Why Your Air Fryer is The Best Appliance For You This Christmas

Dual Basket Air Fryer With Digital VisibleWindow
Dual Basket Air Fryer With Digital Visible Window

From your whole chicken or turkey to nuts, your air fryer could save you a tonne of time, space, and washing headache this festive season. Christmas is normally a great opportunity to make the most of family gatherings. In that spirit, we recommend the use of air fryer in this holiday to save time, money, and space(which are some of the important factors). Using air fryer means less time spent in the kitchen and more time with family. It also means that it leaves you with high possibility of minimal washing requirements. Here are a few tips to follow to get the most out of this stunning product this Christmas holiday.

Don’t Use Air Fryer to Cook Everything

While it might be your desire to maximize the use of your air fryer during this Christmas, we advise against that. Some meals are better off cooked using different methods. For instance, while it is possible to bake on the air fryer, why proceed using it if your hob serves you right?

Don’t Overfill

Please don’t insert everything in to a state that food overlaps. You will not get the very best of the appliance. For instance, opting for a Christmas tray bake experience using a longbank dual air fryer can only work well if you opt to scale down the size portions. This will give room for the appliance accessories to give you the very best of their required services. If you still need more cooking space on the air fryer ,then we will recommend that you get yourself a Longbank Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven that is currently on special offer to obtain better results.

Festive Starters

We have that ongoing vibe of roasting chestnuts on that open Christmas fire. Well u won’t need that open fire to roast them. The air fryer can save you time to have them with you ready as you enjoy that open fire with family. All you need to do is rinse, soak, lightly- score, and cook for 5 minutes on that 200 degrees Longbank Air Fryer. If chestnuts are not your type of thing, then you can go for any party nibbles or starters using the same appliance. You can never go wrong with air-fried meatballs or sausage rolls.

The 20-20 Rule

During this holiday, there probably will be utmost anxiety to try out new recipes using the appliances available at home. Using recipes that are previously meant for conventional ovens sometimes become tricky adopting them in the air fryer use. In order to account for this appliance’s efficiency, we recommend that one reduces cooking time by 20% and temperature by 20 degrees. Additionally, checking food halfway during the cooking session is a plus if you want to generate exquisite results.

Longbank is always ready to bring you variety of air fryers for your brand and consumers. Choosing Longbank not only makes you a part of our client list that enjoys partnership privileges but it also guarantees you enjoying our standardized services that are purely run through: “Innovation with Care”.

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