Waffle Maker Manufacturers

At Longbank you can find the best waffle maker product. We can customize different types of waffle maker that depends on your application. Longbank is a professional waffle maker manufacturer with more than 10 years.

  • You can always find the best waffle maker at Longbank
  • A certified producer like CE and Rohs
  • Wide selection of waffle maker worldwide
  • Professional engineers and workers
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Your Professional Waffle Maker Manufacturers in China

You can find a professional waffle maker manufacturer at Longbank. We have more than 10 years in the service. All of our waffle maker products are fully certified. If you are looking for a superior quality of our waffle maker? You can find it at Longbank company from China, we can give you the best quality of waffle maker that you want.

So, If you are interested to avail of our waffle maker. Longbank is always here to support your waffle maker businesses and project. Send us your inquiries.

Longbank Waffle Maker for Your Business

Custom Waffle Iron Mini Waffle Maker1

We can also customize your ideal Custom Waffle Iron Mini, Waffle Maker. If you are looking for a Custom Waffle Iron Mini Waffle Maker, Longbank is your top choice. Inquire now.

Custom High Quality Waffle Maker Shapes2

Choose Longbank for your Custom High-Quality Waffle Maker Shapes that suit your waffle maker requirements. This Custom High-Quality Waffle Maker shape is very easy to use because this is made with high-quality.

Longbank mini light pink removable plate waffle maker

At Longbank, we manufactured a Mini Waffle Maker With Non-Stick Coated Plate with Temperature Control that is highly secured for your safety. You can avail this type of waffle maker at Longbank with the best high-quality.

Multi-function mini fixed buckle waffle maker

At Longbank we can satisfy your every waffle maker needs. Longbank has a lot of accomplishments to design and create Non-Stick Breakfast Waffle Machine Mini Personal Electric Waffle Maker at very affordable costs.

Multifunction Personal Electric Waffle

Longbank manufactured Multifunction Personal Electric Waffle with an outstanding feature and has a lot of advantages. This kind of waffle maker is special. Order now from Us, for your next orders.

Waffle Cake Pops and Donut Maker Plates Detachable Waffle Maker

Waffle Cake Pops and Donut Maker Plates Detachable Waffle Maker is made with high-quality materials. At Longbank we have a large selection of these types of waffles makers. Send your inquiry now.

LBF607 Hot Sale Nonstick Mini Waffle Maker

You can enjoy top-quality performance with the simple to use, easy to clean Longbank Nonstick Waffle Maker!

2-in-1 Removable Non-Stick Plates Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker

Longbank Waffle Maker with Lock-down lid positions with food on plates to evenly brown both sides.Raised ridges in cooking plates seal edges of bread or omelets to keep ingredients inside and divide Wafflees and updated plate design to reduce overflow.

Nonstick baking plates wipe clean in seconds and includes cord storage.

Stainless steel Non-Stick Dual Waffle Maker

Longbank Waffle maker let you enjoy 1 to 2 grilled Waffles with easy Cut diagonal indentations. Cool-touch handles allow you to freely open, close and move unit. Non-stick plates make removing Wafflees easy and clean up a breeze.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Waffle Maker Manufacturers

We can support your business by providing the best quality waffle maker. Longbank will be your good option for your waffle maker orders. We can manufacture your waffle maker based on your ideal specifications.

Attach us to get the best waffle maker products, and also you can get the superior quality of each product. Our lead time can provide you up to 30 to 45 days. Orders now!

Waffle Maker Manufacturers

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Why Longbank Can be Your Professional Waffle Maker Manufacturers in China

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Longbank- Your No.1 Waffle Maker Manufacturers in China

Longbank has the best and unique waffle maker productions. We have a professional manufacturer and supplier of waffle makers with over 10 years of experience. But first what is a waffle maker. A waffle maker is a utensil or appliance used to cook waffles. It comprises two metal plates with a connecting hinge.

We have the best quality waffle, maker. At Longbank we can provide waffle makers what you want. We are a certified manufacturer and supplier of waffle makers. We have great quality, effective, excellent waffle makers.

Longbank has an expert producing waffle maker products that you need. For our waffle maker, we can use reliable materials that look good and for a long time to use. All of our unique, reliable, and trustworthy waffle makers are manufactured by our professional staff, employees, workers, and engineers.

