Your New Cooking Choice- Air fryer

Product(Air Fryer) testing during the manufacturing process

If you ask me, what’s the most popular appliance in the past 3 years? The answer will automatically come out as “Air fryer or Air fryer oven”.

This unique and special design was created decades ago and has become a very popular Kitchen appliance given its fast cooking and oil-less nature .

Nowadays, A healthy diet is already a trend and what else is better than an air fryer.


How does the air fryer work ?


Usually, there is a stainless steel heating element and a turbo wind on the top. When switched on, the heating element creates hot air and then the turbo wind makes the air flow in 360 degree and generate heat that allows food to be heated in a very fast way. The food surface will quickly get heated thereby developing a crispy surface.That’s why the food eventually becomes crispy on surface but still juicy inside.


How to select an air fryer?


We need take into consideration certain factors when selecting an ideal Air fryer.

  1. Capacity-There are currently variable air fryer capacities available in the market ranging from 8L to 24L. Different capacities match different groups. If you are single, then a 1.8L-3.5L air fryer will be a good choice. We normally recommend that a family with 1 or 3 children to go for a 3.5L-6.5L Air Fryer. Of course, if you live with your parents or are a big family then 12L-24L will be suitable for you.
  2. ControlMode-Usually, there are mechanical control  and  digital  control  mode options in an air  If you don’t want to spend too much time to explore it, then Mechanical control is the only choice. But, if you are keen on  cooking  and  also willing to spend time on exploring variable options on the air fryer, you ‘d better choose the digital control-mode air fryer. This is  because  different  programs  will bring you very special and different cooking feelings.
  3. Price-this will be depend on your target  However One thing is clear “You get what you pay for” Quality always comes at a cost. Choose Wisely.

Longbank is always ready to bring you variety of air fryers for your brand and consumers. Choosing Longbank not only makes you a part of our client list that enjoys partnership privileges but it also guarantees you enjoying our standardized services that are purely run through: “Innovation with Care”.

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