must be in the manufacturer’s packaging.
  • Must not have any missing/replaced parts.

A restocking fee is applicable at a percentage. After that, the refund is deposited into your accounts.

Longbank is a reliable and trusted small appliance manufacturer you can trust for all your air fryer, blender, coffee machine, and pressure cooker, amongst others – contact us now.

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