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Longbank is your expert stand mixer manufacturer in China. We have full of knowledgeable experience in forming great stand mixers which are good for business. Longbank also offers customized approved brands you wanted for your stand mixer products.

  • Over a decade of manufacturing history
  • Gives you full customer services
  • Provide high-quality stand mixers for you
  • Avail stand mixers with economical price
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Your Best Stand Mixer Supplier in China

Anytime you need a high-conditioned stand mixer, you can always count on Longbank as your reliable manufacturer. Longbank is your trustworthy manufacturer that can provide you best selling and cost-effective products especially stand mixers. We have been manufacturing and supplying a hundred countries all over the world.

Longbank conducts customization of your preferred stand mixer that suits every part of your applications. We can provide you samples for you to check the capability and quality of our introduced stand mixer for your personal use especially for your business. Let us know your desired size and types and we will process your order quickly.

Longbank stand mixer manufacturer for Your Business

5L Kneading Flour Stand Food Mixer

Longbank 5L kneading flour stand food mixer has a removable stainless steel bowl. Usually has the capacity of 0.2KG to 1.5KG mixed flour.

6.5 L Large head multifunctional stand food mixer

This type of stand mixer has accurate capability for the family. It is absolutely one of the useful appliances in your kitchen.

Bakery Food Stand Mixer

Longbank manufactures these bakery food stand mixer wide capacity applications. It is suitable in commercials, especially in bakeries and etc.

4L Professional Stand Food Mixer

It is a type of stand mixer that has an easy way of cleaning. Longbank multi-functional stand mixers can perform about 660W.

Spiral Stand Mixer

This spiral stand mixer is very useful in mixing any applicable foods. Considering its spiral type of mixer it functions perfectly and reaches your desired result.

Automatic Dough Stand Mixer

The Longbank stand mixer is a modernized mixer that can operate in the easiest way. It is valuable to use for urgent event or party dessert making needs.

5l steel stainless cake mixing stand hand mixer

Longbank has various colors and sizes of rotating bowl stand mixers. You can send us your likes and needed type and we will process it directly.

4L New Style household commercial Stand Mixer

It is made up of high-quality stainless steel cover.  Longbank offers you a small stand mixer appliance for the best of your kitchen.

Multi Stand Food Supplier Artisan Stand Mixer

The Longbank 3in1 food processor stand mixer has a 4 liters capacity of usage. It is applicable in mixing, whisking the eggs and many other functions.

5.5L Powerful Stand Mixer

This valuable 5.5L powerful stand mixer is also multifuncional and it is usually being used in households. Longbank can provide you with the best one of them.

7L Professional Stand Mixer

Longbank manufactures the 7L stand mixer with total metal gears for operation. It has a safe and easy to operate switch for exact functions.

6 Speed Stand Mixer

Longbank automatic stand mixer has a wide application including commercial and households. It is designed with a beater ejector button.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Trusted Stand Mixer Manufacturer

Longbank is your stand mixer manufacturer you can always depend on for your business. Our stand mixers are well manufactured and have an enduring capability which is good for saving maintenance and budgets. So you better choose Longbank as your supplier of durable small appliances at home or at your business.

In Longbank, your continuous supply of small appliances such as stand mixers is secured and limitless. You can only see the results of choosing Longbank if you contact us now and order more for even your starting business. We provide our high quality appliances with a friendly cost and fits on your budget.

video stand mixer

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Stand Mixer Manufacturer in China

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Longbank – Your Best Stand Mixer Supplier in China

Longbank stand mixers are in high-quality performance that is perfect for your running business and for your own application. We make sure that you can experience the advantages of our stand mixers. Surely, your customers will be grateful for your selling high quality stand mixer from Longbank.

We have professional workers that are giving full efforts just to make sure our supplied stand mixer for you is in the best performance. Longbank has been in manufacturing and supplying services for a long time. Our stand mixers are made up of outstanding features to make possible of its enduring operations.

Longbank is your trusty manufacturer of stand mixers in China that also confidently deals and supplies other countries with reliable stand mixers. Our stand mixers are more beneficial in commercials and other applicable business projects. We have different kinds, colors, sizes and capacities available stand mixers that you can choose from Longbank lists.