Besides, our waffle maker can be installed perfectly. And you don’t worry about our waffle maker, because we have rich experience in producing it, with high-quality standards. You can find a full package of waffle makers on us, no other than, you can find it at Longbank. And also, we give a competitive price for all our products including a waffle maker.

You can choose Longbank as your leading manufacturer and supplier at any time. In our productions, we secure the security and safety of every client and customer. As well, we provide and produce waffle makers base on your requirement. We will be your reliable partner in your businesses and 100% trustworthy waffle maker productions.

For more information regarding our waffle maker. And to benefit our high-quality productions. You may contact Us Now!

Waffle Maker Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for a Waffle makers manufacturer in China, you are on the right page.

There is no doubt that you will find this article helpful after reading it.

In addition, this page will guide you if you would like to learn more about Waffle Makers.

The information in this document will help you choose a manufacturer that will help you supply your products.


Is it worthwhile to invest in Waffle makers?

Without a doubt! The main advantage of this product is its affordability.

Due to their shared characteristics, waffle makers are priced in a way that is affordable for most households as well as business establishments.

It is possible to find a variety of reasonably priced, high-quality traditional waffle makers on the market.

In addition, traditional waffle makers produce a small amount of drips due to the fact that they do not flip their waffles.

A positive aspect of this is that no batter is turned upside down, preventing spills.

This is actually one of the reasons why almost everyone wants to have these appliances and why investing in them is very timely.

In what way does Waffle Maker work?

Waffle makers ensure that the batter spreads evenly and cooks evenly, resulting in fluffy yet crispy waffles. 

When the iron is heated, either batter is poured into the holes, or dough is placed between the plates, which are then closed together to make breakfast treats that taste like sweet pancakes, but are lighter and sweeter. It is much more difficult to achieve the desired appearance with a waffle iron than with a pancake maker.

In spite of the fact that regular waffle makers do not produce thick waffles, they do have more functionality than a regular waffle maker. 

In addition to frying eggs, sandwiches, and pretty much anything else, it is also good for cooking veggies.

You can take a glimpse of this video in regards to one of our Waffle maker:


Why is it best to choose a Waffle maker manufacturer in China?

A number of other countries rely heavily on China as a trading partner. 

The lower cost of Chinese goods allows companies to mark up their products more at retail. 

In other words, more of what consumers spend goes to those companies and, indirectly, to their workers.

Not only because of lower costs, but also China is a well developed Country and the best destination when it comes to manufacturing products.

Expertise, professionalism, credibility, reliability made them best at it.

As far back as history allows, they are already experts in this area.

Their success in this industry explains why they are called the world’s factory.

So if you are looking for a Company that you will trust, give you a good experience, and expert in this field,

you can always count on us here at Ningbo Longbank Resources.

How do Waffle Maker manufacturers in China interact with patented inventions?

Chinese law protects IP rights comprehensively. 

Intellectual property law violations in China are punishable through judicial, legally binding, and disciplinary measures.

We, as a manufacturer of leading brands of kitchen appliances, are fully aware of these legalities, so you need not worry.

Also China has a first-to-file patent system where patents are granted to the first person who files an application for an invention.

The earliest possible registration (or recording) of eligible intellectual property in China is recommended. 

Besides patents (utility models, designs, and inventions), companies should also understand trademarks and copyrights, which include multiple types of IP.

You can check this short video on how China manage IP rights:


What is the average lead time for orders of waffle makers?

 Our products have average lead times.

Nonetheless, it depends on how many items you want us to produce.

We can have your packages delivered to your preferred shipping address within our normal turn around time of 30 to 45 days regardless of the season.

With us, you can rest assured that we will deliver your order on time every time 100%

Are there any accreditations that the Waffle Maker machine needs to meet before it can be released?


Before importing or exporting any of our appliances, including Waffle Maker Machines, we ensure that they are certified.

When a customs official questions the product’s safety, it can be seized until the proper China product certification is presented.

Furthermore, certifications are introduced to ensure the quality of the products.

As a result, we are pleased to inform you that we have met almost all certification requirements for kitchen appliances, including: 3C, CE,  RoHS, UL, ETL, CB, SAA, GS, etc.

Do you think buying directly from the manufacturer is always a good idea?

It is manufacturers who assemble components and materials into finished goods.

A small business who purchases goods directly from the manufacturer is said to be making a direct purchase, or buying factory directly.

When you place an order with a factory direct source, 

you are likely to make far fewer mistakes as well as produce a much more impressive end product. 

