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As a professional wholesale juicer manufacturer in China, Longbank has a lot of capabilities and quality effective services that provide in over 10 years in the industry. We are able to meet your ideal customizations for your own business and other purposes.

  • 10 years of expertise manufacturing wholesale juicer
  • Manufactured tested and certified wholesale juicer
  • Handles strict quality control for your orders
  • CE, RoHS, and SGS certifications
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Your Professional Wholesale Juicer Supplier in China

Are you looking for a professional wholesale juicer producer in China? Perfect scrolling since Longbank is able to handle your whole processes. We have a rich of experience manufacturing wholesale juicers and been handling smooth exportations all over the world for business support.

If you need to custom your wholesale juicer at your own drawing, we, Longbank will guarantee details to details wholesale juicer customizations for you. We can quickly meet your needs. Send your instant quotes now.

Longbank Wholesale Juicer for Your Business

Wholesale 100% Copper Motor Juicer

100% copper motor juicer is a slow juicer with high performance and anti-drip. We can offer great features that your customers would love to buy and choose for their purposes.

Wholesale 150W Fruit Juicer

You can also choose a wholesale juicer for fruits with 150W accessible in many colors. It is accessible at low speed and high-speed control. Choose the high wattage to provide tough juicing.

Wholesale Automatic Pulp Ejection Juicer

Automatic Pulp ejection juicer is a speed control juicer suitable for any use. It is available in many stocks to support your urgent needs.  We will inspect quality first before we deliver.

Wholesale Cold Press Juicer

Cold press is a manual press juicer. You can control the speed and control the flow.  You can enjoy delicious fruit and vegetable juice with our durable juicer. We can suggest effective selections.

Wholesale Control Speed Juicer

You can choose control speed at different types of juicers we offered. There are portable juicers, electric juicers, multi-functions, and more. We ensure to provide a control speed juicer at the lowest price.

Wholesale Electric Juicer

You can get a lot of electric juicer types and customizations. We will provide all samples of electric juicers for your ideas. There are different functions, features, specifications, styles, colors, and sizes.

Wholesale Low Speed Juicer

Get a Longbank low-speed juicer at your ideal amount, colors, designs, and more options. We manufactured low-speed juicer for fruits, vegetables, and more uses.

Wholesale Portable Fruit Juicer

You can get from low wattage up to high wattage of portable fruit juicer according to your final applications. We manufactured a portable fruit juicer perfect for travel purposes.

Wholesale Rechargeable Multi Function Juicer

Rechargeable multifunction juicers are accessible in mini sizes with USB charging perfect for travel. It has a wide variety of colors also suitable to use as your tumbler. We offered it at a friendly cost.

Wholesale Reverse Function Juicer

Get a reverse function juicer for your business. it is easier to clean accessible at slow masticating juicer and cold press with a brush. We can custom your sent ideas of a reverse juicer at suitable sizes and colors.

Wholesale Vegetable Juicer

There are plenty of options or selections if you are searching for juicers for vegetables. It has suitable sizes and functions which you need to consider before purchasing which we can able to help.

Wholesale Vertical Reverse Juicer

You can get the amazing vertical reverse juicer from our factory and offered it affordable for you. We will ensure to provide great vertical reverse juicer packaging so we can prevent damage and spending another time to purchase.

Why Longbank Can Be Your Reliable Wholesale Juicer Manufacturer

We, Longbank able to manufacture wholesale juicer offered very acceptable prices. We made a lot of wholesale juicer with our high-tech machines and convenient factory space of about 60000 square meters. We have 50 engineerings and plenty of manufacturing employees that make our products easier and fast.

Our services and supplying products like wholesale juicer ensure to pass the standards of CE, RoHS, and more certifications. Send your inquiries for your wholesale juicer orders.

Juicer Supplier in China

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Why Longbank Can be Your Expert Wholesale Juicer Manufacturer in China

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Longbank- Your Expert Wholesale Juicer Supplier in China

Are you planning to import wholesale juicer in Longbank in China? Perfect choice since we manufacture all types of kitchen small appliances. We are able to supply around the world offering wholesale juicer certified international.

Longbank wholesale juicers are accessible at all types of selections. it is perfect for juicing fruits like orange, apple, grapes, melon, pineapple, and more types of fruits rich in vitamins. It is also perfect for juicing vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and more.

Longbank ensures to provide the best juicer production through modern equipment, high-tech machines, complete facilities, and a skilled team to support. We manufactured the finest juicer with different functions. We have a multi-function juicer, portable juicer, USB cord juicer, manual, automatic, electric juicer, and more selections.

You can consider juicers in different sizes and styles according to the uses. We made a variety of colors you can choose as well. It is accessible in plastic housing, stainless steel, and more.

In this industry, Longbank has 10 years of expertise which you can trust as well. We are supplying CE and RoHS certified juicer worldwide handling strict quality control. Base on the market needs, we manufactured new kitchen custom appliances every month, including different customizations of juicers.

We, Longbank ensure your satisfaction with our excellent quality juicer at the best price offer. Expect complete services in dealing with us and enjoy our long-term partnership offer.

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