Each type of our stand mixers has individual functions and advantages. Its adjustable rotating speed is depending on how you control and what you aimed to do with your food or salads. It has manual supports on how to operate it exactly for the best of your finished products.

Longbank, your reliable stand mixer manufacturer has complete guide and assistance for your purchasing procedures. We never let our customers or clients get  disappointed with our offered stand mixers for your business or own application. We are sure that our deal stand mixers are more useful in your kitchen at home or at your bakery and even in restaurant business.

Contact us here, for more information about ordering our stand mixers!

Stand Mixer Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In any business establishment, such as a restaurant or even in a household, stand mixers are essential.
Making an investment in this product is always a good time.

However, finding a manufacturer to supply this machine and  you can trust is not easy.

The good news is we have prepared this content to guide you in this endeavor.


Can you tell me where the perfect place is to manufacture the Stand Mixer?

Chinese manufacturers are the best choice for your Stand Mixer brand.

The economy of China has grown to become one of the largest in the world.

Several changes have been witnessed in the country since international trade was allowed by the government and the global market was taken on board.

In recent years, China has grown significantly as a manufacturing and purchasing powerhouse.

China’s prominence as a manufacturing powerhouse is not difficult to understand.

Expertise, ability, credibility, and ease of doing business are all aspects contributing to this.

It is with great pride that we tell you that  Ningbo Longbank Resources exhibits all of these characteristics.

Here is the overview video of our Company: 


What standards must a Stand Mixer machine meet before it can be marketed to the general public?


We ensure that all of our appliances, including Stand Mixer Machines, are certified before import or export.

Customs officials can seize a product if they doubt its safety until the China product certification is presented.

As part of ensuring the quality of products, certifications are introduced.

Almost every kitchen appliance certification necessary has been obtained, including 3C, CE, RoHS, UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS.


How does a Stand Mixer work?

A stand mixer works similarly to a handheld, but you attach a bowl (often a stainless steel bowl) to it instead of holding it. 

Select the desired speed setting and attach the preferred attachment (such as a dough hook for bread ingredients) after attaching the bowl to the mixer.

You can also follow these steps:

*Ensure that your stand mixer is placed on a flat surface.

*Make sure the right accessory is selected and attached.

*You should secure the mixing bowl before you begin.

*Your initial ingredients should be added.

*Ensure that your mixer is turned on and that the correct speed is selected. 

*Keep an eye on your mixer as it runs.

Small appliance for OEM

What is the advantage of a Stand Mixer?

The efficiency of a stand mixer is greater than that of a hand mixer.

With these units, mixing will be faster and more thorough.

You can start mixing and leave it to mix while you work on other things. 

Stand mixers usually come with specific attachments (or you can purchase them separately) for mixing different types of foods.

How are stand mixers and hand mixers different?

A hand mixer is great for quickly mixing smaller, lighter batches, while a stand mixer is best for mixing large quantities and heavy mixtures. 

Generally, stand mixers offer more versatility with a wider variety of accessories and attachments, as well as hands-free operation.

The stand mixer is a stationary, motor-powered mixer that consistently churns large quantities of ingredients at a consistent speed for long periods of time.

video stand mixer


Stand mixers are manufactured using Design for testability. Why is that important?

Testable Design (also called Design for Test, or DFT) focuses on making products easier for testers to test. 

Testing points, parametric measurement devices, self-test diagnostics, test modes, and scan designs are examples.
Through IC design techniques, testability features are added to hardware designs. 

Added features simplify the development and application of manufacturing tests for designed hardware.

The DFT is a parameter taken into consideration during quality control and inspection. 

Depending on the thickness of each coating layer and the total DFT reported for the entire system, the durability of a coating system can be determined.

Aluminum Robot Stand Mixer

Is it possible for manufacturers to release different versions of stand mixers?

Without a doubt! It is true that we have a lot of options to choose from.

We offer a wide range of items ranging from our default design to customized items.

Here are some best sellers you can check out:


5 in 1 Multifunctional Stand Mixer with Meat Grinder:

It has speed settings. Available in Black,Red,Silver.

Package contents are: Main Device, Mixing Bowl, Metal Dough Hook, Metal Beater, Eggs Whisk,

Splash Lid, Spatula and English manual.

5.5L Powerful Stand Mixer 


Bakery Food Stand Mixer: 

Suitable in commercials like Pastry shops, restaurants and other small establishments.