You can expect better customer service when you can contact the people involved in the production of your order directly.

What is the advantage of drop shipping in the manufacturing industry?

Lower inventory management relies heavily on it.

Drop shipping reduces the management overhead retailers face by eliminating the need to maintain physical inventory. 

Inventory tracking, infrastructure management, and shipping, which is outsourced to suppliers, are not part of their responsibilities.

There are also a number of advantages, such as ease of setup and easier business growth.

What is the advantage of DFM in manufacturing Waffle Maker?

DFM, or Design For Manufacturing, involves designing or engineering an object efficiently, primarily during the product design stage,

when it is comparatively easier and less costly to reduce manufacturing costs. 

A manufacturer can then identify and prevent errors and discrepancies.

In addition, this will shorten the development cycle for new products. 

Reduce the cost of materials and labor to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. 

The standardization of quality control will improve or make it more consistent.

What are the perks of implementing DFMA during product design in Waffle Maker?


DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly)  increases reliability by reducing the number of parts, which decreases the chance of failure. 

Due to the rapid and smooth transition into production, products developed using DFMA are more likely to reach consumers in a shorter time ( marketing time).

Convenience of assembly and ease of manufacture are the main objectives of this design approach. 

Streamlining a product’s design allows it to be manufactured and assembled more efficiently,

It takes the minimum amount of time and costs the least amount of money.


What are the available versions of the Waffler maker?

We do have a lot of Waffle maker models to choose from.

In case you are still looking for a version, these are some of the top sellers.


Multifunction Waffle Maker: 

It has Rotation Timing. Available in Pink, Green and Red. Available plates are Sandwich, Waffle, Eggs, and Donuts.


Personal Electric Waffle Maker: 

It has a portable handle. With a free Clamp and Oil brush.

Has a power indicator light and detachable plates.

Multifunction Personal Electric Waffle

4 in 1 Detachable Plates waffle maker grill :

It includes Waffle Plates, Sandwich Plates. Available in Black color. Dimension is 26*23.5*16cm.

And has a multi use.


Control Panini Press Multifunctional Sandwich Maker:

For the color, it is available as per client’s pantone code.

It has time control. Also has Waffle Plates and Sandwich Plates. It has knob indicator light and double side heating.

7.Waffle Maker, Toaster and Electric Panini Grill

3 in 1 Breakfast Waffle Maker:

It is available in yellow, white and pink. Has 4 options for plates and size is 12*13cm.

Plates are aluminum made and removable. With food grade non-stick coating for easy cleaning.

Non-Stick Breakfast Waffle Machine Mini Personal Electric Waffle Maker

Waffle maker/Toaster and Electric panini Grill: 

Available in Silver and Black. With interchangeable plates such as Grilling / Panini Press Plates, Waffle Plates, Sandwich.

2-in-1 Removable Non-Stick Plates Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker

Do we have the option of marking our own logo on the Waffle Maker machines?

Yes! Without a doubt. Making a logo of your own brand is one of the best services we can provide as a Manufacturer of your products.

It is possible for us to create the logo for you. 

However, some good MOQ may be high depending on the item. 

If you need any logos printed or marked, please let us know so we can calculate the cost.

In light of your quoted price, what type of packing do you use?

Packaging serves to protect the product inside at its most basic level.

A product must be protected during shipment between the manufacturing facility and the retailer, as well as during shelf life.

Despite the fact that there is no set cost range for packaging, it is a good practice to include it in the cost of your product. 

The packaging cost of a product typically ranges between 10 and 40 percent of the retail price. 

When the product sells for $100, the company might spend anywhere from $10 to $40 on its packaging.
We quoted the price based on the color box and export carton we normally use.


What is the warranty claim process for waffle makers implemented by manufacturers?


There is a warranty period of one to two years on waffle makers.

Factory defects and failures are covered by a warranty policy. 

With the Proof of Purchase, we will be able to process warranty claims.

Replacements and repairs are covered by warranty coverage.

For supplementary assistance, clients can access their own Professional Repair team.
Nevertheless, we are confident in the quality of our products and pack them carefully.

The majority of orders are delivered in good condition, so there is no need to worry.


Is the quality of Waffle Maker machines guaranteed by the manufacturer?

Ningbo Longbank Resources Co., Ltd.’s primary concern is protection and functionality,

which we urge our clients to consider when purchasing appliances.

