The Air Fryer Oven you Never thought your Customers Needed

Have you ever had an experience with our recently introduced Air Fryer Oven that is IN STOCK, READY TO SHIP for your business or brand? With a Stainless Steel soft touch, one can’t shy away to see the beauty of the product in a kitchen counter-top. Check out more details about this product from this article.

About this Item

  • Experience the benefits of Infrared Heating and True Convection Air Fry. Our innovative technology incorporates an advanced heat radiation system, combined with a rapid and efficient circulation of heated air. This unique combination delivers speedy and delectably crispy exteriors, without the risk of overcooking or drying out your food. By preserving the moisture within, our system guarantees succulent and tender interiors, retaining up to 35% more juiciness. Indulge in the perfect harmony of texture and flavor.
  • Introducing the Super Versatile Air Fryer Convention Toaster Oven. Unlike regular air fryers or ovens with limited capabilities, our product goes above and beyond by providing a range of preset digital functions. These functions include Air Fry, Toast, Bake, Broil, Roast, Reheat, Warm, Slow Cook, and Dehydrate. With this versatile combination, preparing a wide array of dishes is effortless and convenient, enhancing your cooking experience like never before.

  • The Longbank Air Fryer Oven is renowned for its impressive capacity for both family meals and large gatherings. With a capacity that is 30%-60% larger than other models on the market, it allows you to effortlessly cook a variety of dishes in one go. Whether you’re roasting a 5-6 lbs chicken, toasting 6 slices of bread, preparing a generous portion of French fries, cooking 20 chicken wings, or baking a 12-inch pizza, this spacious oven has got you covered. Its ample size makes it an ideal choice for families, hosting parties, or simply prepping meals in advance. This versatile and indispensable kitchen appliance is a must-have addition to any household.
  • The Longbank Air Fryer toaster oven is designed to be fast, safe, and easy to use. With a powerful 1800W motor and adjustable heating elements, it cooks food 40% faster than regular ovens. The even distribution of heat also reduces preheating time by up to 30%, saving you precious time in the kitchen. Its user-friendly digital display and analog controls make cooking effortless and enjoyable. Additionally, the Longbank counter top oven comes with a range of accessories including an enamel baking tray, wire rack, air fryer basket, and crumb tray

Product Notable Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel housing.
  • Power On/Off Button
  • Time Control Button
  • Temperature Control Button
  • Light Button
  • Fan Speed Button
  • Control Dial to adjust the time,temperature,light and fan speed

Reasons to Buy


+Stainless steel air fry basket

+Easy to use

+Generous capacity

+No-flip air frying

Purchase Quantity

Qty for 20ft”300 Sets

Qty for 40hq-740 Sets

We however also support small businesses with a much less minimum quantity of 50 or 100 sets. Don’t hesitate to contact the team. We got you covered.

Contact us to place an order for your brand.

Passion for research begins at Longbank. Longbank has been focused on design, technology and user experience in household appliances for years. It brings bold various styles with modern features to the kitchen, so that your customers can count on perfect cooking experience every time.

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