USB Mini Fridge Cooler for Drink Cans

A perfect mini refrigerator for everyday use: It is convenient and easy to use. All kinds of food and beverages can be stored inside, including baby bottles and lunches. It’s perfect for traveling to have a portable mini refrigerator. A refrigerator like this can be placed in a workspace or dormitory.

Plug the charger into an electrical outlet in your home or into a DC cigarette lighter outlet in your car.

This product is designed with thermoelectric technology, making it environmentally friendly.

The use of advanced semiconductors that do not contain CFCs or refrigerants is better for the environment.

The unit also has a feature for manual defrosting. Cleaning and maintenance are easy. 

It is available in a variety of colors and can be customized according to your preferences.

This handy desk organizer can be placed on a bookshelf, desk, or other convenient location. 

Installation is easy, no drivers are required, plug and play.

Designed to look like a mini-fridge, this device looks great on any desktop. Having a 4-foot cable, it looks great.

USB cable is used to power the device, which connects to your PC’s USB port prior to use. Battery-free, no batteries required.


Item: Mini USB car refrigerator

Volume:0.5L (store 1 can of cans)

Usage voltage: USB 5V

Power: 8W

Material: PP + metal

Cooling temperature: Up to 5 degrees at 15 degrees ambient temperature

Product internal dimensions: Width 67 * depth 104mm

Product External dimensions: Width 110 * height 180


Product packaging size: 220 * 140 * 140mm

Single Product weight: 0.56kg

Package includes

1 mini fridge

1 charging cable

1 Instructions

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