Can be controlled via buttons.

Bakery Food Stand Mixer

Multi Functional Stand Mixer:

It has a hard plastic cover to avoid mess. Easy to clean, can perform up to 660W.

Multi-Functional Stand Mixer

Spiral Stand Mixer:

A spiral mixer is a favorite of most artisan bread bakers because it minimizes heat friction while allowing part of the dough to rest and properly develop gluten structure. In order to create a lighter and airier dough, spirals are much more effective when the absorption ratio is higher.

Spiral Stand Mixer

High Quality Stand Mixer:

It is available in Gold, Black and Silver. Its features include:

Beater Ejector Button, Bowl-Lift Design, Cordless, and Tilt.

Inside the box include: Mixing Bowl, Metal Dough Hook, Metal Beater, and Eggs Whisk.

If you would like to find out what other types of Stand Mixers we have available, please contact us.


Can you tell me what the minimum order quantity for stand mixers is?

A minimum order quantity is the smallest number of units that a business is willing to sell at a time to a customer.

It is most commonly used in e-commerce by manufacturers or suppliers in the context of production runs, though merchants can use MOQs for a variety of orders.

Having said that we always set our MOQ reachable to our Clients.
For this specific appliance like Stand Mixer. MOQ is 200 to 500 pieces per order.

Though we still need to consider the type as all of the appliances and their versions have different MOQ.

That is based on their pricing, materials being used and other factors.

When using a stand mixer, how much power does it consume?

Power ratings for mixer grinders range from 500 to 1000 watts. 

The average wattage of a standard-size mixer is 500 watts. 

Check the wattage on the bottom of your mixer or search your mixer and check the wattage in the product description if you want to know your mixer’s exact wattage.

It can also be found at the products manual.

A mixer with 500 watts or more is the most powerful option when it comes to heavy-duty baking.

For a Stand mixer, it is very energy-efficient.


Does the manufacturer design Stand Mixer with Safety features?

Definitely! All of our kitchen appliances are manufactured with safety features depending on their functions. 

For Stand mixers, its advantage is they have a head safety lock.
Also we always make sure that manuals are available.

In order to ensure the mixer’s safety, we recommend that it not be submerged in water or any other liquid.

Avoid placing the mixer near the edge of the counter, and make sure the cord does not hang over. 

Identify which parts can be washed in the dishwasher and which must be washed by hand.

It should always be turned off at the socket when not in use.

Manufacturers of stand mixers assist smaller enterprises in what ways?

It is estimated that small businesses create approximately two-thirds of new jobs and generate 43.5% of the country’s GDP.

It is also small businesses that contribute to innovation, in addition to keeping the economy humming. 

The number of new patents produced per employee by small businesses is 16 times greater than that of large patenting firms.

Small businesses not only contribute to their communities, but also are passionate about what they do.

Our support for small businesses is as important as helping them grow.

As well as benefiting from small businesses in a variety of ways, customers can also benefit from them.

Having said that, we look forward to working with you and coordinating.



What is the current trend of stand mixers?

Once you have determined that most are in the trend of using this machine due to its easy operation,

affordability, and ease of movement, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend.

In a study conducted by AHAM, 43% of respondents reported using this. People are becoming more interested in this as time goes by.

Now is the right time to distribute this home appliance.

Having your own brand is definitely something you will not regret, as more businesses are looking for it.

What are the perks of wholesalers for manufacturers?

Importance of Wholesalers for manufacturers is due to the fact that they enhance the efficiency of transportation. 

Many different retailers receive goods directly from wholesalers after bulk shipments are received from suppliers. 

Wholesalers are responsible for breaking down large quantities. 

It is not small packaging and small shipments that manufacturers are concerned about, it is quality and efficiency.

How does the manufacturer ensure Stand Mixer machine’s compatibility with different types of electrical power sources?

Our products are carefully tested to ensure that there will be no damages, fires, or other issues.

Universal compatibility is built into all Stand Mixer machines

Taking a look at the region/country is necessary to ensure compliance with the standard socket type.

There is also the option of an adapter.

It should be noted, however, that plugin adapters typically do not support grounding. 

The operation of ground plugs is different from that of grounded circuits. 


What is the standard turn around time for Stand Mixer order?

There is a great deal of importance placed on turnaround time (TAT) in the industry.