Each machine we produce, materials before they are produced, and the final product after production are all inspected as part of our exclusive control process.

During the packaging process, we will also inspect the packaging thoroughly.

We maintain high quality standards for our clients around the world by keeping our staff educated and knowledgeable.

In what ways did our business stand out from the competition?

LongBank has been manufacturing water treatment products, including booster pumps and purifiers, in Ningbo Zhejiang for over 30 years.

Each day, the company supplies more than 50,000 pump and motor sets to factories around the world.

We are now one of the largest suppliers of pumps, motors, and appliances in China. 

Ten years ago, we began producing kitchen appliances due to our core parts and competitive price.

After ten years of exploration and growth, we are capable of designing, developing, and manufacturing

We can provide our customers with any small appliances they require. 

Due to our strength and determination, we also guarantee quality and cost-competitiveness.


Is it possible for the EPA to rate waffle makers?

Yes, definitely! There are, however, several health and environmental concerns associated with products.

With Safer Choice, EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)  helps manufacturers protect human health and the environment through voluntary programs.

And it is always our concern to make the products we manufacture including Waffle Maker to be safe in human health.

All of our kitchen appliances come with energy ratings.

In the absence of a maximum power rating, components can melt and short circuits can occur.

Once the machine is operational, you can be confident that its components are safe. 

It is not necessary for you to worry about electricity consumption since the machine does not use much.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the use of clean energy by our company.

How does the production of Waffle maker machines work?

It is usually used to produce larger quantities of products at once on an assembly line.

Aside from lowering costs, mass production is more efficient since fewer workers are needed on assembly lines. 

Additionally, automation makes mass-produced items more efficient by enabling them to be assembled faster.

High-quality products will be produced at higher production rates at a lower cost per unit with a well-planned production function. 

Besides getting good quality products, consumers will also benefit from low prices.

Economies of scale led to the most affordable price for consumers without sacrificing profit for manufacturers.

Can you tell me the payment terms for manufacturers of waffle makers?

The type of purchase you make can be selected from a variety of options.
Samples can be purchased using PayPal, Western Union, and other payment methods.

Mass production should avoid high transaction fees.

All three payment methods are acceptable: L/C, T/T, and D/P.
When banks make payments to exporters of goods in international trade, they benefit from good credit ratings.


Is it possible for you to provide us with a sample of the product so that we can test its effectiveness?

Yes, of course! We always believe that product sampling has proven benefits, which include: 

Sales growth, introducing your product to Clients, getting real customer feedback on your product,

creating excitement and demand for a product launch, and  boosting consumer reviews and ratings.

We are happy to provide samples upon request.

However, sample costs and shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Once you place an order, the money can be credited back to your account.

Samples usually arrive at your preferred delivery address within 1-7 business days.


How much power does a regular waffle maker consume?

Approximately 1080 watts are used by a waffle maker every day, on average.

You can calculate the power consumption of a waffle maker using 1080 watts for 1 hour a day at $0.12 per kWh by entering the number of usage hours,

power setting (in watts) and clicking calculate. Learn how much it costs to run your business per hour, day, week, and year.

But the good thing is, our waffle makers are more energy saver than other waffle makers manufactured by competitors. As our creation only consumes 400W to 1000W. 

Wouldn’t that be more sustainable?

What is the MOQ for Waffle Maker Machines?

In order to maintain good inventory management, it is important to maintain a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

In order to save money and storage space, it helps operations accurately calculate how much inventory is needed and how much to sell.

Having said that, we set our MOQ as reachable as they can be to our Clients.

For Waffle Makers, depending on which type you prefer, or if you want them customized.

More or less our minimum order quantity for them is 1000 pieces.


Do Waffle makers manufacture products with safe features?

The waffle makers we created  are also the ones that are truly non-toxic.

They are both non-stick and non-toxic, even if overheated. 

Ceramic and aluminum is not only a safe waffle maker coating but performs much better.

As opposed to Teflon, it is more durable, won’t scratch or peel, and heats more evenly and efficiently.


Are OEM Waffle makers the same as originals?

A consumer can replace OEM equipment with aftermarket equipment made by another company.

In-house manufacturing is what we do with our Waffle Maker machines.

It does not exist in any copies. There is only one piece of each piece. Replacement parts are no longer original parts.

OEM parts are identical to original parts in terms of manufacturing, materials, and specifications.

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