In addition to improving the efficiency of the industry and laboratories, 

It also helps strengthen the relationship between the industry authorities and its customers.

As with any business organization, delivery is determined by the number of orders we are asked to fulfill. 

When the number is higher, it usually takes longer.
However, it usually takes between 30 and 45 days.

Pieces with quantities of 1 – 100 can take up to 15 days to produce.

Higher pieces can be discussed and are negotiable. It takes 30 days to deliver 100 – 1000 pieces.

Regardless of the season, we always guarantee a 100% On-Time Delivery Rate.

Could you please let me know which method of shipping is the most affordable in China?

Ocean shipping is often more economical for large, heavy shipments.

However, as shipment sizes decrease, the margin between air and ocean prices also decreases. Transportation costs are only the first step on the way to a more sustainable future.

We also offer Air Shipping, but please take in mind that this is not advisable for large volumes of orders due to expenses. 

We can offer it if you are just taking samples.

Another option is by Land Shipping.

Also Express Delivery but it comes with additional charges.


What are the principles of OEM in Stand Mixer manufacturing?

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) refers to making components for other businesses.

In turn, these value-added resellers (VARs) sell the end-product under their own brands. 

VARs target the general public while OEMs market to other manufacturing retailers

Based on a design provided by the buyer, the factory develops a new product utilizing the supplier’s existing category expertise, supply chain, etc.

When ordering from an international package, do we have to pay customs fees?

Customs duties, fees, and taxes must be paid by either the seller or the buyer of a shipment. 

As a general rule, the party responsible for payment is prearranged in the terms of sale between the shipper and receiver. 

In most cases, the buyer is responsible for paying. 

You can contact us via email for further consultation about the terms of sale to find out if you are responsible.


Do Stand Mixer manufacturers in China conform to the ISO standards?

Yes, of course! An organization receives this certificate when a certification body certifies that their quality management system complies with ISO 9001.

Chinese suppliers often provide it as one of their most common documents.
Since we manufacture all over the world, we are responsible for adhering to these types of organizations.

This agreement is not taken for granted.

As a matter of fact, the Standardization Administration of China is the China ISO Member body.

China ISO 9001 certificates are commonly seen when dealing with Chinese companies.

They indicate that the company’s quality management system has been inspected and certified.

As a matter of fact, we were also in compliance with other Standard Certifications that we needed to maintain in order to remain in business.

We offer what we are certified with, which include RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, LFGB, SAA, and 3C.

In what ways do manufacturers ensure that their products are of high quality?

In order to ensure the quality of the products we manufacture, we have several methods in place.

Prospective and existing suppliers should be audited.

Knowing our products or developing product criteria/specifications.

The products will be tested.

Continuously inspect the production process.

Continuous improvement must be focused on and supported.

It takes more than one person to ensure quality. 

Whenever we work on this issue, we make sure that all of the professionals in this field in our team  are involved.

Not only that, we always ensure that all of our staff are well informed about the improvement we need to implement.


Are the Stand Mixers you manufacture able to be marked with our own logo?

Definitely! There are many services we offer at our company, including that one.

It is possible for the Chinese factory to produce a product quickly and at a low cost if it needs to be reworked.

Our logo design service is definitely available to you.

Depending on the type of  Stand Mixer you choose, logo customization requires a minimum number of pieces.

There may also be variations in price. 

In case you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also do customization of Packaging and Graphics printed on the machine you have ordered.

Please let us know which type you want and design so we can work on it.

Why should I order directly from manufacturers?

Manufacturers usually offer better shipping options, greater control over transit, customs handling, and quality oversight in direct deals. 

Also, buying directly from the manufacturer ensures higher levels of authenticity.

A manufacturer can offer wholesale prices by working directly with a retailer, giving them a competitive advantage within the market. 


What do Stand Mixer manufacturers do when it comes to after-sales service?

All of our products are covered by the same warranty.

It is possible to use a Stand Mixer’s warranty within one to two years of purchase.

Proof of Purchase and Warranty Certificate are the only documents we require from our clients.

If a defect is present at the factory, it will be covered, but if a malfunction is caused by the customer, it will not be covered.

Clients should receive maintenance services from a professional team.

In addition, we can accommodate on-site installations.

In addition to these, spare parts replacement is free of charge.

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